Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3021

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thunder pool.

Yang Xu is wrapped around Five Elements Great Dao rune, all around the space, Great Dao flowing and flowing.

All around, the liquid thunderbolt is like a dragon, hovering around him all around, releasing a devastating brilliance.

Above the Vault of Heaven, there is a doomsday tribulation thunder, which turns into blade, spear, sword and halberd, wrapped around the endless Qi of Death, and the morning sun assassinated down.

The fluctuation of the power he released was really terrifying.

So much so that Heaven and Earth, which has not formed a complete Heavenly Dao, began to adjust the momentum and wanted to destroy this unstable existence.

“Yang Xu, I will help you!”

Abandoned Divine Pagoda suspended in mid-air, gently swayed, and suddenly turned into a Divine Mountain covering the sky.

Abandoned Divine Mountain, flowing aura of the Great Dao Primal Chaos, one after another Primal Chaos chain, Order Law, from all around it hangs down.

All the Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder and the doomsday disaster, the moment when they touched the Divine Mountain in the ancient times, a light shock, all shattered.

Yang Xu sits in the thunder pool, accepting the strikes of the liquid thunderbolt, and laughing in the sky:

“Ha ha ha, Divine Pagoda, I won’t waste my time to feed you that many good things. Just, help me block them.”

When the voice has not fallen.

In the distance, a sound of dragon’s roar suddenly sounded.

Outside of Nine Heavens, the giant dragon, Divine Phoenix, which have been entangled and fighting together, were simultaneously alarmed, and the morning sun came to watch.

Suddenly, rumble, rumble!

Their pupil light has been transformed into four columns of destruction light, tearing Heaven and Earth, shattering Vault of Heaven, and the side where the morning sun is located Heaven and Earth collapsed.

The space crystal wall broke apart inch by inch, and the ground was torn apart by 4 horrible ravines that reached a depth of several 100 meters.

The scary beam of light rushed to Yang Xu almost instantly.

He couldn’t help but divine Pagoda, grinning:

“Look, just said this job is quite simple, and your trouble will come.”

“What is my trouble? Yang Xu, do you still have a conscience?”

Divine Pagoda shivered in anger.

But it turned into a Primal Chaos divine glow, moved towards the four pillars of destruction, and greeted it.


Abandoned Divine Pagoda turned into Abandoned Divine Mountain, blocking all 4 beams of light.

Suddenly, on its huge body, cracked 4 scars.

“Fuck, the power of these two fiend in human form is too strong, right? Yang Xu, you move faster, 2 come and go to other things, I cannot to attend to other things.”

Abandoned Divine Pagoda The Primal Chaos divine light flows throughout the body, the five-color divine glow twines, and the Great Dao Law aura sweeps all directions like a wave.

Abandoned Divine Pagoda, this piece of Heaven and Earth, all fixed!

Even the four beams of destruction appear to be frozen by Space-Time.

Yang Xu’s mind was converging, and half of his body withdrew the tempering of liquid thunderbolt, while the palms of light flashed:

“Although you are having a good time now, when Pangu really comes out, make sure you all stop!”


A skeleton of crystal clear and near-transparent, in the palm of Yang Xu manifest.

The system prompt sounds in my mind at the same time:

[Do you consume 1,000,000 points and merge Pangu real body immediately? 】

Yang Xu eyes immediately bright:

“Exchange all remaining resources for points!”

He already had 80 to 10000 points, plus a lot of resources and wealth that Niu Baiyue exploded.

And the heavenly materials earthly treasures that Yang Xu found along the way.

You can easily redeem more than 20 10000 points.

[Pangu’s real body is successfully condensed, and the fusion starts immediately, the fusion progress is 1%, 2%…]

Accompanied by system prompts.

In Yang Xu’s hand, the crystal clear and near-transparent mysterious skeleton rose into the air.

