The heart of truth slowly rotates, and the twelve thousand nine hundred and six hundred cuts reflect the strange light, engraving the texture on it, and appearing clearly, as if it has life, the form is constantly changing and elusive.

Rao is the realm of the sacred path of Zhang Rouchen. Looking at these lines, it is still very difficult to understand. Mental Strength is applied to the extreme and can only resolve the mystery of sporadic.

With his thoughts, even the Great Saint, even the gods, can’t easily penetrate the mystery contained in the heart of truth.

Fortunately, the refining of the heart of truth does not require the understanding of all mysteries. It is only necessary to have a clear understanding. The key is to conform to the heart of truth.

Zhang Rouchen has completely relaxed and is not in a hurry. He slowly communicates with the heart of truth, and the 100 million sacred rules of his own cultivation are slowly entangled.

Even so, the regular river of Zhang Rouchen is still the power of the heart of truth, and it has been broken many times.

If it is not the rules of the Holy Path that he has cultivated, he is extremely solid and tenacious, and he must have been wiped out a lot.

The Lord of Truth stood aside, and from time to time, he pointed and let Zhang Rouchen take a lot of detours and avoided many dangers.

In this world, I am afraid that no one will know more about the heart of truth than the Lord of Truth.

I don’t know how long it took, and the regular river that Zhang Rouchen released, finally wrapped the heart of truth completely, and it seemed to establish a special connection between the two.

“The scorpion can teach, and it is so fast to realize the key, so savvy, it is no wonder that Saint Monk Xumi will choose him as a descendant.” The Lord of Truth nodded secretly.

Although she pointed at it, she might understand it, but she wanted to see Zhang Rouchen itself.

If Zhang Rouchen’s savvy is too bad, he will be clear and thorough, and it will be a waste of words.


At a certain moment, the void trembles, and the heart of truth is finally shaken.

Don’t look at the heart of truth, only the fist is big, but it is very heavy. It is like a huge world. If it can’t be matched with it, even if it is Great Saint, there is no way to shake it.

Zhang Rouchen’s eyes, in vain, became bright, with his hands clasped together, and a seal, a majestic five-line chaos, emerged from the body.

At the same time, millions of truth rules fly back, combined with the five elements of chaos and gas, quickly constructing a chaotic world of chaos, with a vast expanse of stars, seems to evolve another universe.

The form of truth is condensed, and the mountain of truth is resonating, and the rules of endless truth appear. In the sky, a splendid and vast starry sky is intertwined, which looks extraordinarily true.


Zhang Rouchen drinks low.

Suddenly, the ninety-nine million sacred rules of the Holy Spirit moved together, slowly dragging the heart of truth.

Zhang Rouchen was so serious that he didn’t dare to relax and do his best to mobilize his own rules of the Word.

However, everything was not as smooth as he had imagined, and how far has it been dragged, the heart of truth trembled slightly, and the rules of the Word were difficult to bind.

“Sacred out.”

Zhang Rouchen’s heart was moved, and when the six holy phases were about to be released, they were all released.

The six holy sects respectively suppressed the six directions of heaven, earth, east, south, west, and north, and connected each other with strength, and together they firmly locked the heart of truth.

At this time, the advantage of having six holy phases is undoubtedly revealed.

“Six sacred sacred? It is just like the godless god. It is a very human being. Since the ancient times, it has not been born for such a long time. Now there are two at the same time. Does this indicate something? “There is a different light in the eyes of the Lord of Truth.”

It is not worthwhile, the Lord of Truth is immersed in contemplation. In her identity, the secrets that can be touched are beyond the imagination of ordinary people. What happens between heaven and earth, she can usually be aware of it in advance.

With the suppression of six holy phases, the heart of truth has finally stabilized again, and the speed of dragging has also increased slightly.

To do this, the consumption of the mind is great.

With the tenacity of Zhang Rouchen’s mind, it is almost impossible to eat.

When the heart of truth is dragged to the front, a black hole appears on the form of truth, releasing a powerful swallowing power and sucking the heart of truth.


Just then, the heart of truth suddenly released a slight fluctuation.

Zhang Rouchen’s eyes suddenly became one of his cohesive, and his truth was shaped like a giant earthquake, with looming signs of collapse.

At the same time, there is a strange power that passes into his body. In an instant, his five elements of chaos are traumatized, and many subtle cracks appear on the surface. The holy blood penetrates from the skin. .

Fortunately, this power is not too strong, and soon it is eliminated invisible, and finally did not cause great damage.

“The heart of the terrible truth has not really begun to refine, but it has almost destroyed my body.” Zhang Rouchen was shocked.

It seems that the lord of truth is not vain, and the refining of the heart of truth is indeed sinister. If he is slightly careless, he will be ruined.

