After three days, Zhang Rouchen completely healed his wounds. After the previous tempering, his body and soul have become stronger. Even Mental Strength has been concise and all aspects have been upgraded to a new level. The peak.

Zhang Rouchen can clearly feel the changes in the body. The body seems to have endless power. Even if there is an ancient mountain in front of him, he can break it with a punch.

“No gods, I am looking forward to a battle with you.” Zhang Rouchen has a strong sense of war.

Two great perfection Saint King showdowns, and I have never seen it happen many times.

After all, these peerless wizards are the absolute protagonists of an era, and it is difficult to be born in the same era.

Converging his mood, Zhang Rouchen stood up and flashed his body and climbed towards the top of the mountain. At this time, he was more concerned about the reward of the Temple of Truth.

In any case, he has completed two extremely harsh conditions and is qualified to receive the reward that makes the gods feel awkward.

It didn’t take long for Zhang Rouchen to climb the summit.

At the same time, the smooth flow of the Tianhe, suddenly changed, the speed of the flow, it has become faster, and there are huge waves rolling.


The weak water surged and rushed out of a giant water column, condensing into a burly giant wearing a armor, exuding the vastness of the vastness.

The giant turned his gaze to the direction of the truth Tianyu, whispered: “Is it the reason for the little guy who caused the change of the Tianhe River? It is a bit interesting to be able to climb the mountain of truth.”

After all, the weak water giant took a step, left the Tianhe River, crossed the vast Tianyu, and rushed to the Tiantian of truth.

On the shore of the Sea of ​​Truth, in the eyes of the Empress of Chi Yao and the Lord of the Black Heart, they suddenly appear different colors.

“A good Zhang Rouchen can actually climb the summit of the mountain of truth.” The black heart is cold.

Although the mountain of truth is shrouded in golden haze, it can be a god, and it is not difficult to perceive the position of Zhang Rouchen.

For such a result, the black-hearted demon is obviously very dissatisfied.

“Isn’t that kid really able to get the reward of the Temple of Truth?” The brow of the Blackheart Lord wrinkled slightly.

With the grudges between the Dark Lord and Zhang Rouchen, the Black Heart Lord never wants to see Zhang Rouchen get too much benefit.

The Queen Chi Yao looked calm and looked at the mountain of truth with no gaze. No one knew what was in her heart.


A ray of light broke through the air and turned into a statue of a stalwart.

“See the Master.”

Fairy Bai Hua greets a goddess wrapped in the sky and rain, respectful salute.

It can be called the master of Fairy Bai Hua. It is naturally the mandala flower god of the thousand core world, an extremely powerful ancient god.

Fairy Bai Hua was a little surprised to see the arrival of the Master. After all, as a teacher, she rarely cares about these things.

The mandala flower god is in the middle of the flowers, no one can see the true form of the body, the beginning of the arrival, there are strange flowers in the heavens and the earth filled with sorrow.

“The deity of the Temple of Truth has been promulgated by more than one congregation. Now that someone has reached the condition, it can become the first person under the Great Saint of Heavenly Court. Zhang Rouchen is really very capable.” The mandala flower god praised.

Although Zhang Rouchen is still very weak, anyone can see it. His potential is endless. As long as he can continue to grow, there is a great chance that he will become the giant of Megatron.

Just then, a cold sacred sacred moon shines through the whole truth domain, and everyone can see it clearly.

“Yue Shen is here.”

The gods present at the scene have been watching.

For the coming of Yue Shen, everyone is not surprised. After all such a big thing happens, if Yue Shen does not come, it is strange.

Under the attention of all people, a fascinating figure from a distant horizon, step by step, every step of the way, can span hundreds of miles away.

In the blink of an eye, Yue Shen is the sea of ​​truth, the unparalleled beauty of the world, the beauty is suffocating, even if it is God, it will not help to see more.