It is surrounded by densely packed Sealing Great Technique, gravity Great Technique, and the rune of the space Great Dao.

With the golden light flashing.

Those Great Technique rune, space Great Dao rune, all shattered.

The Panshen skeleton instantly enlarged at an alarming speed, and turned into a bone mountain with a height of several 100 meters.

The moment when the Panshen skeleton appeared.

The liquid thunderbolt in the thunder pool was suddenly suppressed, just like a arrogant mouse, and suddenly encountered an old cat, so clever that he couldn’t be more clever.

Under the Vault of Heaven in the distance, the giant dragon and Divine Phoenix also cast their eyes on the skeleton of the Pan God.

This huge crystal clear and near-transparent skeleton makes them feel a fear from the soul aura.

at the same time.

1000000 kilometers away, a huge gold sun gave birth to two flame wings, teaching void, and moved towards Yang Xu.

Yang Xu, sitting in the thunder pool, naturally sensed the movement there, secretly thought the crow mouth of Divine Pagoda, really really said he was right.

Here comes another one who can toss!

Yang Xu glanced at the progress bar, which was already 59%. Divine Pagoda said:

“You support for another period of time, blocking the sun.”

“Okay, but I can only support two more minutes, and more than two minutes, I will use my Power of Source, it will hurt the root.”

Abandoned Divine Pagoda Without hesitation, a slight shake, 2nd Abandoned Divine Mountain condensed out.

This desolate Divine Mountain, also entwined one after another desolate power, has Law Rune condensing and circling.

It rumbled into the void and rushed toward the gold sun.

“What a terrible temperature, what is the origin of this sun? Is it a new star?”

Digu Pagoda secretly wondered.

This sun is stronger than any sun he has seen in the past!

On the Yang Xu side, as the integration progressed, it reached 80%.

His half body rose into the air and turned into a 5-color divine light, all the way to the eyebrow position of Panshen’s skeleton.

The crystal clear and near-transparent disk god skeleton, a cluster of gold blood in the eyebrows are condensing and evolving.

It can be seen faintly that there are millions of Great Dao traces, Heaven and Earth rune in the blood of gold, and the birth and death are illusory, and they continue to breed various attributes of Heaven and Earth energy.

It is Pangu bloodline!

Pangu bloodline is like a liquid golden, imprinted with million Great Dao Law, forming a golden lake at the position of the eyebrow of the skeleton of the pan god.

Yang Xu half-body, smashed into the bloodline lake, with the chi chi burst, Yang Xu half-body, dissolved in the Blood Pool.

All the consciousness, soul, and memory of Yang Xu are transformed into one after another divine rays of light, spreading the whole body of Panshen skeleton.

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu, Pangu’s real body fusion is complete! 】

With a prompt from system.


On the crystal clear and near-transparent skeleton of the disc god, there are traces of muscle condensation.

one after another bloodline, meridian, manifest.

And the frowning Pangu bloodline also started to flow along the blood vessels and flow all over the body.

An invincible and divine aura, centered on the skeleton of the disc, spreads all around.

“Is this the real body of Pangu?”

Yang Xu’s consciousness began to regain, and the huge body that was growing full and full, there was a sense of horror power condensing.

at the same time.

On the side of Divine Pagoda, the 2nd Block Divine Mountain in Condense is almost irresistible.

That huge sun, releasing a horrible flame divine might almost melt the ancient Divine Mountain into a liquid.

“Damn, that terrifying existence is going to be with the Human Race fuse…”

The huge sun screamed and shook his body. Peacock showed his main body.

Its huge body resembles a mountain range, spreading for several million kilometers, and its two eyes are like two huge black holes, each with 1000000 suns.

It aimed at the Divine Mountain in the ancient world and swallowed it directly.

Swallowed the Divine Mountain in the ancient times, it didn’t have any stay, opened its mouth wide, and swallowed the past through Heaven and Earth, where the sun is 100 kilometers away.

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