Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3024

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this moment.

Yang Xu seems to have become the master of this piece of Heaven and Earth.

He stood in the void, and the silver moon behind him slowly rotated, and the silver glorified the earth.

The scattered areas have densely packed runes, like climbing Mountain Tiger, spreading around all around.

This piece of Heaven and Earth was directly imprisoned by Yang Xu.

It seemed to be his Paradise.


Behind Yang Xu, the bright moon is softly trembled, releasing the Law fluctuation of the space Great Dao.

Primal Chaos Divine Sword hiding the sky and covering the earth, halfway from the death of morning sun Xu Xu, was suddenly set there.

Time and space seem to be completely frozen at this moment.

Countless Primal Chaos Divine Sword, set in the air, seems to be an eternal picture.

Peacock watched 2 eyes rage, 990 9 golden sun, rumble exploded deep inside his pupil.

Above the head, 5 is not Perfection’s Primal Chaos Divine Feather, shaking madly.

A large number of Primal Chaos Qi, Innate Qi, Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, burned by him, poured into the empty thousand thousand Primal Chaos Divine Sword into the void.

rumble rumble!

hundred thousand Primal Chaos Divine Sword, blooming the endless brilliance that penetrates Heaven and Earth, and the bright murderous intention forms one after another murderous aura rainbow column, which runs through Xiaohan.

“kill for me !”

Peacock loudly shouts, with 5 Primal Chaos Divine Feather, urge Primal Chaos Divine Sword to completely wipe out Yang Xu.


Regardless of how the thousand thousand Primal Chaos Divine Sword is dashed in the void, it is impossible to split the piece of Heaven and Earth where Yang Xu is located.

Yang Xu seems to have become the master of Heaven and Earth, imprisoning that piece of Space-Time.

Peacock was unable to win for a while, and the situation was stuck in a stalemate.

“I want to see how long you can last!”

Peacock believes in the generation of Monster King. It has a strong energy reserve, and Primal Chaos Divine Feather shakes gently above his head to absorb a lot of Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi.

Because the speed of refining is too fast.

Over his head, even a few hundred Spirit Qi vortices were formed, devouring the energy of Heaven and Earth all directions madly.

Yang Xu is only coldly smiled, looking towards Peacock’s eyes full of sympathy:

“There is a flat-haired beast, stubborn. It seems that you can only give you a deep lesson.”

Yang Xu said, his body was softly trembled.

Along with the light flash of light blue, a spherical protective cover enveloped Yang Xu’s body.

He grabbed his hand to the void, ka cha, and Antiquity Divine Thunder, tearing the void open.

A thick water vapor, containing Antiquity Ocean’s aura, spewed out from that rift.

Yang Xu hand grasps in the cracks, a clear blue Divine Halberd, was dragged out by him.

“Well, this Sea God Halberd is really amazing. Originally its weight was only a few 10000 pounds, but when I merged with Pangu’s real body now, the power skyrocketed, and even with this mouthful of Sea God Halberd, the weight of it also increased. It’s so easy!”

Yang Xu couldn’t help but think of the stabilising force of Great Sage.

Carry Sea God Halberd, wave at random, rumble!

A thick bucket of energy iris erupted from Sea God Halberd, cutting the ground below directly into a huge gap and spreading several thousand kilometers.

This piece of Heaven and Earth is almost torn apart!

“That aura of Great Halberd is so weird that I never felt this energy!”

Peacock felt a little puzzled.

What is the origin of the blue Great Halberd?

Why do you feel an obscure ocean aura on it?

And there are strong antiquity power fluctuations!

Just when Yang Xu summon came out of Sea God Halberd and was about to make a big divine might.

A few thousand kilometers away from here.

On a lush and green mountain, a bald young man wearing a road coat has a beautiful face and unparalleled temperament. A pair of narrow and long phoenix eyes are full of feminine beauty.

He was dressed like a Buddha, holding a mouthful of Spirit Qi’s jade bottle, the liquid in the jade bottle, and the three-color rays of light of gold, silver, and black flashing.

In this liquid, a green grass of Spirit Grass is inserted. If you look closely, you can find that the narrow and long leaves of Spirit Grass are branded with Innate stripes. Every Innate pattern is a door. Exquisite Sword Art!

Behind the head of this bald and bald young man, there are 24 gray beads floating in a ring, slightly obscure rays of light, and Innate Primal Chaos Qi diffused.

At this moment, the bald young man, phoenix eye is closed, and the whole beautiful face is surrounded by the long-lasting feminine aura.

Spirit Grass in the jade bottle, the Innate pattern of the grass leaves flashes, releasing the rays of light, which escapes into the body of the bald youth.

The 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads behind his head also flashed the Innate Primal Chaos Qi, which escaped into the head of the bald young man.

The bald young man is at Dao Comprehension.

However, at this time, Heaven and Earth suddenly shuddered.

From a distance, a horrible divine glow tears the ground, cuts everything, and rushes towards the mountain where he is.

Seeing that bright divine glow, this big mountain will be cut directly from it.

The bald-headed youth’s eyes opened sharply, and a pair of phoenix eyes flashed 2 ancient mysterious marks:

Klang clang!

There are 2 Primal Chaos Spirit Sword branded in the void, interlaced with each other to form a scissors, ka cha!

Actually cut that horrible divine glow directly!

A trace of accident came out on the handsome face of the bald young man. With a wave of his hand, the divine glow cut into two segments was held in his hand:

“Antiquity Divine Power? Interesting, I can’t think of this new-born World, is there still such a power?”

A bald young man in a road coat, a trace of greed flashed on his beautiful face:

“This treasure has something to do with me, and I must put it in my pocket!”

With that in mind, he patted the forehead. The 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads suspended behind his head suddenly flew out in a circular circle, rotating rapidly, condensing into a magical Great Dao array.

The bald-headed youth rose into the air, stepped on the 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads, and turned into a Primal Chaos divine light, heading a few thousand kilometers away and hurried away.

24 Innate Primal Chaos beads, formidable power is extraordinary, almost tens of kilometers across almost blink.

A few breathing efforts.

The bald-headed young man seemed to see the two who were facing each other.

When he saw the huge Peacock.

The bald young man could not help blinking his eyes:

“Ha ha, this beast is destined to me, to be my mount!”

24 Innate Primal Chaos beads, although the speed is sufficient, but also need to be urged by Magic Power, it is somewhat uncomfortable.

After surrendering this Peacock.

You can save a lot of effort.

and also……

The bald youth looked towards Peacock, in white clothes facing it. Teenager:

“Hello boy, this new Primal Chaos World, bloodline of not at all Human Race appears, so you should also be from the world of outside, right? I think that Great Halberd in your hand, should it also come from this world? “

The look of the bald-headed youth for Yang Xu:

“Youth, this thing is a big deal. I’m afraid you’ll be worried about your life. Give me that Great Halberd quickly. I will help you resolve the disaster!”

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