Zhang Rouchen’s breakthrough seems to be easy, but it is extremely dangerous.

Once there is an error, it is half-waste, and the other is dead. In particular, Zhang Rouchen is currently in a poor state, with severe physical damage and a greater difficulty in breaking through.

But no matter what, he succeeded!

It is impossible to turn it into a possibility.

And this is just the beginning, and Zhang Rouchen condenses a powerful force to the heart.

Suddenly, the heart blooms with immortal brilliance and is getting stronger and stronger.

Zhang Rouchen has already cultivated to the great perfection of Saint King, and he is extremely talented. As long as he is willing, he can almost always practice the Holy Path and break through to the monumental Great Saint.

Now, he is doing this.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Rouchen is able to completely immortalize the body and cast it into a five-line chaotic immortal body.

“Zhang Rouchen broke through to the Great Saint, and the catastrophe will come, and sooner it will be removed. Otherwise, it will be affected.” The hell is strong.

The so-called “melt road robbery” is the number of robbers that monks need to experience when they break through to the Great Saint.

At the beginning, the son of the dark broke through, and the reason why there was no catastrophe was because the real island was too special and covered up the secret.

It is also because of the baptism of the ignorance of the catastrophe, the strength of the Son of Darkness has not reached its peak.

The catastrophe is very special. If there is external power intervention, then the power of the intervention will be implicated, and the consequences will be extremely serious.

With Zhang Rouchen as the center, the rules of the heavens and the earth within a few hundred thousand miles are quickly gathered.


Numerous rules of the heavens and the earth gathered together and turned into a billion-dollar and sharp golden light, which was drilled into the body through the pores of Zhang Rouchen’s body.

Harmony, as the name suggests, is to blend with the rules of the Holy Path between heaven and earth.

In this way, we can better use the rules of the heavens and the earth, just like one.

Usually, the more the accumulation in the world of Saint King, the more difficult it is to cross the road. On the contrary, those who have been cultivated as ordinary people can easily cross the road and become the immortal Great Saint.

Most of Saint King’s majors have only one kind of supreme sacred path. When they become Great Saint, they only need to blend in with one world rule.

Zhang Rouchen is different. Time, space, truth, Sword Dao, palm, fist and five elements all reach the level of great perfection, which means that he needs to blend with these eleven rules.

Moreover, because it is the realm of great perfection, the process of blending with the rules of heaven and earth will become extremely dangerous.

The rule of the Golden Heaven and Earth, the sharp edge, constantly impacts Zhang Rouchen’s body and the Holy Spirit, the pain, can not be described in words.

Zhang Rouchen’s eyes are firm, but he’s never screamed.

The time was not long, the integration of the rules of the Golden Road and the Earth was completed, and the body of Zhang Rouchen covered with a faint golden light.

There was no stop for a moment, and a lot of rules of the wooden roads poured into the body of Zhang Rouchen.

Then, the rules of the water and the sky, the rules of the fire and the earth, the rules of the earth and the earth, the rules of the Sword Dao…


As predicted by Zhang Rouchen, this catastrophe requires at least eleven powerful rules of the world.


Seeing this scene, many monks in the hell can’t help but take a breath.

Such a terrible catastrophe, not to mention seeing it, even if it is heard, it has never been heard.

Just by blending with a world rule, I am afraid that there are not many people who can get it down and will be directly wiped out by the rules of heaven and earth.

At the end of the day, countless time rules and space rules emerged at the same time, evolved a special space real domain, which has a long river of time, shrouded Zhang Rouchen.

The test of time and space is the most crucial.

Zhang Rouchen immediately condensed his own real space and time, and it was in harmony with the realm of space and time.

His real space and long time are all top-level, and the rules of heaven and earth are also not good.

Without waiting too long, the two world rules were scattered and did not cause any harm to Zhang Rouchen.

At this point, Zhang Rouchen has experienced the test of eleven kinds of heaven and earth rules, and has a deeper understanding of these eleven holy paths.

Just when Zhang Rouchen thought that the catastrophe was over, the pressure on him was suddenly multiplied.

On top of him, there are nine layers of magnificent Tianyu, each layer is very solid, and there are countless rules of heaven and earth intertwined.

“Because I practiced the “Nine-Day Bright Emperor Classic”?” In a flash, Zhang Rouchen guessed the reason.

It is not worth mentioning that Zhang Rouchen is fully operating the “Nine-Day Bright Emperor Classic”, which will work in the body together.

The same magnificent nine-story Tianyu is revealed, and the nine-story Tianyu, which is intertwined with the rules of the heavens and the earth, overlaps.

Zhang Rouchen was able to clearly perceive, with a strange imprint, imprinted on the nine-story heaven he condensed.

At the same time, his mind gave birth to a lot of insights, and he had a very thorough understanding of the “Nine-Day Bright Emperor.”

When the catastrophe was over, the nine-story Tianyu was still hanging above Zhang Rouchen, gathering the power of the heavens and the earth, and blessing on Zhang Rouchen.

