Eternal Demon Monarch Chapter 3216

“If I don’t kill you, I won’t be able to raise my mood, and I cannot raise my mood, and my cultivation base cannot go further.”

Yang Xuan faintly opened the mouth and said .

“The cultivation base goes further? Have you reached the Supreme Realm?” Yaoxue said in shock.

Supreme Realm is detachment, it can also be called detachment, reaching this realm, then it is really World Extinguishes and I am immortal, everything is decayed and I am immortal.

“Don’t be fooled by him, your silly daughter, thinking that his father thinks that he has just entered the Tao of Formation now, and he is still early to aspire to Supreme.” While speaking, the ancestor of the sly witch suddenly left the place. disappear.

next moment, someone else appeared behind Yang Xuan and attacked him.


The ancestor of the sly witch blasted out with a palm, causing the world to roar loudly. The countless strange air in the palm of the palm is like a poisonous snake that chooses people to eat , Quickly moved towards Yang Xuan, the whole body rushed wildly.

“Sorry, this bit of your lifelessness is useless to me.”

Yang Xuan motionless, a Black Lotus rises underneath his feet, and in an instant, countless weirdness Qi swallowed up.

“Darkness Resurrection Lily!”

The ancestor of the witchcraft frowned. This is the real Object of Taboo. Even he didn’t expect to be with Yang Xuan’s entire body. It is integrated, and it can also burst out such an incredible power.


Astonishment returns to surprise, but the ancestor of the witch has no intention to stop. A silhouette appeared beside him when he waved his hand. This person is exactly the same as him, the only difference is It’s the lifelessness in this person, the richness seems to be boiling.

Under the erosion of this lifeless air, in the Jade Lake Holy Land below, countless buildings and even the earth are quickly melted away, and the picture is chilling.

“Tao body of the transcended person!”

Yang Xuan complexion slightly changed, but soon calmed down again. Anyway, this is a dead transcended person. Although his body is incomparably powerful, it may not be able to threaten him.

“Yes, this is the body of a detached person. The most important thing is that the other party cultivated the rules of the dead, like me, and the rules of the dead are deduced to the extreme.”

Hearing the words of the ancestor of the witch, Yang Xuan couldn’t help snort disdainfully, “If this person really deduced the way of death to the extreme, then he won’t have only one corpse now.”

” hmph, even so, the corpse of this detached person and I will be enough to kill you here.”

Next, the world shook, and a fierce battle broke out. The entire Jade Lake Holy Land As the center, everything within the radius of hundred thousand li is torn apart by the force of terror.

Fortunately, this area has long since become a no-man’s land, and even the forbidden creatures in it have already fled to unknown places to take refuge.

“Father, my daughter is here to help you.”

Yaoxue watched for a while and joined the battlefield decisively. Her strength was not much worse than that of her father, the ancestor of the witch. For a long time, especially when she has no cards in her hand.

For example, at this moment, the ancient jade flute she is holding in her hand will emit one after another weird sound wave during the playing, with inexplicable regular power, which will make Yang Xuan’s mind full Can’t help but shake a little.

“Sure enough, the most poisonous woman’s heart, in order to deal with me, you are really prepared!”

Yang Xuan expression is cold, but remains unmoved, his battle strength is fully open, The power of a dark Resurrection Lily burst out, even in the face of the ancestor of the wicked witch, a Taoist corpse of the transcendence, and Yao Xue’s joint siege, he did not lose the wind at all.

Chapter 1923 Grand Finale

The battle lasted for a long time. Yaoxue was the first to show signs of decline. Yang Xuan seized the opportunity and flew out with a punch, instantly bleeding half of his body. In the sky, a pretty face turned pale.

“You didn’t die after you took me a punch. You still have some ability.” Yang Xuan raised his head and glanced at the woman who Fei had exited, then turned around and continued to tell the ancestor of the witch The detached corpse launched a fierce attack.

The reason why the ancestor of the witch is called the ancestor of the witch is because this person is secretive and can often avoid the enemy’s killer with some strange Divine Ability in a critical moment.

However, the Taoist corpse of this transcendence is different. The ancestor of the wicked witch failed to completely sacrifice it as his own 2nd body. Therefore, although his strength is extremely terrifying, he can’t hit Yang at all. Xuan.

Even after Yang Xuan used his power, he was beaten down and retreated one after another. Even the death on his body was unconsciously swallowed by Yang Xuan with the power of dark Resurrection Lily Drop.

Dark Resurrection Lily can swallow everything. It is the dead spirit of a detached person. It can also be turned into his own and used to replenish his powerful self.

“No, my father will kill him soon. If you really want him to continue to swallow him, his power will only get stronger.” Yaoxue found that the situation was not right, and used the ancient jade flute in the distance. Launching an attack, shouted loudly while moving towards the ancestor of the witch.

Yang Xuan now obviously the more fights the more brave is, and there is no sign of exhaustion at all. On the other hand, they consume a lot of energy. If they continue, when their strength is exhausted, they can only Yang Xuan killed them one by one, and the Tao was destroyed here.

“The old man’s biggest hole card, I wanted to keep it for use. Who wants the old man to look down on you.”

The ancestor of the scheming witch gave a violent shout and quickly put it A medicine pill was stuffed, and for a while, he climbed wildly in an imposing manner.

“Is it relying on taking medicine pill to forcibly increase cultivation base…”

Yang Xuan squinted his eyes, there is no fear on his face, only the endless killing intent, he body moved , Like a Floating Light Sweeping Shadow, shoots out immediately, and a huge monument stands constantly above the head while waving.

“Are you finally willing to use the Taoist tablet?”

The ancestor of the sly witch has a slightly solemn eyebrows, but as the imposing manner on his body gets stronger and stronger, it breaks through. He turned to the extreme, and entered another level, he never took Yang Xuan seriously again.

Relying on a Supreme Divine Pill, his cultivation base has reached the Supreme detachment in a short time.

“You two fathers and daughters want to get the Taoist monument, but you don’t know that the monument is a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering ultimate weapon in addition to being able to break the state of mind and rapidly increasing cultivation base. “

Yang Xuan sneered at the corner of his mouth, shouting loudly, “Fusion!”

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