EGE Chapter 2302


A palm print that was wrapped in a sacred fire, heavy, hit the top of the pink skull. Even if she has the body of the bones, she is beaten to the bones.

The bone fire in the two eyelids was almost extinguished.

The body of the bones is naturally not so easily crushed. However, this palm has damaged the holy soul and spirit of the pink dragonfly. It makes it difficult for her to make an effective counterattack in a short time.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t give the pink scorpion a chance to get out of the body and set the soul. She moved her space and appeared again in front of her. She hit it again and hit her chest.

The body of the demigod and the bones of the gods fight, and the fire is splashing.




Every time the pink sniper flies, Zhang Ruochen will catch up in a flash and hit a heavy blow again.

In the vast expanse of the void, there are numerous statues of Zhang Ruochen and pink enamel, constantly changing positions.

As the a path of the applause came out, the pink cockroach flew like a ball.

With the pink cultivation base and the divine power of the Supreme Harmony and the Divine, this should not be so passive. However, from the beginning, she lost her initiative and could not unite her strength. Therefore, she did not even have the opportunity to fight back.

“I don’t believe, you really have an undead body. As long as you have shaken your holy soul and wiped out your spirit, can you still rise?”

Zhang Ruochen has read the information of Pink Pelican. She was killed three times by an untouched Great Sage and survived three times. It is called the Great Sage, the most difficult to kill in the hell.

This is the case, Zhang Ruochen has paid special attention to her, and every hit has been smashed.

In exchange for other great Perfection Great Sage, Zhang Ruochen has played so many hands and has died dozens of times. However, the body of the pink enamel is still shining, and the spirit is suddenly fading.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen is so tyrannical, the Great Sage of the ghost family, all face each other, trembled.

If there are still four ghosts, ghosts, and nights here, I am afraid they have taken it away immediately.

“Zhang Ruochen is still alive, but he does not completely avoid the light of the moment. His body is very heavy and his breath is not as strong as before.”

“Don’t be afraid, take a shot together.”

The two great temptations of the bones, the Great Perfection Great Sage, the full moon, the ox and the gods, are the first to attack.

“The blood is boiling.”

In the void above the ghost family’s star, a bloody moon, a quiet manifestation, a blushing eye, and the black death of the gas, become more and more huge.

A mountain-sized ox-shaped dragonfly stands in the center of the bloody moon.

Among the 147,000 pieces of glittering bones of the oxen shape, the rules of the sacred road of 4.4 billion are released, and they flow into the blood moon and merge with it.


Blood Moon will absorb the death gas in the void, and absorb the hot flame, just like a corpse furnace.

Under the control of the full moon, the bloody moon whirls and flies to Zhang Ruochen.

Where the bloody moon passed, it condensed into a huge whirlpool storm.

Feeling the strong energy fluctuations coming from behind, Zhang Ruochen looked back and slammed his eyes. I saw that the entire field of vision is a sea of ​​blood, more than a hundred times, thousands of times more than the heat of magma.

The hot air waves make Zhang Ruochen’s skin painful, especially at the wound.

Previously, Zhang Ruochen did not completely avoid the attack of the light of the moment, and the injury was very heavy, and even the body of the demigod was penetrated. Only on the surface, you can’t see the wound.

Zhang Ruochen, in the cold eyes, there is no fear, loudly shouted: “Sword Ten.”

A white soul shadow flies out of his within the body, turning into a sharp swordless light, straight into the bloody moon.

Sword light all around, intertwined with the innumerable Sword Dao rules.

A Sword Dao rule is a sword shadow.

If the eyesight is strong enough, you can see that the sword light is exactly the same as Zhang Ruochen.

It is a sword soul.

The soul of the sword.


The breathtaking bloody moon, with Zhang Ruochen’s sword light soul, touched together.

Blood Qi was broken, and the bloody moon shattered like a mirror, turning into a cloud of blood, blending with the star mist in the void.

The sword light has not lost, and it has rushed to the full moon.

“How is it possible? There is no sword in the hand, but the sword spirit is so powerful. My hundred-level High Rank Saint Technique is boiling, but it is a blow.”

The full moon Niu Huang was shocked and had a deeper understanding of Zhang Ruochen’s combat power. He was about to dodge immediately, only to find that his body could not move.

Not only that, the six directions of the body, I do not know when each of them condensed a sword shadow, the tip of the sword is pointing to it.

Where does the full moon Niuhuang know that Zhang Ruochen’s sword ten is integrated into space power?

When the sword came out, the space had locked it.


Sword light soul shadow and six handle sword shadow, while hitting the full moon Niuhuang, faint, there is a crack in the bones.

