Outside the imperial city, the murderous murderous, the sacred army of the Hell World launched a fierce attack, and the former servant, who wanted to kill Zhang Rouchen, was extremely determined.

Zhang Rouchen takes a step in the blood footprint. Every step forward, the injury will add a point. For example, the lonely boat in the sea can be overturned at any time.

Leaders of all ethnic groups are very radical and can’t wait to kill Zhang Rouchen immediately.

“Brother, are we watching Zhang Rouchen being killed like this?” Blood clots frown.

Bloody Tianjun shook his head and said: “Killing Zhang Rouchen is the general trend of the hell world. At this time, no one can stop it.”

Unlike other leaders, Bloody Heaven did not participate in the siege of Zhang Rouchen, but led the bloody tribe’s monks to defend their positions and guard against attacks by Heavenly Court.

As a result, although he did not contribute to killing Zhang Rouchen, no one could say anything about him.

No way, Zhang Rouchen’s identity is too special. What others do, it doesn’t matter. Only those who have a bloody family can’t participate.

“I admire this cousin very much. For the people I care about, I can disregard everything and put my life and death out of the way. Unfortunately, he wants to fight against the entire hell world, which is destined to fail.” Blood sighs can’t help but sigh. Road.

Bloody Heavenly Road: “If you have feelings, you will have weaknesses, but how many people can completely break your feelings?”

Even those gods, most of them have people or things they care about.

On the other hand, Luo also looked at Zhang Rouchen at the moment.

For Zhang Rouchen, her mood has always been complicated, although there have been big people who told her the prophecy of the hit.

In the contact with Zhang Rouchen, she did not give birth to too deep men and women, but felt that Zhang Rouchen was like the nemesis she hit.

In the past, she did everything without doing anything.

However, since she met Zhang Rouchen, she has suffered a lot, and it is very annoying. I feel that Zhang Rouchen is extremely horrible.

But now, seeing Zhang Rouchen, in order to save his daughter, he is alone in the army of hell, fearless, and willing to give up his life.

This has produced a tremendous shock to Luo, and the heart is deeply touched, giving birth to a subtle emotion.

Perhaps only people like Zhang Rouchen can be called true heroes. Any woman should be eager to meet a man who can treat himself like this.

Luo o clenched his fists, his teeth biting his red lips, and wanted to stop Zhang Rouchen from moving on.

Somehow, seeing that Zhang Rouchen was so hurt, her heart was born with a feeling of intolerance.

On the wall of the Imperial City, Emperor Tianpeng finally said his thoughts and discussed with leaders of Heavenly Court.

“Let Zhang Rouchen fight alone outside the city. I waited to watch it here and do nothing. Others thought that we were afraid of the hell and would become a joke.” Tianpeng Huangzi said.

Wanchao Shengjun nodded: “There is no sorrow and quietness to sneak into the imperial city. After the hell, the elite is attacking the Qinghong Pavilion. Our Heavenly Court community has lost its face and can no longer continue to be passive. Gongsunxiong, how is it?”

Unablely, a group of leaders have turned their eyes to a young and refined man.

The man is one meter tall and eight, and his appearance is outstanding. His body exudes a flowing and free-spirited temperament, just like a fairy.

His name is Gongsun Yuanzhang, the leader of the Pangu Great World. He is very low-key, but it gives people a sense of unfathomable feeling.

“Heavenly Court and Hell have been fighting for a long time, so it’s time to fight for it. Otherwise, what do I mean when I come to Kunlun Boundary?” Gongsun Yuanzhang is quite meaningful.

“Now, Zhang Rouchen has killed the tens of millions of holy forces in the hell world by himself. It is a great opportunity to shoot, perhaps to achieve great results, even to the hell community, to reinvigorate my Heavenly Court. ”

It is said that Tianpeng Huangzi and Wanzhan Shengjun could not help but slightly nod, obviously agree with Gongsun Lantern’s opinion.

In the battlefield of Kunlun Boundary, the Heavenly Court community can be described as a series of defeats, and it is necessary to play a big victory to boost morale and reverse the overall decline.

Seeing the three leaders who dominate the world, the opinions have been unified, and Zhou Yu can’t help but rush.

If Zhang Rouchen is really saved, can you still have a good day in their heavenly faction?

