Endless Upgrade System Chapter 3025

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The bald-headed youth looked like a Buddha, looking at Yang Xu with “compassion”.

To be precise, looking at the bright Divine shine Sea God Halberd in Yang Xu’s hands, the expression of greed in the expression is unabashed.

It is very real.

Yang Xu was almost amused by him:

“Will this shameless young man be?”

Compared with Yang Xu, Peacock’s reaction is more direct.

A big mouth, a Primal Chaos Spirit Qi suddenly sprayed out, turning into the fire of Primal Chaos, hiding the sky and covering the earth and burning to the bald youth:

“do not bother me!”

The fire of Primal Chaos is incombustible, and the void is burned down, forming a black void, swallowing towards the bald youth.

A bald-headed young man in a coat, fluttering in the wind, a cold flash in the phoenix eye, coldly snorted

“Flat-haired beast, I do not know how to advance!”

With a wave of his hand, 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads suddenly boiled behind his head, rays of light, forming a halo of rotation.

A horrifying suction was released from the 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads, and all Primal Chaos fires were drawn into it.


Bald youth flicks with the finger, 24 Innate Primal Chaos, a series of beads flying to Peacock.

When they appeared on top of Peacock’s head, they suddenly turned into 24 huge Primal Chaos mountains, wrapped in myriad jun Divine Power, and suppressed towards Peacock rumble.


24 Innate Primal Chaos The 24 Primal Chaos Divine Mountain condensed by pearls smashed Peacock’s head into one after another fire star.

Peacock is also dizzy, with both eyes 990 9 gold The sun is almost going to be wiped out.

The bald-headed young man’s finger slightly ticked, 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads suddenly condensed into a burst again, flashing a magical rune, wrapping around Peacock’s neck.

24 The huge Innate Primal Chaos beads shrank instantly, like a necklace, and even with the huge Peacock, they were forced to shrink continuously.

In the end, it turned into a rooster, crawling on the ground, suppressed by Innate Primal Chaos beads, and unable to move even a little bit.

“Hmph, trifling flat-haired beasts, and dare to offend me Daoist Pu Hang. Come here.”

Pu Hang Daoist’s finger slightly ticked, 24 Innate Primal Chaos Pearl suddenly shone brilliantly, and took the Peacock into the hands of Pu Hang Daoist.

Pu Hang Daoist gently touched Peacock, and a fabulous rune rotated at his fingertips, breaking into Peacock within the body.

Peacock turned into a stream of light and escaped into the jade bottle of Pu Hang Daoist.

Pu Hang Daoist comfortably relieved:

The mount is there.

No more wasteful effort to travel in the future.

More importantly, he saw at a glance that this Peacock had an unusual origin. The 5 Primal Chaos Divine Feather born on the top of his head even felt a trace of fear for him.

If you had not taken up 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads yourself, suddenly the shot was cheap.

In a short time, I’m afraid I can’t get this Peacock.

“Train it well, maybe it will become a good hitter.”

Pu Hang Daoist secretly said in one’s heart.

Then, he morning sun cast a smiley expression over there:

“Child, think about it? The Great Halberd in your hand is very dangerous. It’s easy to have an accident in your hand. How about giving it to me?”

Pu Hang Daoist looked at Yang Xu with fearless face:

“I can sense that I have a relationship with this thing, and I also invite you to cut your love.”

For this shameless guy, Yang Xu is completely learned, and the head is a little speechless.

Then gently wave Sea God Halberd towards Daoist said with a smile:

“Okay, since you feel that you are destined for it, come over and take it yourself. Well, you can take it away and count your ability.”

In Pu Hang’s surprised expression, Yang Xu threw Sea God Halberd to the sky above his head and threw it away.

Pu Hang Daoist eyes immediately lit:

“good stuff!”

He sensed that the moment when Sea God Halberd flew into the air, an aura of ancient vicissitudes suddenly filled out.

An antiquity Divine Power that made him feel familiar, the fluctuation became more and more obvious.


The following scene made Pu Hang Daoist eyes shrank, loudly shouted:

“Little bastard! How dare you play tricks? Look at me and surrender you!”

Yang Xu smiled:

“Okay, you have the ability to surrender me.”

The sky overhead, Sea God Halberd trembles gently, a mysterious blue energy, centered on Sea God Halberd, pervading all around.

It looks like a huge blue scroll, slowly unfolding in the void, and the void above Yang Xu’s head turns into a blue heaven and earth.

With a radius of 100 kilometers, it was instantly enveloped by the blue rays of light.

Yang Xu is standing under Heaven and Earth in Zhan blue, the power of Antiquity Sea God is pervasive.

And with an expression of Yang Xu, Sea God Halberd flicked, buzzed, buzzed…

Sea God Halberd, one after another, formed into a void above him, condensing continuously.

In between.

There are 108,000 Sea God Halberd, rays of light, Antiquity Divine Power haunting and condensing.

108,000 Sea God Halberd, like an Antiquity forest, and 108,000 halberds, like Raising Heaven Pillar, inserted on the ground.

pointy The vicissitudes of the halberd blade and halberd point to the Vault of Heaven. There is a beam of light after one Divine Power that rises into the sky and penetrates the Vault of Heaven.

Pu Hang Daoist was shrouded under the blue and blue Heaven and Earth light curtain, his face was solemn, and he felt something wrong:

The fluctuation of Antiquity Divine Power became more and more dignified, and even seemed to contain weight, which made him breathe a little.

Pu Hang Daoist quickly urged the 24 Innate Primal Chaos beads to spin quickly behind his head, releasing a lot of Primal Chaos Spirit Qi protecting body.

He had a pair of phoenix eyes, a flash of dignity flashed, and the right hand protruded towards the jade bottle, pinching the green spirit grass.

On Spirit Grass, there is one after another Heavenly Dao pattern with a sword shape, shining with brilliance.

It is at this time.

Yang Xu spit out a word gently:

“Get up.”

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble…

108,000 Qingtian beams of light, penetrate through Heaven and Earth, and tear the Vault of Heaven.

108,000 handles Sea God Halberd, rising from the sky, flying into the blue light curtain, instantly disappeared.

Pu Hang Daoist took a tight breath and squeezed Cui’s green Spirit Grass’s hand, tightening more and more.

The young man in white clothes opposite had always looked calm and calm, and he seemed not afraid at all.

The plain look made Da Hangist regret slightly in his heart:

It seems that I have encountered a hard stubble this time. I knew that after grabbing the flat-breed animal, I would leave immediately.

Now if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, why do you have to do a game with this brat!

Pu Hang Daoist At this moment, the contempt for Yang Xu has long been swept away, replaced by unprecedented seriousness and dignity:

“If you have any tricks, just come here!”

“Oh? Are you confident?”

Yang Xu slightly smiled, snapped his fingers:

“In this way, I will give you a chance, then Peacock is my favorite mount, thank you for catching it for me, you have to give it back to me. In addition, you have also seen, my newly awakened Divine Ability, need A few Spirit Objects suppress All Heavens, I think your 24 beads are pretty good, this thing has my destiny, how about giving them to me?”

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