In the full moon, Niu Huang’s mouth made a sorrowful roar, and the injury of the body was nothing. However, the soul of the sword is the Holy Spirit. The most vulnerable of the cultivator is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was severely wounded and almost dispelled. The ray of light on the full moon was dimmed. For a time, it was impossible to continue.

“A great Perfection’s expert is so defeated in this way?” The enchanting Yinji in the distant starry sky was shocked and lost.

Once, in her view, the absence of Xinjiang is the invincible existence among the peers, and the mountains in the heart stand up to the general admiration and worship.

I saw Zhang Ruochen’s terrifying, which made her realize that there is still a mountain in the mountains. If so, Zhang Ruochen can reach a hundred Perfection, how can he stop him?


Dasen Luo Huang opened the icewood bow, the biting cold spread, all around condensed out of the iceberg. He wants to display the High Rank Saint Technique “Dark Arrow” and attack Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen has been injured and has suffered many Great Sage sieges. With the Dark Arrows, more than 70% of the Omori Rosie can be successfully attacked.

Prajna’s palm, blocking the invisible and inferior arrow on the icewood bow, said: “Don’t do it.”

“Why?” Omori Luohuang puzzled.

Prajna said: “The four-winged ghost emperor, the night is always here, the wing ghosts are all in a state of prosperity, and the cultivator of the three tribes is still the most powerful force in this starry sky.”

“You are attacking Zhang Ruochen at the moment. If it fails, Zhang Ruochen will definitely transfer hatred to us. It is very possible to abandon the cultivator of the three tribes and actively attack us.”

“Even if it succeeds, Zhang Ruochen will die and benefit from the cultivator of the three tribes. Can we take away the various treasures from Zhang Ruochen from their hands?”

Dasen Luohuang lightly nodded, I think it makes sense. At this time, it is really necessary to sit on the mountain and watch the battle. So he put away the icewood bow.

“It’s better to be careful. Zhang Ruochen is not the same as it used to be. It is not easy to kill him. It is the right strategy to let the Great Sage of the Chinese tribe consume him. We continue to heal!”

The source is not the Great Sage, which propped up the supreme holy instrument, the “virtual and real scroll”, and shrouded everyone, all hidden invisible.

In the face of Zhang Ruochen’s level of expert, you must be cautious.


Did not give Zhang Ruochen a gasping machine, just crushed the bloody moon, the pair of gods and bones of the gods and bones, like a two-handed knives, smashed into front of him.

“shua !Shua! ”

Two god wings, cross-flying, like two huge scissors.

The interior of the God’s Wings contains not only Great Sage inscriptions, but also Holy Path rules and King Level inscriptions. The gods and gods have already converted them into warriors and turned them into kings, and they can do as one pleases.

The full moon Niu Huang and Tianque God bones are combined attacks, without any gaps, and will never give Zhang Ruochen the opportunity to move away from the space.

The two sacred wings are the bodies that are separated from the bones of the gods and bow to Zhang Ruochen.

The body of the gods, standing on more than four hundred miles away.

Zhang Ruochen has no time to mobilize the rules and sacredness of the Holy Path, and has no time to activate the Zijin Hulu. If it is only the flesh, it will hit a strong attack with a great Perfection Great Sage, and it will surely suffer a big loss.

In an instant, he came up with the most correct response.

The feet stepped on the thunder and quickly retreated, forming a long circuit. At the same time, the ten wings of Zhang Ruochen’s back curled and wrapped the body into a golden ball of two meters in diameter.

Ten golden wings are like ten layers of defense.

“Peng peng.”

The two god wings and the golden ball are in a fierce confrontation, and the ball rolls quickly, which resolves the power of the god wing.

The power of golden and black, the void that spreads within a thousand miles.

When the power contained in the two sacred wings is exhausted, the golden ball hits a circle of space ripple in the void and disappears into the center of the ripple.


Tianque God’s bones immediately realized that it was not good. When I thought of it, Zhang Ruochen’s defensive power was so strong that he had been seriously injured and could still block the combined attack of it and the full moon.

Just as the gods were ready to escape, there was space fluctuations above the top of the head, and the golden ball flew out.

“hua la.”

The ball split and turned into ten gold wings.

Standing in the center of the Golden Wing, Zhang Ruochen, with his knees, stepped on his feet and hit the back of the gods.


At the moment of contact between the two, a sea of ​​fire is manifested.

Standing in the starry sky, the sea of ​​fire is like a flower bloom.

The biggest cuddling of the gods is the pair of god wings on the back. It does not belong to it, but is given by a god of the bones. Its body is not a bone.

Suddenly hit by Zhang Ruochen’s heavy foot, suddenly, the body fell rapidly, the back collapsed, and the hard sacred bones were broken.