If he wants to give up, there is actually a chance.

Once the heart of truth is brought into the form of truth, by then, he will no longer be able to withdraw.

Looking at the heart of truth that is close at hand, Zhang Rouchen’s eyes are not hesitant, seemingly firm, and he has never regretted what he has chosen to do.

Re-adjusting his own state, Zhang Rouchen pushes the truth to the shape of the truth and sucks the heart of truth.

Rao is the space in this place is very stable, and there is no distortion at this moment.


Under the guise of a sigh of relief, the heart of truth is finally incorporated into the form of truth.

Zhang Rouchen’s expression became more serious, and he knew that the next moment was the real sinister moment.

There are only two outcomes that he needs to face, either to successfully refine the heart of truth or to succumb to death.

“The heart of refining the truth can only rely on its own strength, and must not rely on foreign objects, remember.” The Lord of Truth sighed earnestly.

She knows that Zhang Rouchen has a lot of treasures, but if it is used at this time, it will only have the opposite effect.

Zhang Rouchen nodded: “Thank you for reminding seniors.”

With a deep breath, Zhang Rouchen sat down on the ground and did not rush to refine the heart of truth. Instead, he ran the “Nine-Day Bright Emperor Classic” over and over again, completely relaxing his body and mind.

Regarding your own life and death, no matter what, you must not have the slightest effect.

After a long time, Zhang Rouchen’s body and mind became ethereal, and all the distractions were thrown away. The mind was completely immersed in the form of truth and began to refine the heart of truth.

All he has to do is to integrate the heart of truth with the form of truth and become one.

Once successful, his realm of truth will become more powerful, while adding more mystery and gaining beyond imagination.

Under the control of Zhang Rouchen, the form of truth began to vibrate regularly, and hundreds of millions of stars, around the heart of truth, slowly turned.

One of the great advantages he possesses is that the way of truth has reached great perfection, which can greatly increase the success rate of refining the truth.

The Lord of Truth stands still, and if Zhang Rouchen fails to refine the truth, she will choose to shoot and do her best to save her life.

After all, a genius like Zhang Rouchen, if it falls, it is a pity.

However, even if she shot, she could not guarantee that Zhang Rouchen would be saved.

The eyes turned, and the Lord of Truth looked to the shore of the sea of ​​truth. Even with the cover of the golden haze, she could still see the sight on the shore.

“Yue Shen, the canopy, the mandala flower god, the world of the world…, there are many gods coming, and it seems that they are very concerned about the reward of my truth temple.”

“Zhang Rouchen, if he can successfully refine the heart of truth, I am afraid that there will be a lot of trouble, and Yue Shen may not be able to protect him, but…”

Through the void, the Lord of Truth locked his eyes on the weak water giant who guarded the Tianhe River, and his eyes showed a strange color.

However, for a moment, the Lord of Truth took his eyes back and re-focused on Zhang Rouchen.

Even her, she does not know how long it takes for Zhang Rouchen to refine the heart of truth.

Because of this kind of thing, it is impossible to predict. Perhaps one day, maybe one year, the key depends on the degree of fit between Zhang Rouchen and the heart of truth.


Suddenly, the truth of the world vibrates, and a large number of stars near the heart of truth are annihilated in an instant.


Zhang Rouchen trembled and squirted a large blood.

For a time, his breath became very turbulent, and his body was surging, surpassing the tens of thousands of times of masculinity, and it was about to break through.

Zhang Rouchen didn’t panic, but instead became more and more calm, and immediately ran the “Nine-Day Bright Emperor Classic” to sort out his power.

At the same time, Zhang Rouchen displayed the realm of space and imprisoned himself. It seems that the world in which he lives is completely in a state of quiescence and eternal.

As long as we begin to refine the heart of truth, we cannot stop in the middle. No matter how big the problem is, we must persist.

A large number of stars, re-engaged with the heart of truth, unleashed unique fluctuations and carefully penetrated.

In the form of truth that Zhang Rouchen condenses, there are hundreds of millions of stars, and the number is constantly increasing, and will not be easily annihilated.

The time is not long, the heart of truth has changed again, and the same number of stars have been annihilated, which has caused Zhang Rouchen to suffer even more trauma.

In this way, Zhang Rouchen adjusted his state again and again, and suffered heavy losses again and again. Even if his body has strong resilience, it gradually began to eat, and the speed of recovery was slower and slower.

Over time, the starry sky in the form of truth has been annihilated for most of the time, and as a result, the form of truth has become very unstable and has signs of collapse.

The truth is not easy to form, and once it is destroyed, it will increase the difficulty by ten times and 100 times.


The first crack appeared in the form of truth, and accordingly, Zhang Rouchen’s flesh also showed a clear crack.

To make matters worse, there is a crack in the sacred soul of Zhang Rouchen.

