Blood butterflies blossom out of their purpose, with blood, and white snowstone archaeological cities, as blood red.

It’s ahead of it, a red crystal form, and it’s built into a high-profile balcony shield, bigger than palace, to compensate for the mystery of ancient tattoos and strange animal maps.

Ten D words dragon phantom, colliding with round shields, erupted a dozen giants.

Space shocks.

It is surprising that shields have blocked this attack without fragmentation.

That’s incredible!

It is important to know that Zhang Ruochen, the master of which is dedicated, was Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm’s tenth “Dragon Nine Days”, the strength of formidable power, not weakened by High Rank Saint Technique of Great Accomplishment.

Why is that Great Sage in Initial Stage that can be stopped?

Obviously, the butterflies are being carried out in Spirit Power Defense.

Only Spirit Power at the sixty-sixth stage can block the palm force that Zhang Ruochen was able to fight with.

“Your Spirit Power, indeed, is strong, and the battle force is a left-hand priest who has exceeded his name. Kill you, you should get it, extra score reward.”

Zhang Ruochen flew over and fights were more flourishing.

While the eyes of the world cannot be seen in the shadow of darkness covering the region, Zhang Ruochen does not believe that Underworld’s gods are really unaware of what happened here.

“Still trying to kill me? Zhang Ruochen, take a good look at you, Great Sage of the Blood, who is destined to die here.” Blood butterfly, with a terrible laugh in your mouth.

The butterflies are much more sober than the other slaves, and have never thought of leaving the hunting field alive.

So, naturally, the more Underworld Great Sage kills, the faster the heart.

Zhang Ruochen found that the rays from Spirit Power Saint Idol, which spread out of the butterflies, were of an erosive nature, just as the power to enter the thirteen sword natural slaves.

Not good, it’s the erotic bone Blood Qi, everybody be careful, don’t put on those red sunshine. “

“Ah, it is so sad that Blood Qi has invaded me in the body…” A Great Sage of a bloodless bloody family, with a madness holding his chest and hating not to dig a bone out.

“Great Sage, corrosed by Blood Qi, immediately cease fighting, fully refining, and do not let it corrupt your bones and blood.”

The screams and curses, they keep ringing.

Within a short period of time, 17 Great Sage of the bloodless have lost their fighting. They had to sit on their knees, refining invaded the body’s erotic bone Blood Qi.

And there’s more Great Sage, followed by.

The morale of the Great Sage Army, which does not die, is once again seriously affected.

“Great Sage in Spirit Power’s sixty-sixth phase, in too terrifying, one can enemy the army, and we can help Great Sage’s arm if it’s dust.”

Untied Great Sage and the orphans were rushing urgently towards Zhang Ruochen’s location.

Zhang Ruochen’s heart has always been very calm and has been able to turn out to Li Great Sage and the orphan sound transmission, saying: “Here I am, you two, immediately leading Great Sage of the bloodless, to break down those holy slaves. As long as the situation is broken, even if the number of holy slaves is greater, it will not escape the end of the massacre.”

“But Spirit Power of the Butterfly is too strong!”

The orphans have some concerns that Zhang Ruochen can’t handle alone.

“Yes! The cultivation base of the butterflies has also reached thousands of questions, and the god Dual Cultivation has no weakness.” It is also a source of concern.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Listen to my orders and do what you should do immediately.”

Two hundred and sixty million holy slaves, all over the city of Snowstone, except one million people who control the blood trap. There are also one hundred and sixty pieces of defensive blood tattoos, respectively, and attacks on blood tattoos.

At this juncture, the Great Sage of the Blood, the blood trap, has not broken the circle.

A million holy slaves, known as vast crowd, will be cut off even if the melons are cut.

More farther, one million holy slaves who control the attack on blood tattoos have fully entered the state of battle, manipulated a million stone swords and flew above the top of Great Sage of all the bloodless.

shua shua. “

sword qi is wide, intertwined.


number of stone swords is too large to pose a life-threatening threat to Great Sage.

The orphans and Li Great Sage are aware of the fact that the slaves here are not as good as they are, and if they do not break the three main positions that form the slaves as soon as possible, even if today’s bloodless people will be able to win the ultimate victory, they will certainly lose a great deal.

Bad victory, just failure.


The orphan and the easy Great Sage chose to believe Zhang Ruochen.

Even if the butterflies are stronger, can they be too strong?

She definitely can’t be the Great Sage opponent.

Now, their only concern is that Zhang Ruochen can’t take the butterflies late.

