Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3023

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In the face of the devastating golden sun, Yang Xu did not shy away, the expression was dull and no waves, only a little bit forward:


A little crystals of rays of light condensed into a Space Rune, like a dragon snake twisting and shining in the void.

It is the essence of the space Great Dao.

Taking it as the source point, densely packed million Space Rune, just like climbing a Mountain Tiger, generally climbs a space of a few hundred kilometers in an instant.

Space Rune formed a huge net, crystal clear and near-transparent, flashing the Great Dao Law, releasing the bright divine might.

The moment golden sun crushes space and destroys Heaven and Earth, shua!

The space is covered and the golden sun is directly enveloped.

Regardless of how the Great Sun exploded into power, and released the Huanghuang divine might, they couldn’t break away from the existence of the space net!

“En? You small insect, you can’t think of 2 more children.”

Peacock was slightly surprised.

In a pair of eyes, there are 990 9 Great Sun acknowledge allegiance, a mouthful of spit, a bottle of gold gourd flew out.

It floats in mid-air, the bottle gourd lid opens with a click, a gold sun floats out of the bottle gourd, and a gold long rainbow is condensed, and the morning sun is flying away.

Pu chi !

The gold Changhong nailed Yang Xu’s eyebrows, and Yang Xu suddenly felt that a peculiar Power of Law bound his fleshy body.

His limbs were imprisoned, and his body was unable to move even a little bit, as if he had been nailed to the sky.

“Interesting, Slashing Immortal Bottle Gourd?”

Yang Xu laughed, his body shook gently, the deepest part of the fleshy body, a few cells seemed to have brewed a volcano of 100000000 10000 years, and they all erupted in an instant.

A terrifying majestic Divine Power, like a piece of Divine Dragon that broke free of bounds, swam quickly in Yang Xu within the body, pervading every corner of Fleshy body, every Meridian.

yin ang!

Yang Xu raised his hands and cast his feet, as if there was a god Dragon Might, with the addition of Divine Power, the Power of Law imprisoning the Fleshy body suddenly shattered.

Yang Xu smiled casually at the brow, ka cha!

The gleam of gold’s rainbow light was actually squeezed in his hand and looked curiously.

“This is impossible! Why is my treasure not working for you?”

Peacock At this moment, without the previous determination, it is finally turn pale with fright.

You know, its Treasure Bottle Gourd was accidentally found on a Primal Chaos cliff. At that time, Peacock saw the bottle gourd out of the ordinary that gave birth to Innate Primal Chaos.

So I swallowed it into the body, patiently tempered it with Supreme-Yang True Fire for 108,000 years, and finally condensed that bit of Innate Primal Chaos Qi into a fire of Solar Metal Essence.

Peacock used this golden bottle gourd to easily kill several great enemies, Great Monster, and fully realized the power of its formable power.

It even used this golden bottle gourd to fight against the invincible Hong Juntian.

Even if he failed to suppress Hong Juntian.

It was enough to make Peacock proud. The entire Great Desolate World was able to fight Hong Juntian. There were only a few who retreated.

But now.

Such a powerful Magic Treasure was actually blocked by this Human Race teenager at will.

“kill for me !”

Peacock was reluctant to accept everything in front of him and urged that golden bottle gourd again.

The golden bottle gourd bloomed with a bright divine shine, and a little silver glow flickered inside the bottle gourd’s belly, turning into a silver dragon flying out of the bottle gourd and escaping into the gold sun.

Suddenly, the gold sun suspended above the bottle gourd mouth, the rays of light masterpiece, gold and silver rays of light, formed a Supreme Absolute Dual Fish Chart, suspended above the gold sun, and slowly rotated.

Sorry, Sorry!

gold sundense gold, silver 2 Changhong, morning sun Xu nailed again.


It seems that if you don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t give up.

Untamed, you must fiercely clean up.

Yang Xu clenched his fists lightly, making the sound of rumble thunderbolt. The huge Divine Power was like a Divine Dragon, swimming in 4 limbs of his 100 limbs.

Yang Xu’s double fists exude gold glory, as if holding two suns in his hand, the gold and silver Changhong nailed to the nail, slammed out:

Klang clang!

