EGE Chapter 2303

The night is often ranked 18th in the Great Perfection list. Naturally, it is not comparable to other Great Sage. The Amo Excalibur in the hand is an extremely ancient curse sword.

Such a close distance is yet ready to go, that is, I want to make a sword.

“Zhang Ruochen, this sword, I want to pierce you, the power of cursing, will go deep into your bone marrow, immerse yourself in the blood, and finally let you die in the curse.”

Between the electric and the Flint, the night is often not a waste of time to talk. The words just said are not from the mouth, but in the way of Spirit Power, directly into the ears of Zhang Ruochen.


The Amo Excalibur and the Motionless Bright King Saint Idol are in touch.

Motionless Bright King Saint Idol is a virtual image, but it is harder than the real gold. However, the Amo Excalibur is sharper and the gold and iron can easily penetrate.

At the moment when the sword broke Saint Idol, it burst into a golden temper.

“Do you really think that in the hands of the enemy, I will plant twice in the same place?” Zhang Ruochen expressionless.

The sword of Amo has not yet reached the front of Zhang Ruochen. The fist that Zhang Ruochen hit, suddenly, sprayed a heavy invisible space shock wave.

“This is impossible……”

The night was often hit, the black silhouette, and flew backwards.

Although he is “the soul of the earth into a ghost”, the ghost body is invisible and inferior, but after all, in existence and space, space power is the best means to deal with him.

The space shock wave is connected with a heavy one, and the shadow that often hangs in the night is shaken seven times.

When it was the eighth time, the shadow was broken and opened.

“This punch has always been for you. You know why you are only in the 18th? Your hiding is meaningless for the Spirit Sigh of the 64th-order Great Sage.” Zhang Ruochen Road.

In fact, the night is often a natural assassin. With the sixty-fourth Spirit Power, Zhang Ruochen can only vaguely sense his existence. It was with the heart of truth that Zhang Ruochen clearly perceives that he is hiding in the shadow of the winged ghost.

To say that, just to fight against the constant self-confidence of the night.

Five hundred miles away.

The night is often re-gathering ghosts, and I look at Zhang Ruochen and the Winged Emperor who are already fighting, without any hesitation, and immediately overlook.

Zhang Ruochen is too terrifying, he has been so badly hurt, so besieged by so many Great Sage, he still maintains a clear fighting mind, calm down to the extreme, completely not one drop of water can leak out.

The power of terrifying, more terrifying is… the one who controls this power is his undefiated person.

Earthly ghosts are the most difficult to break, but once broken, it is difficult to recover. The night has often lost the power to continue fighting. It can be said that during the Battle of the Sky, he is unlikely to return to the peak state.

Where is the wing ghost, Zhang Ruochen’s opponent, after a series of hard hits, the ghost body appeared a lot of cracks, and then showed the escape secret technique, and walked away in the distance.

“Where to go.”

Zhang Ruochen used the space to move it up, and he stepped his ghosts apart.


The Winged Ghosts screamed, and the ghosts burst like balloons, turning into Heavenly Ghost.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t give him the opportunity to re-aggregate the ghosts, spread his hands, and rushed out of the densely packed food vines on his back, madly absorbed, spreading the ghost qi.

The injury on Zhang Ruochen became more serious, but it was covered in golden light, and the eyes were sharply pointed at the ghosts and sacred, saying: “Who wants to fight?”

This void, a collection of a large number of ghosts of the Great Sage, the number of nearly one hundred.

However, at this moment they lost the belief of continuing to fight, and they were in the same place. No one dared to shoot Zhang Ruochen first.

No way, after the death, the Ghosts have lost their hearts.

Just now, the full moon Niu Huang and Tianque God bones with pink cockroaches that do not know that they are dead or dead, have fled. In addition, the night is often defeated in the same battle with the Winged Emperor, one escape, one is absorbed by the refining, the ghosts of the Great Sage even if the willpower is firmer, have to consider the pros and cons.

If you continue to fight, even if you have consumed Zhang Ruochen, many of them will be buried.

So, what is the point?

The ghosts will continue to participate in the battle of the battle, no more casualties.

The four-eyed ghost emperor with the great sword Sage, on behalf of the ghost family, stood out and talked with Zhang Ruochen, saying: “This battle, the ghost family has been planted, completely defeated! Zhang Ruochen, as long as you leave the wing ghost One life, I have put the Great Sage now.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “Do you want to threaten me too?”

The four-eyed ghost emperor greeted Zhang Ruochen’s eyes, and suddenly jumped in his heart. He thought of the previous pink enamel, and the tone became softer. He said: “To kill you is the sly, the blushing Great Sage, the white jade mad lion. We are only invited to help the boxing, should we not sin?”

“Moreover, if you insist on killing the ghosts and ghosts, we have no choice but to fight for the dignity of the ghosts. We can only fight to death with you. At that time, isn’t it cheaper to hide in the nearby three tribe cultivators?”

The sound of the holy flower sounded in the mind of Zhang Ruochen: “Master, my fruit, mature.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded, taking back a vine from the sacred flower with the body, and said to the four-eyed ghost: “Today, I will give you a face of a ghost, and let him not die.”

The eyes of the four-eyed ghost emperor showed a hint of joy, and they glanced at the Great Sage, but did not expect that the abolished Great Sage in the district was so heavy in the heart of Zhang Ruochen.