The higher the battle, the longer it lasts, the more the bloody people suffer, the more serious the casualties.

They’re even more worried that once the butterflies fail and face death, they choose to detonate themselves. In such a narrow space in the city of Snowstone, a thousand questions were raised about Great Sage, and Spirit Power Great Sage of the sixty-sixth class, if spontaneous, had an unpredictable impact.

The point is, no one Spirit Power has stopped the eruption of the butterfly.

Both the orphans and the Li Great Sage are worried, and the heart only hopes that Zhang Ruochen will be able to go out with God in a short period of time, kill the butterflies and not give her the chance to explode.

Only in this way will the bloodless be able to win this battle at the lowest cost.

“A team of cultivator, who, together with me, is going south, will take control of the sanctity of the attack on blood tattoos.”

Li Great Sage, so loudly shouted, has taken the lead in pushing south.

“I’ll go with you.”

“Forget me one.”

In the middle of the year, more than 40 chaos, Great Sage, went towards the south of the city with the easy footsteps of Great Sage.

There are also close to 100 Great Sage, following the orphans and the Vietnamese Sea, killing the north, intending to break the blood tattoo Defending Formation, allowing the King of the Knife and Rakshasa Princess outside the Front to join the fighting.

Zhang Ruochen is well aware of the magnitude of the impact on the Bureau of War itself and the Butterfly.

Ten hundred and ten forces must be put out, and the war must be quickened.

He single-handedly uprooted the ultraviolet, gathered over the top, mobilized the constant holy atmosphere of the source and spurred the memory of the goose.


In the goose, the extinction of purple and golden eyewitnesses rays of light, such as thousands of lights, was between Heaven and Earth.

As for the Sacred Project, which has the terrorist power to make cultivator cross the realm kill, the flies feel the fluctuations of respect, the immediate cessation of the use of eroded bones Blood Qi against Great Sage of the bloodless, the concentration of Spirit Power, the gathering of Spirit Power Lightning from the sharp sword, and the beating of Zhang Ruochen.

Sixty-six Spirit Power Great Sage, just an eye, can control an ordinary immortality Great Sage, or kill.


Spirit Power attack, which was carried out with the full effort of the butterflies, even the most sophisticated question of Great Sage, has to flee immediately and dare not touch it hard.

However, Zhang Ruochen did not withdraw.

His Spirit Power, even though it’s not like a butterfly, also reached sixty-five robberies.

Fight, maybe not.

But self-preservation, there’s no problem.

“The thunderbolt!”


Spirit Power Saint Idol of Zhang Ruochen has evolved from radar electrification to a huge body, just as he looks, like the same thunderstorm mountain, which is blocked from the front.

Spirit Power Lightning, colliding with the radar priests.

Strong Spirit Power surplus, the seat rolls to all directions.

The nearer holy slaves, all of them, were bleeding and screaming.

Their Spirit Power was crushed, the Holy Spirit was dispersed and the consciousness of the sea became a blank.

Spirit Power’s shock is too strong, Spirit Power sealed by the gods, all disappeared.

Don’t say that those holy slaves, even Great Sage, who don’t die of blood, are traumatized, frightened, afraid of becoming unconscious idiots and rushing away.

Just try to escape as far as possible.

“Their Spirit Power is too strong to be stronger than the Spirit Power of the Great Sage family.”

“Crazy, their Spirit Power, reached at least sixty-five.”

“Fortunately Zhang Ruochen is in her position to block her, otherwise, the Great Sage of the bloodless, will die under her Spirit Power.”

“Spirit Power of Heaven, isn’t it sealed? Do the gods work so hard?”

The thunder priests blocked the Spirit Power attack from the butterflies and sought time for Zhang Ruochen to tattoo the pride of the ultraviolet to the polar point.


Like volcanic spraying, goose, pouring out a light column of extreme golden, hot fires, going straight to the blood red butterfly of the number ten zhang.

In the face of respect for Sacred Project, the butterflies are well aware that they will never be able to block themselves and will be beaten up by soul destruction.

So, the blood red butterfly wings, bringing hundreds of hundred thousand blood tattoos on the ground, twisted into a bloody river. She brought the strength of the 100,000 holy slaves who planted the blood trap to her.

Extremely golden lashes and blood rivers collide, violent forces spread rapidly to the entire snowstone city.

Even the exterior blood tattoos have been shaken up, as if they were to be torn apart.