“Zhang Rouchen crossed the ten-story waters and boarded the mountain of truth. In the future, the cold and cold world will have a place to come to the field of truth in heaven every day. Congratulations to Yue Shen.”

“Congratulations to Yue Shen.”

A group of gods came forward and congratulated Yue Shen.

“Zhang Rouchen belongs to Kunlun Boundary, but it is forced to leave. It is a pity that he has no choice but to invest in the cold and cold world. Otherwise, it is now Kunlun Boundary who has a large number of places to practice in the field of truth.” The black-hearted demon shook his head.

His remarks were obviously to hear from Queen Chi Yao.

However, Empress Chi Yao did not have any reaction, just as she did not hear it at all, her eyes were still not shocked.


There was a violent shock in the void, and a sacred bloody temple appeared in the heavens of truth.

At the same time, the weak water giants in the Tianhe River also appeared out of thin air.

“The one who guards the Tianhe and the world, has come, and the truth has not been so lively for a long time.”

Many gods have a different color in their eyes.

The gods who guard the Tianhe River have special identities and strong strengths. They have great right to speak in Tiangong, and few people dare to provoke them.

And the world is the master of the bloody temple, the powerful ancient god of the same generation as Yue Shen, it is also very taboo.

“Yue Shen, you really care about Zhang Rouchen, where you maintain it, and now you are really in the realm of truth.” A vast and ancient voice came from the blood red temple.

Yue Shen said faintly: “There is nothing in this seat that you have come to ask.”

Immediately, Yue Shen’s gaze looked around and rang: “From now on, Zhang Rouchen will be the fourth giant under the seat, the wide cold, and the status is equivalent to Wu Zu, the ruined Emperor and the Great Spirit. Anyone who dares to move him is an enemy of this seat.”

When I heard this, many gods couldn’t help but reveal the color of surprise. Anyone can hear it. Yue Shen is showing his attitude and is desperate to protect Zhang Rouchen.

Let a Saint King become the fourth giant in the cold and cold world. This kind of thing, most people simply can’t even think about it, but Yue Shen decided this way.

For a time, those gods who were hostile to Zhang Rouchen, such as the black-hearted demon, couldn’t help but frown. Yue Shen was so overbearing and wanted to move Zhang Rouchen in the future.

“Yue Shen is stronger, and it is only one person. If Zhang Rouchen has not been rewarded by the Temple of Truth, it will be over. If it is successful, I am afraid that Yue Shen will not be able to keep him.”

The reward that can make the gods feel good, even if Yue Shen is strong, it will certainly not shock everyone.

At this moment, so many gods gather in the sea of ​​truth, in fact, all want to see if Zhang Rouchen can succeed.

There is no doubt that there are very few gods who really hope that Zhang Rouchen will succeed.

Zhang Rouchen is standing on the top of the mountain, and he knows nothing about the outside world.

The top of the mountain is very flat, but it is a gossip-shaped square. On the edge of the square, there is a house made of black rock. It looks very rough, but there are natural lines on it.

As soon as he reached the top of the mountain, the tall figure reflected the eyes of Zhang Rouchen.

It was only at this moment that he finally saw the appearance of the tall figure, and thus revealed a strange and erotic expression.

The reason is that the god of this temple of truth, whether it is figure, appearance, or temperament, is very similar to the blue silk, just like a mold carved out.

If this god is not related to Qingsi Snow, no one will believe it.

“Is it very unexpected? Qingsi Xue is the daughter of this seat.” Gao Da figure smiled.

Zhang Rouchen turned back and quickly stepped forward and said: “When you meet the seniors, how do you call your predecessors?”

“This seat is the Lord of the Temple of Truth.” The tall figure.

It was said that Zhang Rouchen couldn’t help but feel that the god in front of him was so amazing.

As the lord of the Temple of Truth, it is bound to be a great peer, and Megatron has a vast and desolate position.