Even if he uses the essence of Seven Star God Fungus, he can’t repair the cracks, and he can’t stop the loss of his own spirit.

“In the form of truth, every time there is a crack, your body and the Holy Spirit will have a corresponding crack. When the truth is completely broken, it is when you burst and die.” The voice of the Lord rang in the ears of Zhang Rouchen.

It was said that Zhang Rouchen couldn’t help but sink, giving birth to a strong sense of urgency.

Only he understands that the more this time, the less worried he is. He needs to be more calm and think about the countermeasures.

But the heart of truth is too overbearing, and the cracks in the form of truth are constantly increasing.

The injury of Zhang Rouchen has become heavier and heavier, and his body is covered with cracks, like a porcelain bottle that is about to break.

“Well? How does Zhang Rouchen’s breath become so weak?”

Yue Shen’s eyes are slightly coagulated.

With God’s wooden stick, Yue Shen blurted the situation of Zhang Rouchen.

Unfortunately, neither her power nor her thoughts can come to the mountain of truth, and it is impossible to ascertain exactly what Zhang Rouchen is.

Yue Shen Although it is not easy to get the reward of knowing the Temple of Truth, I did not expect that there will be danger to life.

In addition to Yue Shen, the eyes of Queen Chi Yao also have a different color, it seems that the situation of Zhang Rouchen is not good.

Above the square, the brow of the Lord of Truth wrinkled slightly. In front of her, Zhang Rouchen has become a blood man, and the holy blood in the body is almost exhausted.

The form of truth behind Zhang Rouchen is full of cracks, and it continues to increase. A large number of five lines of chaotic air are overflowing and are already on the verge of collapse.

“Has it failed?”

The eyes of the Lord of Truth are in the midst of disappointment.

Under the conditions of Zhang Rouchen, it is impossible to succeed. Can you find Saint King that can refine the heart of truth?

“I must not fail. If I die, who will save Kunlun? Who will protect Kong Le? Who will rebuild Shengming? I still have too many things, I have not done it, how can I die here?”

In the heart of Zhang Rouchen, there is an incomparably strong will, unwilling to be unyielding.

Because, on his shoulders, full of responsibility.

He does not allow himself to fall down, absolutely not allowed.

Driven by this will, his truth is rapidly collapsed and contracted, and it is to be attributed to chaos.

The Lord of Truth was trying to take a shot and grasped the heart of truth from the form of truth in Zhang Rouchen. After detecting this change, he could not help but stop.

“A strong and powerful spiritual will, haven’t you given up yet?” The Lord of Truth revealed a surprise.

Under normal circumstances, suffering from such great pain, the spiritual will will inevitably collapse and it will be difficult to gather.

But Zhang Rouchen’s spiritual will at the moment is highly concise, like a qualitative sublimation.

The speed of the collapse of the truth is extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it has become no bigger than a fist. It only wraps the heart of truth. There is no trace of the stars in it. There is only one chaos, just as the heavens and the earth have not been opened. .

In this way, the heart of truth is completely silent, and the situation does not continue to deteriorate.

Zhang Rouchen itself is also in a state of silence, the five lines of chaos, gathered together, like a silk thread, wrapped his body wrapped into a huge embarrassment.

In the perception of the Lord of Truth, the life of Zhang Rouchen fluctuated and became very weak and almost nothing.

“The most critical moment is coming, I hope he can come over.” The main hall of truth.

Nowadays, she is completely unable to intervene. It is a life or death. It depends on the creation of Zhang Rouchen.

The mountain of truth at this moment has become extremely quiet, and the vision in the sky has completely disappeared, giving a sense of incomparable repression.

Here, the concept of time and space has become very vague.


Suddenly, a powerful force is like a volcanic eruption that has been silent for hundreds of millions of years.

Wrapped around Zhang Rouchen, broken, and behind him, the miniature form of truth spreads rapidly, countless stars are derived, and the heart of truth has disappeared.

To be precise, it is the heart of truth and the realm of truth.

The re-opened form of truth is more vast than in the past, and every star is dazzling.

The vast starry sky vision reappears above the Scorpio and is far more magnificent than before.


A powerful heartbeat sounds and a powerful life is released from the body of Zhang Rouchen.

His flesh, which has become dry due to the loss of a lot of blood, has become full again at a speed visible to the naked eye.

There are hundreds of millions of truth rules between heaven and earth, all of which revolve around Zhang Rouchen, as if he has become the master of truth.

“Chaos is returned to the Yuan, and it is a very human being.”

Seeing the changes in these columns, the head of the Temple of Truth laughed and couldn’t help but say a word.

This sentence is naturally heard by the gods on the coast of the truth. Suddenly, some gods appear to smile, and some gods are cold.


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