EGE Chapter 2304

An hour of escape time is the last chance for the Great Sage.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen knows that if he does not kill the Great Sage, he will fall into a very unfavorable situation in the future. However, after all, the heart is not able to forget the truth, so I intend to give him a last chance.

Great Sage is obviously able to understand Zhang Ruochen, drink the wine in the pot, go over, and shoot on Zhang Ruochen’s shoulder, laughed heartily: “Don’t escape, where can I escape? My holy source is Digging away, the cultivation base is almost exhausted, and a Great Sage can kill me. Death in a small group of hell, why die in your own brother’s hands?”

Zhang Ruochen stared at him, said with a bitter smile: “It’s too much! You are so happy, me? Where can I find happiness? Or, I will give you three hours, maybe you can escape from me. What?”

Great Sage shook his head and said: “Know why you can find me so quickly? Because he is in my within the body, leaving a ghost print, the ghost cultivator can track us. So, I How to escape, all are dead. You don’t kill me, do you want to force me to commit suicide?”

When you say “suicide”, the tone of the Great Sage is quite meaningful.

Zhang Ruochen is very clear that the Great Sage does not want to commit suicide, but knows that suicide just makes you look even more arrogant, but nothing can help Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen wants to stand in the hell world, what he needs is his life.

Great Sage stared at Zhang Ruochen and saw him for a long while, seeing him not working, so loudly shouted: “On Sword Dao, I also have a low degree of accomplishment, pick me up and try.”

Great Sage Although the source of the Holy Spirit was dug, the Great Sage blood and the immortal sacred body still contain a strong Holy Power.

Pinching into a sword, the sword is filled with openness, igniting the star fog in the void.

A ray of stars and stars, condensed with thousands of swords, followed the fingers of Great Sage, scratching the void and stabbing Zhang Ruochen.

Sword shadow, enter the hidden zhang.

Zhang Ruochen stood still.

Enter ten zhang.

Zhang Ruochen still does not move.

Entering five feet, three feet, one foot…

Seeing the sky shadow is going to pierce Zhang Ruochen’s eyebrows, his pupils are filled with sword shadow.

With a sigh, Zhang Ruochen slowly closed his eyes, and the golden rays of light appeared on his body surface, turning into a golden sword and flew out.


Sword shadow, full of gold swords.

Jin Jian pierced the body of the Great Sage, flying from the vest, and rushed to the severe dozen li before re-introducing into the shape of Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen stood in void and didn’t turn around.


Behind him, the body of the Great Sage burst out and turned into a blood mist cloud, all sprinkled on the ghost family star below.

Blood rain falls from the sky, beautiful and gorgeous.

The gods, including the eyes of the world, must be concerned. Zhang Ruochen did not play tricks. This sword directly killed the Great Sage, including the Holy Spirit and the spiritual will.

It is the most stupid act to play smart in front of the gods.

Either don’t kill or kill.

Zhang Ruochen is an extraordinary generation of minds, but the initial expression of a painful expression flashed in his eyes, and was quickly and steadily covered. He was once again restored to ruthlessness, step by step, and did not return, and went straight.

The three tribes hiding in the “Virtual and Real Volume” saw Zhang Ruochen suddenly shot and killed the Great Sage. They were so crisp and so decisive that they were shocked and stunned.

The enchanting Yin Ji is stucked in a cold breath, said: “Who said that Zhang Ruochen is to save the Great Sage in the cold world? This guy is simply a cold-blooded fierce person. In order to achieve the goal, anyone can kill.”

“Isn’t the hell world really need such a person?”

Dasen Luohuang wrinkled two thick black eyebrows and said: “You don’t think that Zhang Ruochen is doing this too deliberately?”

The source is not Great Sage: “Isn’t it so important? The gods want only one result. What Zhang Ruochen gave them is a result. It is a thorough choice of their position and shows their determination. Have to say He is indeed awkward and a powerful person.”

The enchanting Yin Ji smiles coldly: “How is it better? Today is still dead! What is really powerful is the one who can laugh at the end.”

Zhang Ruochen’s sword kills the Great Sage picture of the Sword, which is fixed on the projection screen of the sky. It has been scattered for a long time.

Many Kunlun Realm and the cultivator in the cold and cold world are incredibly watching this scene.

Everyone thought that Zhang Ruochen was going to save the Great Sage, but in the end, the Great Sage was dead under his sword.

Too unexpected!

In Wang Shanzhong, Little Black squatted again and said: “See no, see no, what does the emperor say? Zhang Ruochen This dog thief is not the one you have known before, the cold heart, the hand, the The emperor of the murdered land, the emperor is not as good as himself. No, no, the emperor really must start immediately, tied up, tied, and got him back.”