Zhang Rouchen finally understands why Xiang Chunan and Qing Sixue can cultivate the truth and do not have to come to the Truth of Heaven. They also possess such high accomplishments.

Now, Zhang Rouchen can’t help but feel very curious about the master of Xiang Chunan, the father of Qing Sixue.

It is not easy to be a wife who can marry the temple of truth.

“The deity of the Temple of Truth is the proclamation of this house. It has been waiting for a long time before finally waiting for you. Although you are not a disciple of the temple of truth, you can complete the test and reward will naturally give you .”

“Instead, every Saint King and Great Saint who climbed the mountain of truth can directly become the messenger of truth, but now it is not.”

The Lord of Truth is plain.

Zhang Rouchen asked the questioning color and asked, “Why is this?”

Although he has not figured out what the truth messenger is, it is obviously unusual. Otherwise, it will not be as important as Yue Shen.

“Do you know why you will get the truth of the truth through the sea of ​​truth?” asked the Lord of Truth.

Zhang Rouchen shook his head: “I don’t know.”

He did think about this problem. The mysterious and mysterious, scattered in the heavens and the earth, only the extremely powerful gods can not find very few parts.

The truth is that the truth is an exception. As long as it is good enough, even if it is only Saint, it is possible to get to the sea of ​​truth. It completely breaks the routine.

“It is the mountain of truth under our feet, bringing together the truths of the truth of the Lord without the Lord in heaven and earth, and through the test of the sea of ​​truth, to the monks who cultivate the way of truth.”

“The Temple of Destiny, which is opposite to the Temple of Truth, has similar means. Some monks who are stunned by the destiny of destiny have the opportunity to get the meaning of destiny. After reaching one percent, they will become the messenger of fate.”

The Lord of Truth explained.

Zhang Rouchen is not too surprised. For a long time, the Temple of Destiny is opposite to the Temple of Truth. The means of the two are mutually restrained. Since there is truth and righteousness, there will be no destiny.

It is a great difference to condense the truth of the same level and whether it has the truth.

According to Zhang Rouchen, the top ten disciples cultivated by the Temple of Truth should have a lot of truths. After all, they are excellent, and the worst have crossed the eight-story sea of ​​the Sea of ​​truth.

“Plain, and the bloody Heavenly King, should have gotten the fate of the righteousness.” Zhang Rouchen secretly said.

Prajna is the candidate goddess of the Temple of Destiny. Bloody Heavenly King can overcome Nie Xiangzi’s half-finance. If they do not have the fate of the righteousness, who will have it?

After a pause, the Lord of Truth continued: “A long time passed, the truth of the kingdom of truth gathered in the mountain of truth has been given out. You have crossed the tenth floor, and the tenth of what you get is In the end, there is only one left.”

Wen Yan, Zhang Rouchen suddenly realized that it is no wonder that he has crossed the seven, eight, and nine layers of waters, and even one in ten thousand of the truth has not been able to get it.

For him, this is not really a good news. Some of the rewards are not available. Nowadays, they cannot directly become the messengers of truth. He does not know what to say.

“Predecessors, I am very curious, what is the messenger of truth?” Zhang Rouchen asked seriously.

The main hall of truth is: “Now too much to say to you, you can’t understand. In short, the messenger of truth is a monk who can use the truth of the way as he pleases, with powerful power, and the Great Saint can rival the gods.”

“At the same time, as a messenger of truth, you will be able to receive the sanctuary of the Temple of Truth, have a great voice in the Temple of Truth, and have the opportunity to become the Lord of the Temple of Truth.”

“Since the establishment of the Heavenly Court community, there have been fourteen Great Saints, who have become the messengers of truth by ascending the mountain of truth, and they are all candidates for the next temple of the truth.”

Zhang Rouchen flashed a different light in his eyes and said: “The Great Saint, who climbed the mountain of truth, shouldn’t it be thirteen?”

He determined that he had not misunderstood that the Lord of Truth did say that it was fourteen. This is obviously inconsistent with the information circulating by the outside world. Is there any hidden feeling?

