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hong long!

The Taoist monument trembles and instantly transforms into an ancient daoist robe, which is draped on Yang Xuan. This daoist robe is full of rune, one after another A rune is extremely mysterious and unfathomable.

Let his whole person, like an instant incarnation, possess the power comparable to Supreme, and even beyond the ordinary Supreme.

"Does the monument have such a magical effect?!"

The ancestor of the witchcraft and Yaoxue are both startled.

"The road monument is the treasure of the Supreme Secret Realm somewhere. In order to win this treasure, there was a fierce battle at the Supreme Secret Realm, and in the end all the supreme almighty were almost dead."

As soon as Yang Xuan said this, the ancestor of the wicked witch immediately cried out incredible.

"Supreme is said to be immortal, but it is not indestructible, and it is this Taoist monument that killed them. In front of the Taoist monument, those Supremes did not even have the power to resist. Suppress and kill instantly became fly ash."

"Such a powerful Taoist monument, even if you are refining, it is impossible to activate all its power."

"You That’s right, but as long as I borrow part of it, it’s not much, just 10%. Killing you father and daughter is not as simple as killing a chicken and a dog."

The voice is still there, Yang Xuan Lightning came to the ancestor of the Witch.


The ancestor of the witchcraft reacted very quickly. He hit Yang Xuan fiercely with a palm, but Yang Xuan slammed a punch and took him with a bang. The hands were shattered.

His power is too terrifying, the great power that suppresses all things, so that the ancestors of the witches cannot resist.


A soul light swept out under a Divine Silkworm illusory shadow, and then quickly condense fleshy body in the distance.

"Legendary Nine Death God Silkworm!"

Yang Xuan flashed a surprised look on his face, and then lightly said with a smile: "It's a pity that it's useless, although this thing is just against the sky Yes, it can bring you back to life in a short time, but in the final analysis, he can only let you have nine lives that's all, and what I need to do is nothing more than just suppress and kill you with one punch nine times. Now."

"Daughter, let's go!"

The ancestor of the wicked witch was terrified, and immediately wanted to take Yaoxue and escape from here.

"Want to go? Can you walk?"

Yang Xuan coldly snorted and said: "Just now, I have used the power of the Taoist monument to block this ten thousand In the world of li, unless you understand the Taoism, you can stay and fight me to the death!"


When the word is killed, people disappear without a trace. And at the next moment, with a fist shadow coming out, the Taoist body of the ancestor of the wicked witch was once again shattered by Yang Xuan with his fist.

But relying on Death God Silkworm, he is once again condensing the Dao Body, dead and resurrected, but this is not without drawbacks, because if he is not resurrected, his breath will be weaker. .

"Does the heavens kill me!"

In the screaming cry of the ancestor of the witchcraft, his Dao body was repeatedly blown up by Yang Xuan, for the ninth time After the resurrection, when facing Yang Xuan with a fist, his eyes were filled with expressions of despair and unwillingness.


Yang Xuan killing firmness, without any hesitation, he wiped out his Divine Soul and Dao body with one punch.

So far, there is no silly magic in the Chaos Sea.


On the distant void, Yaoxue's eyes were slightly sad.

"It turns out that you will feel sad too, I thought you really have cut off your passions!"

Yang Xuan flickered and came to Yaoxue, coldly said.

"You kill me!"

Yao Xue lifts the head looking at Yang Xuan, looking at this strange face, but she can't help but think of the past, herself In the days of staying with Ji Kang, deep in one's heart finally showed a trace of regret.

"I will give you a happy one."

I raised my hand and dropped a palm, looking at the beautiful woman in front of me, turning to nothing in front of me. Yang Xuan did not have sorrow or joy on his face, nor did he have any mercy.

All this is just this woman reap what you have sown that's all, he will not sympathize with each other at all.

"Your grievances and my grievances will be written off from now on."

Facing the emptiness in the dark, he said softly, Yang Xuan without the slightest hesitation left here and returned To the East Sea God Island where the Taoist Court is located.


Time flies.

A hundred years later, Yang Xuan completed his detachment in the Taoist court, achieved Supreme, clearly understood the source of the power between Heaven and Earth, and completely refining the Taoist monument.

Half a year later, Yang Xuan held a grand wedding in Dao Ting. In the presence of numerous cultivators and taboos in the Chaos Sea, he married Qin Lan and other women.

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