Han Jiao wore a black black robe and looked like two cuts of water. Said with a smile: “I think that Zhang Ruochen is more charming now. As a man who wants to become a major event, it should be decisive. Sword Great Sage as a slave, must die, die in the hands of Zhang Ruochen, at least to suffer less.”

“Cold blood.”

Little Black licked a pair of cat eyes and said, licking his mouth.

The cold snow lingered for a long time, staring out of Little Black from Wangshan, chasing it up and said: “I am going to hell with you, I am more familiar than you, I have to go see the female emperor.”

“What? Female Emperor? Are you serious?”

Little Black didn’t want to go with the cold snow, but when I heard this, the whole owl was so happy. This little girl finally revealed useful information, and it seems that the female emperor is still alive.

It went to the heart of the hell and became more urgent.

The cultivator of the Guanghan world once regarded Zhang Ruochen as the star of hope. I don’t know how many young cultivators, and worship him as an idol. But at this moment, the person who hates him, but he wants to strip his skin, eat his flesh, and regard him as the most hateful traitor.

There are a large number of cultivators rushing to Luna Mountain, bowing to the moon gods, hope that Luna can kill Zhang Ruochen and avenge the Great Sage.

However, Luna Mountain is surprisingly calm.

Luna was prepared to retreat to the cause of the disaster, and did not see any petitioners.

However, the cultivator in the heavenly world is quite active. I fear that the world will not know the general. The news that Zhang Ruochen will kill the Great Sage will be preached throughout the heavens, and the ridicule of the moon is unknown.

This storm was even more fierce than when the sky was betrayed in heaven.

The cultivator in the hell world does not have much emotional fluctuations. It is normal for Zhang Ruochen to do nothing wrong. Since joining the Hell world, it should be related to everything about the previous cultivators.

However, Zhang Ruochen caught Zhou G and Shen Tuyun in the Hell world. After seeing the image, he was scared.

Even the Great Sage, Zhang Ruochen said that killing will kill, let alone them?

The three faces face each other, and there is no longer a heart of rebellion. I decided to follow Zhang Ruochen honestly.

Blood Extinction Battle God in the world of the gods.

Blood Extinction Battle God, Pluto, and Blood Empress are all sighed slightly in relief. The most worrying thing has not happened.

Whether or not Zhang Ruochen is unscrupulous for the purpose, or forced to helpless, as long as the Great Sage is killed, it can temporarily block the long mouth, no one can say his identity.

Pluto nodded, said: “This sword not only takes the life of the Great Sage, but also means that his state of mind has undergone an unprecedented transformation. In the future, there will be nothing that can hinder him.”

Blood Empress is a little worried, saying: “He is doing something he doesn’t want to do, and he has more troubles when he enters a thousand problems and a deadly habitat.”

“Everyone has to rob, everyone’s heart has been tempered, and they can be indomitable. As long as they have strong willpower and big trouble, I believe that they can’t help him.”

To put it this way, Pluto stared at Blood Extinction Battle God and said: “Zhang Ruochen decisively chose a position and made a clear distinction with the heavens. The first check was over! But if… I mean if, Zhang Ruochen enters the hell. For other purposes, the Temple of Blood and the Temple of Destiny can tolerate where he is?”

The whole world of the gods is quiet.

The question asked by Pluto is too sensitive and too straightforward.

“No matter what his purpose, he is my grandson, his life, no one can move, this is my bottom line.” Blood Extinction Battle God said so.

Then he said: “Of course, even if Zhang Ruochen is not my grandson, he will not kill him with his innate talent, the Temple of Blood and the Temple of Destiny.”

“Just like Zhang Ruochen didn’t kill the cultivators of the heavens, knowing that they have dissimilarity, but they are not at all in mind, they can be useful.”

“A person will die, only for two reasons.”

“First, there is no value. Second, after death, there will be greater value.”

“As long as there is value, he will not die.”

“There are a lot of old guys who want to train Zhang Ruochen into a knife to sharpen the hearts of the Great Sage in the Hells and create pressure on them.”

“Today, Zhang Ruochen’s knife has become sharper and more confident that they should be very satisfied.”

“Since there is such a special value, you don’t have to worry about his life, let him toss. A Great Sage in the district, can you break the sky? It really breaks the sky, but it will make me look even more “”

Blood Extinction Battle God Everything is calm, but I am very much looking forward to Zhang Ruochen’s more flawless rays of light.

The sky is broken, he can hold it.

It became mediocre and disappointing.

“The ghost master is really calm, this old guy seems to be mad. In this battle of the sky, the ghosts have lost their competitiveness, and they are out of the game.” Pluto said with a smile.

Blood Empress couldn’t smile, and his eyes turned to the direction of the battlefield.

Zhang Ruochen hurt so badly, but the next road, but not good, and a heavy killing intent, waiting for him. Blood Empress is worried that Zhang Ruochen is still immersed in the pain of killing the Great Sage, not knowing that the danger has quietly approached.

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