As for the strengths of dignity, the blood tattoos in the blood rivers were continuously vaporized and melted, the two forces had confronted 10 breathing times and thousands of holy slaves had been refined into ashes.

In such a confrontation, the fate of the saints is like grass mustard, like ants, and the ashes of the pieces are destroyed.

It is also for that reason that neither the court nor the prison battle will allow Great Sage to enter the civil war. Great Sage’s destructive power is too terrifying for ordinary creatures.

The butterflies are insane and do not care about the lives of those slaves, and laugh: “Indeed, the formidable power of Sacred Project is strong, but there is no spiritual gas in the spaces covered by darkness, supplementing physical consumption. Zhang Ruochen, how long can you hold it?”

Zhang Ruochen is indeed tired enough to deplete the body’s holy atmosphere, even if he has four sacred sources.

With respect to Sacred Item’s consumption of the holy atmosphere, it’s too big.

“Don’t worry, kill you, nickname.”

Zhang Ruochen looks down and sees that King Dawson and the Great Sage of the hundreds of people who do not die, have been in the shape of the holy slaves and killed in Yanma.

Holy blood is on the streets, flowing into rivers.


formidable power is gradually weakened because of the massive death of the holy slaves and the blood-borne rivers controlled by the flies.

“The magic, you come to control the ultraviolet.”

Zhang Ruochen’s body moved right, and then, at a very high rate, it hit the blood red butterfly, which lasted several ten zhang. At the time of the flight, he took out a sacred source, five fingers crushed it and turned it into a sacred rain.

Those light rains, all absorbed by Zhang Ruochen in the body.

The holy atmosphere, which had been severely depleted, had been restored for most of the time.

The magic and Zhang Ruochen conquered the day of hunting, ignorant of how many days of slaves had been eaten, and today the power is more powerful. Two or three times better than the king of the knife and the expert of the top ten years of Great Perfection after the wind.

You don’t have to say how cheap it would have been if it hadn’t been on the medic planet to get a big shot with the present magic dealer.

Zhang Ruochen has taken the sacred flower as a fauna, retaining its spiritual consciousness and making it more available to the source of ever-increasing food, which is to see its potential. See, it can grow continuously before being gods.

Not like other cultivator, there’s a bottleneck.

After becoming a fauna, it could even share some of Zhang Ruochen’s consciousness results. Zhang Ruochen refined the forces, the various pathways, and it was much less sophisticated.

Such a sacred flower is rare throughout the universe.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen should do everything in his power to nurture it.

Now, it’s the time for the sacred flowers to really play, and it’s worth it.

The two white hands of the magic, on the bottom of the purple goat, were blown out by the blood rivers, and the earthquake fell down the ground. Back on the streets of the snowstone, back down.


She’s finally blocked!

The magic has flown and has cut more than a hundred pieces of the holy king’s slaves who want to steal from behind. “The six-stage Spirit Power Great Sage has not tasted yet!”

Not good. ”

The butterfly found cultivator in charge of Sacred Project, who had been replaced and was immediately aware of the danger.

Too late!

At Zhang Ruochen’s current rate, the opponent will die without a burial site as long as there is a slight error.

“Don’t look, up there.”

Zhang Ruochen stepped on the flame clouds, pushing the legs down, pushing down from above to the back of Red Butterfly.


Blood butterflies, Spirit Power Saint Idol, can’t afford Zhang Ruochen’s feet, as the balloon generally explodes and becomes full of red sunlight.

Zhang Ruochen’s feet, pressed on the pride of the butterfly, pulled her from the sky to the ground.


The city of Snow Shenzhen is the essence of the Emperor, and more than one of the ancient cities, and every stone is as hard as the Holy Jade, and can be called a city of not destruction.

Zhang Ruochen stepped on his foot, and he threw the stone of the city, and he stepped down a lot.

The butterflies are not only powerful Spirit Power Great Sage, but more Martial Dao asked Great Sage, and the flesh is naturally very strong. However, Zhang Ruochen’s feet, he stepped on blood blurred, body penetrated, almost cut from his back to two.

Zhang Ruochen used the flame, refining butterflies beneath his feet.

“Spirit Power is less likely to be killed after it reached the sixty-sixth stage, and you can’t kill me, and you can’t kill me… even if my flesh is destroyed, Spirit Power can not be extinct.”

The butterflies laugh, and then they shake the flesh and split.

Those broken blood meat, each piece is like having consciousness. And every drop of blood spreading on the earth is like an independent soul.

They flew towards the same one, regrouping the body of the fly.

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