The gold and silver Changhong entwined the Power of Yin-Yang, and wherever it passed, the void was directly melted and annihilated.

But when he touched Yang Xu’s double fists, it seemed that the glass met the hammer, and it suddenly crashed into a little light rain of gold silver, dissipating into the void.

“Today I will convince you completely.”

Yang Xu indifferently said with a loud voice, and the whole body was surrounded by gold Divine Fire. The whole person seemed to be a Fighting God, and the gust of wind swept to Peacock.

Yang Xu is like tornado, golden light is shining, imposing manner is transpirational, and swept away in an instant.


Peacock all around, there is Primal Chaos Qi lingering around, emitting protective body divine light, making Yang Xu inaccessible.

But can this be Yang Xu?

Gold’s fist resembled the sun. With only a slight wave, Peacock’s protecting body divine light shattered.

Yang Xu landed on Peacock’s huge fleshy body. His fists seemed to hold the sun and hit him at Peacock fiercely.

rumble, rumble!

Each punch is like a Heaven and Earth tribulation thunder, which makes Peacock stinging and yelling.

“Get me down!”

At the top of Peacock’s head, 5 has not yet conceived a complete Primal Chaos Divine Feather, shaking gently.

Suddenly there were more than a dozen Primal Chaos Divine Swords, condensed out, morning sun Xu bombed away.

clang clang clang!

Yang Xu martial arts double fist, one punch, all Primal Chaos Divine Sword, collapsed into the Primal Chaos light rain.

“Don’t you dare not accept this flat-haired beast? Give me kneel!”

Yang Xu stood on Peacock’s huge body, like a little ant, but his fists were raised high above his head, and the golden light shone, fiercely hitting Peacock’s body.

At this moment, Yang Xu’s double fists seemed to be two Immemorial Divine Mountain, wrapped in the Divine Power with no overbearing, and fell heavily on Peacock.

The huge and unparalleled power from Divine Power, who is Pangu’s real body, directly hit Peacock from the sky and fell down.


Its huge body, as if Kunpeng smashed it down, smashed the earth into a large number of potholes, mountain springs splashed, Earth Fire spewed, boulders flew, and deep forests collapsed into pieces.

“Ouch, it hurts, it hurts!”

Peacock was hit by Yang Xu with these 2 punches and it burst out of True Fire:

“I’m going to kill you ants!”


Peacock took a mouthful of Life Source True Fire and it merged with the 5 Primal Chaos Divine Feather overhead.

5 Primal Chaos Divine Feather shakes gently, condense 1000 handles Primal Chaos Divine Sword every time.

In an instant.

There are enough thousand shanks Primal Chaos Divine Sword, standing unhindered in the void, vomiting the devastating Primal Chaos divine light, which makes Heaven and Earth eclipsed, and the moon and moon acknowledge allegiance.


Peacock loudly shouted, the head of a thousand thousand shank Primal Chaos Divine Sword, transformed into a sharp murderous intention, the word light, the Vault of Heaven, like a thousand thousand shank to destroy Divine Pillar, the morning sun, ascending the sky and covering the earth Coming over!

Yang Xu saw the head and helplessly shook the head:


In this case, then I will teach you a lesson.

Just try the true power of Pangu’s real body!

In the eyes of Yang Xu, there is a Universe in life and death, lightly sweeping towards the void, hu long!

The 5-color divine light gave birth to Five Elements Divine Power, branding the void in front of him.

This side of Heaven and Earth was condensed into a shield by Yang Xu with Five Elements Divine Fire in an instant, and blocked against the thousand thousand handle Primal Chaos Divine Sword.


The Five Elements shield broke.

That Primal Chaos Divine Sword burned Peacock’s Life Source True Fire, and the formidable power has increased by more than 100 times.

Far from being able to resist by ordinary means.

Yang Xu was delighted when he saw this:

This flat-haired animal has 2 more children.

If so, then give me…


Yang Xu toward the void a finger pointed.

Space Great Dao rune, once again condensed, but this time, it does not at all Form Transformation into a space network.

It was like a silver moon, trembling gently in the void.

Every tremor in the moon in space makes Heaven and Earth seem to be breathing, and the void is shaking madly!

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