“The thirteen people you know belong to Heavenly Court, but there is one, but it comes from the world of hell.” The main hall of truth.

Zhang Rouchen said: “How can a monk in hell become a messenger of truth?”

He knows that there is a powerful method of disguise in the hell world, which can lurk in the Heavenly Court world. The truth messenger is not the same. The truth temple will inevitably undergo a very strict screening. How can the monks in the hell be mixed?

When he wants to come, the infernal monks dare to plot the truth, and they are simply looking for death.

Unexpectedly, there was indeed a successful monk in the hell, and it became a messenger of truth, directly taking away one percent of the truth.

“Even the seat did not think that the daring courage and means of the wilderness were indeed true, and all the people of the Temple of Truth, including this seat, were passed. He was too good to become the messenger of truth, only hundreds of In the time of the year, it is a breakthrough, and it is far stronger than the average god.”

“Until he sneaked into Kunlun Boundary and smashed the gods, he revealed his identity as a monk in the hell.”

The Lord of Truth sighed, and his eyes were full of complex colors.

The talents revealed by the wilderness, including her, the giants of many truth temples, think that they are expected to become the next lord, but he was the lurker in the Heavenly Court world.

This matter is undoubtedly a huge stain on the Temple of Truth, and it was erased.

Hearing the word “wildness”, Zhang Rouchen’s eyes flashed a terrible murder. This person can be said to be the chief culprit leading to the decline of Kunlun Boundary.

If the wilderness is cut off, the Kunlun Boundary will enter the 100,000-year-old era of godlessness.

Zhang Rouchen did not expect that the truth temple was a wasteland, so that it would not be long before it became a god, and it would have the terrible power to break the gods.

According to the Lord of Truth, the Great Saint becomes the messenger of truth, and it will be able to rival the gods. What is the power of God Spirit Grade’s other messengers?

If there is an opportunity in the future, Zhang Rouchen will kill the wilderness and let him pay for the past, and will take back the one percent truth.

Slightly adjusting his mind, Zhang Rouchen looked at the Lord of Truth and said: “Predecessors, since I can no longer be the messenger of truth, what is the reward I can get?”

The truth has been exhausted, and he is not reconciled, and there is no way. Can he still go to the theory of the temple of the temple of truth?

For the sake of the present, we can only see if there are other rewards as compensation.

“In the beginning, this seat deliberately promulgated the gods, which is a separate reward for the customs under Great Saint. However, if you can get it, you have to look at your own skills. Are you ready?” The main expression is a bit serious.

Zhang Rouchen nodded: “Ready.”

His heart faintly gave birth to a rather strong sense of expectation, I don’t know what this special reward will be.

The Lord of Truth waved a hand and released a powerful power into the mountain of truth.

Suddenly, on the square, there are countless complex lines, each of which contains the truth between heaven and earth.

These lines are intertwined and constructed into a large and mysterious gossip figure, reflected on the sky.

Fortunately, this space has been completely isolated from the outside world. Otherwise, such a big movement will definitely alarm all the monks in the heavens.


A sly ray of light flew out of the gossip.

An invisible singular wave of undulation spreads out, causing the whole mountain of truth to vibrate slightly.

“what happened?”

Zhang Rouchen’s face changed slightly, and he felt that the truth of the truth in the body had signs of flying out.

He finally got the forty-nine percent of the truth of the truth. If he was taken away at this time, he really wanted to cry.

Immediately, Zhang Rouchen integrated the truth and truth into the form of truth, and finally stabilized it.

Looking back, Zhang Rouchen looked at the group of gods, no accident, this thing should be the reward that can make the gods smash.

Slowly, the divine light fades and reveals the strange things that are wrapped.

It is a clear diamond-shaped crystal, only the size of the fist, a total of 129,600 cuts, each of which has a delicate texture, natural and harmonious.

