Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3020

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Fight with Niu Baiyue.

Yang Xu has gained a lot.

A large number of Primal Chaos laws, as well as Primal Chaos substances, provide him with the possibility to further strengthen the blending of Paradise.

more importantly.

He finally got a complete space Great Dao!

Five Elements Great Dao and Space Great Dao are one of the source Great Dao Laws constructed as Heaven and Earth.

Originally, Yang Xu was not sure enough to recondense the fleshy body and merge Pangu’s real body.

Now with Five Elements Great Dao Protector, there is space for Great Dao to assist.

Plus Primal Chaos Spirit Sword and Divine Pagoda 2 Magic Treasure oversee.

Yang Xu is confident enough that condense is a powerful fleshy body.

“In addition to Niu Baiyue’s unique perception and experience of the space Great Dao, I used the Fleshy body to condense Pangu’s real body, and the probability is great!”

Bright glow flashed in Yang Xu’s eyes.

It can be said that after beheading Niu Baiyue and absorbing his insights into the space Great Dao.

It saves Yang Xu’s comprehend for hundreds of years.

more importantly.

This space Great Dao, it’s really time to come!

Yang Xu came to the thunder pool.

Before approaching, I felt the rich Power of Thunderbolt.

Above the Vault of Heaven, one after another thick thunder of the bucket keeps falling to the ground.

Liquid thunderbolt energy, like a stream, flows down the ground into the thunder pool-

Thunderbolt has been refining all the land for a few hundred kilometers.

This is an extremely precious thunder soil, containing two kinds of energy: Earth Attribute and Thunder Attribute.

It is one of the most precious and rare artifact refining materials.

It’s 100 miles here, everywhere!

“Yang Xu, have you thought about it, really want to re-consolidate the fleshy body? With me here, even if you don’t condense the fleshy body, you don’t have too much restraint, but 10000 a refining failure, you may be Divine Soul falling apart dead……”

Divine Pagoda this remark is not alarmist.

Soul Power by Yang Xu is too powerful.

And it also carries a lot of memory, as well as Divine Ability, laws and so on.

If it were not for the ancient Divine Pagoda appeared in time.

Yang Xu alone is half of the Fleshy body, unable to bear his soul.

10000 Once the refining fails, the fleshy body collapses…

“Relax, since I dare to do it, I have absolute confidence!”

9 No matter how the eye of the heart calculates, Yang Xu’s successful probability is above 90%!

It’s worth a fight!

“Since you have made up your mind, then I will protect the process of reuniting the Fleshy body for you Protector, but when you are disturbed a little, it will have irreversible consequences… Hello, brat, are you ready?”

Half of Yang Xu’s body, rays of light flashes.

Yang Xu half face, half smile, nodded:



Yang Xu half of the body of rays of light 10,000 zhang, divine shine flashed into a divine Pagoda main body.

It floats in mid-air, the Power of Space all around, and madly repels it.

“I was rejected by Heaven and Earth on this side. Unfortunately, you can’t threaten me at all.”

Argument Divine Pagoda Gently shook, ka cha!

all around The space, like glass, shattered one after another crack, and diffused into the distance.

Everything is quiet.

Yang Xu curl one’s lip without words:

This Heaven and Earth is also a bit bully and hard.

Well, I have to be tough!

Yang Xu has only half of his body left. He glanced at the bright thunder pool of rays of light below, clenched the teeth, puff!

Jump into the thunder pool.

Suddenly, crackle, rumble rumble!

In the thunder pool, the myriad thunderbolt wave is rolled up.

The front wave hits the back wave, the back wave presses the front wave, Yang Xu’s half body, like a Ye Pianzhou, rolls and hits on the liquid surface of the thunder pool.

Every second is a few hundred 100 million and a few thousand 100000000 million thunderbolt. Strikes are on the half of the Fleshy body of Yang Xu.

However, his body all around, Five Elements Great Dao rune, turned into 5 dragon-shaped chains, wrapped around Yang Xu’s body.

The space Great Dao Law is transformed into a space barrier, which wraps Yang Xu’s half body, 3 layers in and 3 layers out.

No matter how powerful the thunderbolt, it can’t break the joint defense of the space Great Dao and Five Elements Great Dao!

“The defensive power of these 2 Great Dao Laws is almost beyond the realm of Sea God, but unfortunately I am now half-dead and can’t urge the realm of Sea God…”

There was a trace of regret in Yang Xu’s eyes.

Can’t help but even give birth to a whimsical idea of ​​incorporating the thunder pool into the Sea God domain.

Beyond a thousand li.

On a Phoenix Divine Tree that is over a million meters high.

9 Gold’s sun, circling Phoenix Divine Tree, rising and sunset, falling down and rolling Golden Crow Divine Power.

These golden Divine Power, all moved towards a dark cave on Phoenix Divine Tree, drilled into it.

Ka cha ,ka cha !

In the dark cave, the sound of chewing was heard.

Seemingly not enjoyable, there was a big hand in the cave suddenly, grabbed a sun, and dragged it into the cave:

ka bang, ka bang!

The power of Fire Essence erupts, and the dive ability of the blazing flames erupts from the dark cave.

The existence in the cave has swallowed a sun!


In the distance Vault of Heaven, crossed a thunderbolt.

This thunderbolt implicitly contains rich vitality and Power of Annihilation.


There was a sound of surprise in the cave.

Between Heaven and Earth, the light suddenly dimmed.

A Peacock flew out of the black cave.

It appears between Heaven and Earth, and suddenly the rays of light 10000 people, releasing the endless divine glow divine splendor divine might.

Its appearance makes the whole Heaven and Earth seem to become much darker.

In this Peacock, there are 2 990 golden sun in two eyes.

The densely packed Divine flame rune shining away in its pupils.

Around Peacock, there are 5 colors of streamer flashing, condensing into 5 Divine Feather, suspended above the head.

“The aura of Great Dao Law, Heaven and Earth first opened, Primal Chaos is undecided, how can there be Great Dao Law?”

This Peacock’s thoughts moved, with both eyes 990 9 golden sun, and rumble suddenly exploded.

Unconsciously, his eyes sprayed out the flames of flame.

These flames are condensed in the void, and gradually transformed into a dozen small suns, hanging on the huge Phoenix Divine Tree.

rumble, rumble!

In the distance, Vault of Heaven landed countless thunderbolt again.

At this time, thunderbolt is completely aura of doomsday disaster.

at the same time.

The stars in hentai in the sky seem to be shocked simultaneously.

“This aura… aura from Heaven and Earth source, how is this possible? Even Hong Jun’s 2 old bastard, there is no such Power of Source, what is there?”

Peacock’s heart fluttered, with both eyes, and countless Great Suns collapsed and bursted again.

It laughs in the sky:

“Ha ha ha, I am worried that my Primal Chaos Divine Feather can’t condense, this source Divine Power, I Peacock want it!”

“Who dares to snatch me, no matter what the root, I will do everything I can!”

Peacock transformed into a sun with a chain of 5 rays of light 10,000 zhang wrapped around it.

It rumbled towards the thunder pool and rushed past.

Wherever I passed, no matter the mountains or trees, all burned to fly ash.

Between Heaven and Earth, the only one that can withstand its flame Metal Essence formidable power is the Phoenix Divine Tree!

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