Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3022

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In Peacock’s mouth, a black hole of nothingness exudes amazing suction.

It is like a door of destruction. The million Space Law shines and condenses. The space around all seems to be a piece of white paper with crystal clear and near-transparent, which is absorbed by Peacock and swallowed into the abdomen.

In the Heaven and Earth where Yang Xu is located, Five Elements Great Dao is like a dragon circling, the space Great Dao is wrapped around Yang Xu all around, releasing the power of the crystal clear and near-transparent Great Dao.

He is like a Locking Sea Divine Bead, and has completely fixed Heaven and Earth on this side.

Regardless of all around space, he flew past his side and was absorbed and swallowed by Peacock a few hundred kilometers away.

Yang Xu expression is indifferent. In a pair of eyes that contain Heaven and Earth, the universe is in the ups and downs, birth and death, illusion, and gestation.

Brand new body, brand new power.

Yang Xu felt that after integrating Pangu’s real body, he felt more and more sensitive to Heaven and Earth Great Dao.

At the same time, he faintly felt that the secret buried in the deepest part of the body began to churn out and was captured by his most acute perception.

Looking at these secrets, Yang Xu felt strange:

My own in the depth of one’s soul is actually branded with a mysterious and ancient shackle.

This mysterious yoke has densely packed 1000 myriad seal rune entangled and suspended.

100000000 10000 seal rune, formed a black seal giant dragon, the door to the deepest memory of his soul, completely blocked!

He felt strange for a while:

Who gave my soul the Sealing Stocks and Chains? Most of my memories are sealed into the door of memory.

Some of the remaining memories are all cluttered into fragments, and seem to be artificially split.

Where have they all gone?

Yang Xu made the memory of Earth in the previous life clear in his mind, and his soul changed. Everything on Earth does not seem to be experienced in person, but rather the feeling of watching everything and looking rationally.

Not only the memory on Earth.

Yang Xu also discovered more than 9000 other memories!

He has actually experienced more than 9000 samsara!

“Unexpectedly in the depth of one’s soul, there are still so many secrets hidden, but unfortunately it is still unclear, the origin of this mysterious system.”

Yang Xu flashed this thought in his mind, and his body shook slightly.

Just a few hundred kilometers away, Peacock’s figure grew bigger.

It destroys the black hole in its mouth, releases Devon Power and devours all the space within 10,000 li.

In its belly, there is a ray of bright rays of light constantly flashing, like a round of gold sun.

It can be seen faintly that the center of the gold sun is a Small Pagoda, which releases bright energy fluctuations.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling:

This guy, Divine Pagoda, quickly rescued him in the bright.

Not to mention, I just want to stroll around this new born Great Desolate World, and I still lack a mount.

Yang Xu’s interested eyes turned to Peacock in the sky overbearing:

This little fellow seems good.


Yang Xu lightly touched the void with one foot. Suddenly, a force of terror seemed to explode in an atomic bomb, and a gold mushroom cloud burst under his feet.

The space where the foot is stepped is like glass, and the web-like cracks are directly cracked and spread beyond 1000 meters.

Then rumble said that the space could not bear the force of Yang Xu’s step, and it collapsed directly, turning into a huge black hole with a diameter of several thousand kilometers.

Yang Xu myself, but with the help of this stepping force, flew towards Peacock.

“Well, this power is really powerful, it is indeed the real body of Pangu.”

Yang Xu did not use any strength or Great Dao Law for this step.

It was purely his physical power that burst out.

But he can create a black hole in no time!

fleshy body Power to create black holes!

This shows the strength of the Fleshy body of Yang Xu!

He seemed like a ray of light, rushing to Peacock, the space under his feet was like a dragon, the Great Dao was shining brightly, holding Yang Xu in the air.

In Peacock’s mouth, the black hole was swallowed by it. His huge body, his eyes as if the sun and the moon were floating, with 990 Great Sun in it, scorching divine glow.

“Your bloodline is very strong, and your fleshy body attracts me even more, so obediently let me devour it, and I can give you a happy heart.”

Peacock’s tone is full of proud colors, it is suspended in the dark void, the eyes are as big as the sun and the moon, and faintly stares at Yang Xu.

A few 10000 kilometers away.

A team of ancestors powerhouse was originally hunting, but at this moment Peacock made a noise, which attracted all eyes.

A few 10000 kilometers apart, they with both eyes bloom divine glow, and see the scene a few 10000 kilometers away, 2 Chu.

“That big bird is actually interested in a Human Race?”

“No, the Human Race is extraordinary. He seems to incorporate the amazing bloodline of the origin…and his Fleshy body, too strong! It is even stronger than us!”

“I actually felt the same aura in this person. Is this an illusion?”

These tall, fierce ancestors sighed and wondered.

“Go! Let’s go and see!”

They stepped on the ground and the earth cracked one after another. They turned into one after another humanoid flying arrows, and the morning sun rushed away.

Yang Xu faced Peacock’s unbridled provocation at the moment, but his face was calm and calm, without any sign of anger.

“A flat-haired beast, lacks education, and it doesn’t hurt to be arrogant.”

Yang Xu looked at Peacock with a smile, and the more he looked at the more satisfied, especially when he found that the light above this Peacock’s head actually had the light of 5 Primal Chaos, when it was slowly gestating.

Yang Xu eyes immediately bright:

I go, is this Primal Chaos 5 color divine light?

The ancestor of Great Kong Xuan?

This is interesting!

Yang Xu looked towards Peacock’s eyes, more and more like seeing treasure, the kind of hidden others seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, making Peacock proud and domineering, for no reason to feel a chill:

This guy’s expression is so weird!

Why is he not afraid at all?

Peacock took a big bite, violently morning sun Xu swallowed the past.


It took a mouthful of it, and the silhouette of Yang Xu suddenly disappeared.

Above the head, a light voice fell slowly:

“Peacock, I want to make a lap in your new World, but if you don’t have a mount, I think you’re pretty good. How do you obey me?”


As Peacock turned his head, a gold sun condensed from its mouth, and instantly turned into a round of Great Sun with a diameter of several thousand kilometers. Rumble rolled towards Yang Xu.

Where the Great Sun has passed, the space is cracked, Heaven and Earth is annihilated, the black void is like a huge black belt, cutting the Vault of Heaven.

Great Sun rushed to Yang Xu in an instant, unleashing the terrifying power of devastating disaster.


Yang Xu is just faintly smiled. After condensing Pangu’s real body, Yang Xu’s perception of Heaven and Earth Great Dao has reached an amazing realm.

Even Heavenly Dao of this world has tolerated him a lot, no longer repelled as before, and thundered him with Thunder Tribulation.

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