“Predecessors, what is this?”

Zhang Rouchen asked curiously.

He is also very knowledgeable, but he has no impression of this thing, let alone see it, even he has never heard of it.

The lord of truth gaze at the diamond-shaped crystal, solemnly saying: “This is the heart of truth, which can attract the truth of the truth. If you can refine it, you can use it to perceive the truth of the truth in others, and even forcibly seize it.”

“More importantly, if you have the heart of truth, you will be able to grasp the truth and truth infinitely. Even if you master everything, it is not impossible. Others, including the thirteen truth messengers, can only master one tenth of the truth. Righteousness, this is their limit.”

“In addition, with the heart of truth, the efficiency of understanding the rules of truth can be multiplied. Moreover, other people who practice at your side can also learn the rules of truth, and the effect is no less than the practice of entering the temple of truth.”

“In short, the heart of truth has many magical uses, and you will be able to know when you refine it.”

As soon as this was said, Zhang Rouchen immediately realized that he knew the role of this object.

The truth is the thing that everyone wants to fight for, but no one knows, it falls in the hands of those people.

If you can clearly perceive it, this is definitely a big advantage.

There is also that amazing cultivation effect, who can refine the heart of truth, is simply a moving truth temple.

Not only can you help yourself, but you can also let the monks around you, even the monks of the world, become powerful.

Such a precious treasure is indeed able to make the gods stun.

Really exposed, enough to attract a group of gods to grab.

“Predecessors, how can I refine the heart of truth.” Zhang Rouchen asked again.

The main hall of truth is: “By the rule of the Word of God, to accommodate it in the form of truth.”

“It turns out.” Zhang Rouchen nodded.

He finally understood why the Temple of Truth mainly allowed him to first condense the form of truth and cultivate to the great perfection of Saint King, because these two points are the basic conditions needed to refine the heart of truth.

The Lord of Truth seriously said: “This seat needs to remind you that refining the heart of truth has great risks. If you are not careful, you may explode and die, even if you have now condensed the truth. To practice the great perfection of Saint King, the probability of success will still not exceed 30%. Whether you want to choose refining or not is up to you.”

It is said that Zhang Rouchen’s heart is so heavy that he did not expect to refine the heart of truth, so it was so dangerous.

After a little thought, Zhang Rouchen sighed and walked forward.

The opportunity is in front of him, no matter how difficult, he must try it.

At a distance of ten feet from the heart of truth, Zhang Rouchen stopped and looked closely.

A moment later, Zhang Rouchen ran the exercises and released all the 100 million truth rules he had cultivated into a regular river, entangled in the heart of truth.


Not yet able to really get close, the heart of truth unleashes a strange power that will smash the ruled rivers of Zhang Rouchen.

“Don’t worry, you need to slowly fit in with the heart of truth, eliminate rejection, and really use strong, ordinary spirits, and the truth cannot be the heart.”

It is said that Zhang Rouchen can’t re-adjust his mindset, re-converge the regular river, surround the heart of truth, and slowly approach.

At the same time, he unreservedly released his own Mental Strength, infiltrated into the heart of truth, and wanted to realize some mysteries.

However, the mystery contained in the heart of truth is too mysterious. Even with the strength of Zhang Rouchen’s Mental Strength, it feels too much to read. It is very difficult to understand.

Each of the lines on it is like a book of the Word of God, which can be derived from infinite truth. Great Saint needs to slowly understand.

Although Zhang Rouchen is already at the peak of the Saint King, the cultivation of the Holy Path is still far behind.

Unablely, Zhang Rouchen completely relaxed and put all his mind on the heart of the truth.

His cultivation is too fast, and there will inevitably be some hidden dangers. Just take this opportunity and do a good job of it, and better grasp all the rules of the Holy Way that he has cultivated.


The six thousand-word chapter can be broken into two chapters, and I will not say it. I will take the opportunity to ask for a ticket.

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