But Zhou Yu is no longer anxious and useless. The elite of the heavenly faction is planted in Ziwei Palace. With his weight, it is not enough to change the decision of Heavenly Court.

Although he is also the leader on the bright side of the heavens, he can compare with Gong Sunyuan and others, but it is quite different.

After the three men of the Sun Yat-sen, the army of Heavenly Court, even if it was quickly assembled.

Outside the Imperial City, Zhang Rouchen smothered and pushed forward.

No matter how powerful the lineup of hell is, he can’t stop him from moving forward.

Every step forward, there will inevitably be many fallen monks in the hell.

Correspondingly, the injuries on Zhang Rouchen will also add a bit of weight.

Even though Zhang Rouchen has been drinking the fountain of life, he can’t completely cure the injury.

The hell community has changed its strategy, mainly to contain it. It wants to burn Zhang Rouchen at the cost of minimal casualties.

Tens of thousands of Shi nationality elite, under the leadership of the stone, gathered a ruthless gray stone mountain, like a planet, when the air against Zhang Rouchen suppression.


Zhang Rouchen waved the Emperor’s ruler and took out a tens of thousands of feet to divide the stone mountain into two halves.

The body of a large number of stone monks burst, and the sacred spirits disappeared, turning into a dead stone.

But at this time, a large number of bones monks shot, condensed a dark bone hand, which was entangled with a large amount of dark power and death power, and once condensed, even the surrounding space was eroded.

The black bones slammed on Zhang Rouchen’s body and flew him out.

Even though Zhang Rouchen wore a Vulcan armor and had a Shen Shen engraved god pattern, it did not resist the power of the black bones. The wounds on the body all turned black.


Zhang Rouchen slammed the emperor’s gods, and the blood of his mouth was squirting and his body was crumbling.

“Zhang Rouchen, you are already dead end. Today is the day of your sacrifice, but at that time, I am afraid that no one has ever remembered you.” The sneer sneered.

Zhang Rouchen’s eyes are as sharp as a knife, looking at the demon, without any words, just silently waving the Emperor’s feet in his hand.

As long as there is still a breath, he will never give up.


The gates of the Central Imperial City opened wide, and the vast army of Heavenly Court was so powerful that it was killed.

Leaders such as Tianpeng Huangzi, Wanzhan Shengjun, Gongsun Yuanzhang and so on, all rushed to the forefront, showing the invincible trend.

“Block them, kill Zhang Rouchen as soon as possible.” There is a strong infernal order.

Immediately, the army of the Hells turned their direction and greeted the Heavenly Court.

The army of the Hell who was transferred to the Imperial City was all in a battle and could not be surprised.

Therefore, despite the sudden emergence of the Heavenly Court army, the army of the Hells did not appear too flustered, and soon adjusted the battle and went to fight.

At this time, it is undoubtedly a bloody presupposition, and insisting on the position, it seems that it has long been predicted that the sacred army in the central dynasty will come to attack, which is extremely wise.

Only in this way, the power used to deal with Zhang Rouchen has weakened a lot.

For a time, Zhang Rouchen advanced faster and swept all the way.

“The formation.”

Along with a loud drink, an incomparably savage killing was in vain.

Killing a thousand miles and wrapping Zhang Rouchen.

A huge array of mountains and elephants appeared, and Zhang Rouchen was smashed from the air.


This killing is the power of hundreds of sects in the Hell world, and they are arranged together. They are composed of hundreds of small killings, interlocking and exquisite.

It can be said that this array represents the strongest power of the Hells under the Great Saint. If someone can break this battle under the Great Saint, then it means that he may have the power to destroy the Hell’s Ten people in the future.

How can a person contend with the entire hell world?

Heavenly Court The gods of Wanjie can’t do it together.

Being trapped, not to mention a Saint King, even a Great Saint, is only killed.

The slaying power has already been achieved.

Zhang Rouchen’s eyes were cold and he waved the Emperor’s ruler to inspire the powerful power of his own.

The emperor’s ruler has always been invincible, but this time it has encountered obstacles.

When the power of God has just been sent out, it will be quickly disappeared from the invisible, but it will only stir up a subtle ambiguity.


Numerous lines of intertwining, the earth, the wind, the water, the fire between the heavens and the earth, all kinds of forces are all provoked and become extremely violent.

A strange and terrible force entangled Zhang Rouchen, and even if he was to stop him from breaking out, he would refining him step by step.