An incomparably vast Great Saint, which radiated from Zhang Rouchen, seemed to be in the world.

After crossing the road, Zhang Rouchen’s cultivation, truly entered the immortal Great Saint, the sacred rules of the body doubled to 200 million.

Feel the pressure of this Great Saint, the hearts of many monks in the hell world, can not help but sink.

Undoubtedly, Zhang Rouchen broke through the real world and became a Great Saint. At the same time, he became a “five-line chaotic immortal sacred body” and became a genuine Great Saint.

Originally, Zhang Rouchen had a lot of wounds on his body and almost now healed.

“A big courage, dare to destroy the rules of the merits battlefield and die.”

At this time, above the Scorpio, there was an extremely tall figure, emitting a powerful holy prestige.

Outside of Kunlun Boundary, there have always been patrolling angels from Heavenly Court and Hell, who are inspecting the land of the Central Imperial City.

Before they could not intervene in the battle in Kunlun Boundary, and now Zhang Rouchen broke into Great Saint, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for the infernal angels to intervene.

For a time, the sky was overcast, and the atmosphere of the hell was filled with hundreds of dark lightnings. It was like a hundred magic snakes, descending from the sky and heading straight to Zhang Rouchen.

Zhang Rouchen looked up and had no fear in his eyes, calming out a foot.

With the power of Great Saint, the Emperor’s ruler is motivated, and the power can be said to be different.

No matter how terrible the thunder and lightning, facing the emperor’s feet, they disappeared in an instant.

The sacred angel above the Scorpio is not too strong.

At the beginning, Zhang Rouchen’s cultivation of strength, far from reaching the extremes of Saint King, had defeated a patrol angel. It is not difficult to resist their attacks with the current cultivation.

The next moment, Scorpio released five figures of the angels who were inspecting the hell, and they joined forces to drop the penalty and wanted to kill Zhang Rouchen.


Zhang Rouchen snorted and smashed a tens of thousands of miles of mans up to the sky.

The day penalty was again smashed and failed to hurt Zhang Rouchen.

On the contrary, the five patrol angels in the hell world, flying down, if they did not block the world wall, they said that they must not have been hit hard.

With Zhang Rouchen’s current cultivation, there are also thousands of miles away, and they also hurt their strength.

“When you go to the sacred angels who are in a hurry and ask questions, you can’t let Zhang Rouchen continue to fight.”

Immediately, there are patrolling angels who are leaving to go to the more powerful patrol angels.

Zhang Rouchen didn’t pay any attention to those who patrolled the angels, and looked at the direction of the heart.

“Millions of hearts, leaving Kong Le.”

With a violent drink, Zhang Rouchen swayed the Emperor’s feet and pulled forward. The majestic power of the Great Saint, plus the 200 million sacred rules, all poured into the emperor’s feet.

At the moment of breaking through to the Great Saint, the rules of the Holy Spirit in the monks will double.

Therefore, the more the accumulation in Saint King, the greater the advantage after breaking through to Great Saint.

Like those monks who have broken through to the Great Saint with the rules of the Sun and the Three Thousands of Thousands, even if they practiced to the immortal Great stage, the rules of the Holy Spirit in the body may not have 200 million.


One foot, the earth sinks.

Thousands of monks in the sacred world of hell, directly turned into ashes, died of extinction.

The blockade in front was forced to break through and torn a huge hole.

Zhang Rouchen didn’t hesitate, and immediately broke out, like a meteor, breaking through the sky.

“Block him.”

The strong guys in the hell world shouted.

Suddenly, the elites of the Hell’s Ten races moved in tandem with Zhang Rouchen.

Zhang Rouchen has just broken through to the Great Saint. It has not yet been consolidated, and its strength is far from the peak. Moreover, the injury on his body seems to have healed, but there are some invisible injuries that are not so easy to heal.

There is no shortage of intelligent people in the hell world. They think that Zhang Rouchen is very likely. It is already a strong end, just a hard support.

What’s more, there are tens of millions of hells in the sacred world, but also afraid of an immortal Great Saint?

Even the immortal Great Saint, Zhang Rouchen, can’t change the fate of being killed.

Far away, Zhang Rouchen saw a huge space crack, tens of thousands of miles, hanging in the air.

Centered on this space crack, thousands of miles in a circle, all dead, dark and dark, like hell.

From the cracks in the space, the power and atmosphere of the hell world are constantly escaping, and even the rules of the heavens and the earth that belong to the hell world are coming in, eroding Kunlun Boundary.

The space cracks are connected to the heavens and the earth, and the surrounding lightning and thunder are shrouded in a layer of gray haze, revealing an extremely dangerous air machine.

Seven huge cities, suspended around the cracks in the space, released a powerful power, and while further stabilizing the space cracks, they were further torn.