However, this is also a good thing.

Zhang Ruochen In order to save the Great Sage in the cold and the cultivator in the hell world, what if he was saved?

The gods looked at it.

The cultivator of the hell world is also watching.

In this battle, Zhang Ruochen really won, but lost!

Where is the place of hell in Hell?

“hua hua.”

In this void, the residual ghost qi quickly converges and condenses into the shape of the winged king.

Although the wing ghost king did not die, but the ghost qi was absorbed by the sacred flower, and in a short time, I wanted to recover.

“Ghost head whip, I received it, you have no opinion?”

Zhang Ruochen also disregarded the ghost and the emperor, directly using the net to extinguish the fire, and began to refining the ghost whip.

The ghost had to bow down under the eaves, and the winged ghosts sighed long. Today, it’s too bad to plant.

Why are ghosts and enemies against Zhang Ruochen?

The upper three cultivators standing in the “virtual and real scroll” are frowning.

“The ghosts have suffered such a big loss, so they have reconciled?” The white jade mad lion was somewhat disappointed.

Source is not Great Sage: “No reconciliation, what else? Continue to hang with Zhang Ruochen, this battle of the hunters, the ghosts have no hope of turning over.”

White jade mad lion eyes show killing intent, said: “Zhang Ruochen is actually an arrow at the end of its flight, then, we shot, completely killing his life.”

“Are you sure that Zhang Ruochen is already an arrow at the end of its flight? Just now, he lost the pink 骷髅, the full moon, the prince, the gods, the night, the wing, the ghost, where is the exhaustion?” Prajna.

The enchanting Yin Ji stared at her with a puzzled look. “Would you like to be too cautious?” Today is the best time to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Prajna said: “I didn’t say no to kill, but we don’t have to be as stupid as the Great Sage of the Ghosts and the Bones. Let’s go to the unfathomable Zhang Ruochen. Don’t forget, we still have a trick. Let Is it not foolproof to kill Zhang Ruochen with the power of the slaves?”

Dasen Luo Huang asked: “Do you want to use the Dark Arrow technique to kill Zhang Ruochen once?”

“Forget it!”

Prajna sighed with regret and said: “We have missed the opportunity. Now, using Dark Arrow, the probability of attacking Zhang Ruochen is too low. Previously, I made a mistake.”

The source is not Great Sage, shaking his head, said: “Can’t blame you, no one thought, Zhang Ruochen can crush the five Perfect World Great Perfection Great Sage with crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, scared the ghosts dare not dare Continue to fight again. Besides, even if Omori Roe previously used Dark Arrow, the probability of success is very low.”

Omori Mori revealed his expression of disapproval, saying: “How is it possible?”

“The night is often sneak attack failed!” Source is not Great Sage.

It was impossible to refute the silence between the Omori Mori.

On the sneak attack and assassination, the night is obviously much better than him.


The Great Sage of the Sword is all scars, especially the place where it is worn by five icicles. So far, there is still ice residue in the flesh and blood. The spirit of the dead spirit erodes the flesh, and even the energy contained in the Great Sage can’t heal the wound.

Of course, even if the scars are scarred, the sturdy body of the Great Sage is still straight and straight.

After Zhang Ruochen refining the ghost head whip, his eyes were fixed on the Great Sage, who stood in five steps, and the eyes were seen, and all the ghosts and gods retreated to thousands of miles away.

The two looked at each other, but no one could laugh.

Because, here is the hell world, it is the battlefield of the sky.

One is a hunter and the other is a slave.

“Life is wonderful. When you returned to Luna Mountain with the Moon God, I saw your out of the ordinary, but I didn’t think that we would have such an encounter.”

Great Sage took the lead in breaking the silence and a smile on his face.

Zhang Ruochen looked directly at his eyes and said: “Perhaps, this is the arrangement of fate.”

“Do you believe in fate?” Great Sage said.

Zhang Ruochen said: “I didn’t believe it, but today, I have some faith! If there is no fate in the arrangement, how can we stand here at this time, this place, in this way?”

The two fell silent again.

After a long time, Zhang Ruochen waved his hand and the space solidified into an invisible table.

From the purple gourd, Zhang Ruochen took out a jug and a three-legged cup of the bones. He said: “When I was at the banquet, I secretly left the god jade pulp brewed in the half-pot of the wine temple, which was reserved for you. ”

The food on the banquet can be brought into the battlefield.

“Brother is brother, such a good thing, I have only heard of it before, I did not expect, there is still the opportunity to drink, it seems that there is no regret!”

Zhang Ruochen was going to help him fill a cup, but the Great Sage took the jug directly from his hand and tilted his head to his mouth.

Zhang Ruochen looked at him quietly and said: “Big sword big brother, do you know why I must come to the ghost family?”

The Great Sage is still drinking, not stopping.

Zhang Ruochen continued: “Because, I know, you are not willing to die, die in the hands of the ghost cultivator, and even less willing to be transformed into a ghost slave. So even if I know, after I come, both of us may die. Here, I still come with you. Either die together or send you a ride.”

“I will give you an hour of time, escape, no matter where you flee, after an hour, I will come to kill you. If I am caught up, I will give you a happy.”


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