Zhang Ruochen stepped on the body of the gods and flew out from under the abdomen. On the body of the gods, there is a huge hole in the pair, and the bones become tattered.

Even worse, the broken bones in the hole position are ignited by the fire and burning.

Tianque God quickly fled to the distance, while running the Cultural Technique, using various means, refining the invasion of the bone marrow, can no longer continue to attack Zhang Ruochen.

After successively hitting three great perfection Great Sage, Zhang Ruochen’s battle intent, climbed to the top, and made a long shout in his mouth.

The golden glow on the back is a golden glow, and the Motionless Bright King Saint Idol is a thousand feet high. It has a 9th layer on the top of the head, a foot in the hell, and a long hair flying.

The Great Sage of the Ghosts, dozens of High Rank Saint Techniques, each of which has the destructive power of destroying the earth, but the space near the Motionless Bright King Saint Idol was immediately smashed.

Standing at the eyebrows of Motionless Bright King Saint Idol, Zhang Ruochen raised his arm and played a world-shaking big handprint, and the four ghosts of the four-eyed ghosts touched each other.


The four ghost prisoners collapsed and shattered, spreading to the distance, as if the four worlds were destroyed.

The shape of the four-eyed ghost emperor stumbled and was shaken back hundreds of miles away.

Although Zhang Ruochen was unbeatable and shocking, the singularity of the Great Sage and the cultivator that saw the picture through the vision of the sacred eyes saw Zhang Ruochen’s broken robes underneath, blood and DC, and many wounds on his body.

Among them, the three wounds on the chest, the most shocking, penetrated his body and extended to the back.

This is the old wound that was hit by the light of the moment. With the fierce battle just now, the wound broke and the blood of the Holy Blood could not stop.

Many people are puzzled. Why did Zhang Ruochen not immediately save the Great Sage and quickly escape?

Continue to fight, the injury is further worsened, fearing that there will be a risk of corruption.

Only Zhang Ruochen is still insisting, his eyes are absolutely, and in his heart, there is an emotion that others cannot understand. This kind of emotion can only be released through battle and Slaughter.

“hua la.”

The Winged Emperor stood eight hundred miles away and played a ghost whip. From the broken four ghost prisoners, the whip spread out.

Ghost head whistling cold, unpredictable, much like a ghost qi Sensen’s steel Black Dragon.

Zhang Ruochen’s strength is far better than that of the Winged Emperor. He explored a hand and used Motionless Bright King Saint Idol to grab the ghost’s whip and drag the whip to pull the winged ghost to his side.

“How powerful is it?”

The wing of the Winged Emperor was unfolded and turned into two ghost clouds, which fully mobilized the body, but still could not fix the figure.

He is getting closer and closer to Zhang Ruochen, from eight hundred miles, and in an instant, it is within three 10 li.

Zhang Ruochen dragged the ghost’s whip in one hand, and the other hand squeezed into a fist, and punched it toward the oncoming wing ghost. At the same time, the Motionless Bright King Saint Idol, like the Zhang Ruochen, was punched out.

If it is a boxing, the wing ghosts will not die, the ghosts will definitely burst.

“Hey, Zhang Ruochen, this time, you are afraid to be miscalculated.” The panicked look on the wing of the ghost king disappeared, revealing a gloomy and treacherous smile.

Silent, a black shadow, flew out of the shadow of the winged ghost, welcoming Zhang Ruochen’s fist.

The black shadow holds a weird sword, the sword body is like a snake, the whole body is dark, sometimes invisible, and sometimes tangible.

When it is invisible, it does not emit any power fluctuations. It uses space power to perceive it, and it cannot be found, as if it does not exist in space.

When it is tangible, it gives off a powerful power and curse.

It is the night that is always with his Amo sword.


When I wrote it last night, the state was not very good. I wrote a bug, the place of the Dark Temple.

There is a chapter in the front, mentioning that “the dark temple is controlled by the three tribes”. When I wrote last night, I did not look through the previous proofreading and wrote the dark temple to represent the interests of the three tribes. Therefore, I deleted all the descriptions of the dark temple in the previous and previous chapters!

Regarding the setting of the Dark Temple, in fact, what I first thought was that it represented the dead spirit. However, it has not been written down alone, causing it to be mistaken when writing later! Later, I will carefully sort out the world view of the Dark Temple.

In another place, everyone may misunderstand. The burial gold White Tiger and the d-word Azure Dragon are just prehistoric gods, not a 50,000-yuan event. To give an example, from the Antarctic glaciers, the mammoth corpse was smashed 10,000 years ago, and through the future technology, a living mammoth can be cloned.

Of course, prehistoric species are not cloned, but they will be explained later. In short, they may not have as long a life essence as everyone thinks, nor can they have it.

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