Zhang Rouchen waved the emperor’s ruler again and again, and could not break the killing. He failed to break free. Instead, he was attacked by the killing force. The vitality of the body was biochemically degraded.

Seeing that Zhang Rouchen was trapped in the battle, many of the hell monks could not help but breathe a sigh of relief and then laughed.

In their eyes, Zhang Rouchen is already a trapped beast, and can only be left to slaughter, no longer able to pick up any storms.

“Zhang Rouchen, no matter how you struggle, it is in vain. Today you are destined to fall into disarray.” Stone is cruel and cruel.

Lan Xuezi laughed and said: “Unbeat the Great Saint is invincible? It is a joke, dare to destroy the plan of the hell world, no matter who it is, it must pay a heavy price. In the past, the ten robbing Tian Jun, known as Kunlun Boundary first, still Isn’t it the end of death?”

In Heavenly Court’s army, Zhou Yu first noticed the situation of Zhang Rouchen, unable to control the emotions in his heart, and his eyes suddenly showed a strong joy.

“Zhang Rouchen, you are still dying after all, everything is doomed, you can be amazing, and you can’t go against the sky.”

Zhou Yu was extremely happy in his heart and no longer worried.

At this time, he really wanted to rush over and personally give Zhang Rouchen a knife to report insults in the blood gods, and before the broken arm.

Luo o looked far away, watching Zhang Rouchen trapped in the killing, quickly refining, her eyes, can not help but become stunned, the eyes showed a thicker intolerable.

But she is a member of the hell world, and at this time, she can’t do anything at all.

“Is the fate broken?” Luo whispered.

After all, if Zhang Rouchen died in this way, how can it be regarded as her hit?

In the killing, Zhang Rouchen urged the emperor to resist the refining power of the formation.

“Kong Le, I will never let you have something. I have not taken you to Kong Leshan to see the lights.”

At the moment, in the heart of Zhang Rouchen, his anger is raging, but his eyes are horrible.

He never thought that when he was so weak, he was weak and he would cry.

Accurately speaking, it is not weakness, but a kind of self-blame. It is useless to blame yourself. Even children can’t protect it. First, the pool Kunlun was taken away. It has not been saved. Now it is even the pool hole music. Watched being taken away.

As a father, he really failed.

Unablely, in Zhang Rouchen’s mind, there are bits and pieces that are in harmony with Ikea, and each picture is so clear.

He couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I was taken away.

Maybe it will be lost.

Maybe you will be alive, you don’t want to be born.

He hasn’t really accompanied Chi Khong Le yet, and he has not fulfilled his responsibility as a father. How can all this end?

Even the person he cares the most, he can’t protect it. Even if he cultivates stronger, what is the point?

“No, I can’t fall, Kong Le is still waiting for me.”

Zhang Rouchen screamed in his heart and his eyes became violent.


At this moment, the momentum of Zhang Rouchen suddenly rose.

In his scarred flesh, a hundred and forty-four gongs of light are shining all over the body. It is his one hundred and forty-four acupoints, each of which is extremely large and contains a holy sac. lake.

Nowadays, Zhang Rouchen no longer has any scruples. Since the power of Saint King is not enough for him to break through the obstacles and rescue Chikor, he will break into Great Saint.

His flesh has long been smelted to the extreme, so the breakthrough is a matter of course.


A vast Great Saint, from the body of Zhang Rouchen, exudes.

One hundred and forty-four acupoints, further expansion, the interior can easily accommodate the next planet, the influx of heaven and earth.

“This is… the body is made into Great Saint.”

Seeing this change of Zhang Rouchen, one of the hells, suddenly a lot of strong people changed their faces.

No one expected that Zhang Rouchen would practice the flesh to the Great Saint level at this time.

But the lord of Saint King, who does not want to be a great Saint, can resist the Great Saint alone, which is equal to the innate advantage.

However, it is too difficult to achieve this step. It is difficult for one hundred sacred monks to become a Great Saint.

Stronger than Yan Liren, it was also the failure of the impact of the sanctification of the flesh, almost ruined. It wasn’t until recently that it broke the shackles, and the body of the wish became the Great Saint, and it became a powerful blood silkworm.

Zhang Rouchen got the chance to go far beyond Yan Liren, and now he has finally reached this point.


Later, there is a chapter.

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