Wan Xin turned his head and looked at it. Zhang Rouchen, who was chasing everything, showed a cold feeling in his eyes. “Zhang Rouchen, your body is the most suitable for the master, but since you can’t help you, you can’t help you.” I can only retreat to the next level. Being able to become the body of the Master is the glory of Chi Kung Le.”

“I know that you are angry and want to kill me. If you have the courage to break into the hell, I will give you a chance.”

Wan Xin naturally does not think that Zhang Rouchen dares to swear the hell, saying that the sentence just now is actually a bit provocative.

As soon as he was in shape, he took a pool of holes and flicked into the cracks in the space.

Breaking through to the Great Saint, Zhang Rouchen, the fighting power is terrible, and wherever he dares to really scream with him, if he accidentally squats, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Now that he has found a suitable body, he should also go back earlier and return to Xiu Chen Tianshen.

“Want heart.”

Zhang Rouchen’s eyes are red, the body is streamlined, and it rushes straight into the space crack.


Zhang Rouchen’s body collided with the gray mist around the crack in the space. A lot of lightning thundered and slammed on him, causing him to fly back and fall to the ground.

Flying in the air, Zhang Rouchen’s gaze, still staring at the crack in the space, watching the heart take away the pool hole music, disappeared in the depths of the crack.

Heartache is like a twist.

Just like someone is in his heart, he has spent thousands of knives, making him unhappy.


Zhang Rouchen fell to the ground, and the immortal sacred body was on the ground, knocking out a gorge that was dozens of miles long.

This space crack is the army of the hell, which is specially developed. It is only allowed to pass by the monks of the Hells. The Heavenly Court monks will be blocked.


Zhang Rouchen spread his hair and climbed up in the blood. He flew up and lifted the Emperor’s ruler and walked forward.

The Emperor’s ruler unleashed a vast amount of divine power, such as a sword of heaven and earth, striking the gray mist outside the crack of space.

The seven city walls are like Everlasting, immortal, and shining, conveying a powerful power that is unimaginable.

“Bang”, the cracks in the space did not move, but it was more violent lightning and haze, surging and bombarding on Zhang Rouchen.


In the mouth of Zhang Rouchen, the holy blood spurted and flew out again.

His tyrannical immortal sacred body was broken and flesh and blood. More importantly, the sacred soul of Zhang Rouchen was horribly eroded and there was a sign of collapse.

The power of the seven cities is much better than the average Great Saint.

“Kong Le, Kong Le, Kong Le…”

Zhang Rouchen kept screaming in his mouth and climbed again, the emperor’s ruler in his hand, and he took it out again and again.




Every time you take a foot, Zhang Rouchen’s immortal sacred body will burst more severely, and the Holy Spirit will be further broken.

At this time, Zhang Rouchen didn’t have any reason at all. He didn’t have any thoughts. He couldn’t think of anything else. There was only one obsession in his heart–you must save Kongle back.

If you can’t save it, you will not be able to die.


“Who can kill Zhang Rouchen will be a famous Hell.”

The army of the Hells chased after and attacked Zhang Rouchen again, flying more than one million sacred warriors, including the Supreme Harmony and the Monarch.

Zhang Rouchen roared in his mouth, did not turn to resist, but went all out to attack the crack in the space ahead.

The gray mist of the layer was actually sunk and there was a slight crack that seemed to be broken.


However, at this time, millions of holy-class warriors fell on Zhang Rouchen and engulfed him. Even with the protection of the Vulcan armor, the sacred body of Zhang Rouchen is still a massive collapse and flesh and blood.

Because, in his body, there is no blood.

“Kong Le…”

With a whisper, Zhang Rouchen’s body fell from the air.

At this moment, Zhang Rouchen, the body has almost become a semi-waste, not adult, dead, and even the sacred spirits are completely gone, the soul flies.

“how come……”

Feeling that Zhang Rouchen’s life fluctuations disappeared, Luo could not help but fall into a state of sluggishness.

Bloody Tianjun and blood clots looked at each other, and the heart sank to the bottom of the valley, and then sighed.

“Ha ha ha, dead, Zhang Rouchen, let you be a master of the wind, can be an enemy of the hell, fate has long been doomed.” Stone can not help but laugh, happy, thoughts.

Not only him, but many of the hell’s powerhouses are laughing loudly.

Let Zhang Rouchen be dazzling, invincible, and ultimately, still in their hands.

All the costs paid for this are completely worthwhile.


The chapter of Kunlun Boundary dragged on for a long time, but there is no way, because many pits have to be filled, and many characters have to explain.

A new chapter is about to open, and the hell world will be a more bizarre world. Prajna is not Huang Yanchen? How did she get the Bailong Minghuangjia? Who is her backing in the Temple of Destiny?

Is Thousand Bones Empress still alive?

Why should Sword Saint Xuan Ji stay in hell?

Is the person who hits Princess Raksha really Zhang Rouchen?

In addition, you can tell that Sword Emperor is also in the hell world, they are doing a very important thing.

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