EGE Chapter 2456

The Sharks have an ancient castle, a long history, thousands of acres of land, a vast forest area outside of the castle, with blood red trees.

At the top of the castle’s highest-ranking building, the night screen came, with a long bronze pencil, what was the serious writing on the two-zhang lengthy maiden table?

Castle Lord of the Castle, the Hill Green of the Castle, an expert of Saint King Realm, standing outside the door, complimenting with a courtesy, said, “The King, what you have promised to look at, has become imminent.”

“Come in!”

The summer hills pushed the door in and looked away from that beautiful man in the front, and took out a butterfly spreading blood light from his sleeve.

Butterfly’s body is half transparent, poking wings and flying towards Sovereign Yu.


Butterfly bumped on the yoga wrist, turned into a particle spot, integrated into it.

“I already know, go back!”

Sovereign Yu raised a copper pen in his hand, a pencil in the hills, and when he came to the hills, a strong Spirit Power, like a sword, was killed in his consciousness sea and some of his memory was erased.

At this point, the candles were shaking in the room of ancient colours.

A strong sound, ringing in the castle: “I don’t know what Sovereign Yu is looking at, and it’s curious.”

“Who is it?”

“Whose voice?”

The wind starts.

The mighty saint, the neglected cover of a big summer castle.

All holy places of cultivator are horrendous, oppressed on their knees to the ground, shaking up, and finally, they’re all on their feet.


creatures that did not enter the Holy Land, whether the clansman or servant of the Summer, had been crushed and transformed into a group of blood mist.

Scream loudly, this one’s ambush.

Strong bloody air, in the castle.

Even the hills where cultivation base reached the St. King Realm community, they kneeled on the ground and couldn’t stand up.

very terrifying’s enemies are definitely Great Sage, who has more than a thousand questions. When did the Sharks get into such a big enemy? ”The hills fear fear, and only the death is getting closer.

Sovereign Yu remained static and still had a pen in his hand, saying, “Phil Tintin, my summer and you lacking Single and enmity, what do you want?”

Phyltin stood outside the grasslands of Gomburg, releasing Dao Domain, countless saint rules flew out and surrounded the square kilometers. Some of these rules are brought together into the holy army of tens of thousands of respectful Rakshasa.

In his Dao Domain, all the fighting fluctuations can be concealed.

Phil Tintin laughed and took a step in the sky, like through a piece of paper, like Defending Formation in Guttsburgh. One voice, breaking the wall, he went into the room, standing opposite Sovereign Yu.

The hill was shattered by the evil brakes of Phil Tintin, and ran out and turned into a bunch of shrinked blood muds.

Phyltin, from up to down, weighed almost perfect petty/body of Sovereign Yu, sovereign and cold, tall and abundant bodies, super unusual muscle white, and frozen beauty in the general atmosphere, with immortality of Blood Race and creativity.

“haha! Undoubtedly, lover, who can be Zhang Ruochen, is indeed the number one beauty of Blood Heaven Tribe.” He said with a smile.

Sovereign Yu’s eyes are cold to the pole: “You talk nonsense again, believing or not that I suck your blood?”

“The age is not too old, the temper is huge. It’s better to break the idea of having a hand with this house or break your face! Come with me, who is a man influential figure, wants to meet you.”

Phil’s face has always been smiled with a trick, and Sovereign Yu has not been placed in his eyes.

And so did Peak-Stage cultivation base.

Despite the fact that Yuyo had crossed his hands in the hunting field and the thousands of inmates, those slaves had been sealed down Spirit Power, and no militants in their hands had been harmful, and the forces had been badly discounted.

Philadelphine is not a minor generation, but has carefully analysed Sovereign Yu’s performance in the hunting field.

Her battles, full of clouds, can only fight against Great Sage in Middle Stage.

Sovereign Yu is now trapped in his Dao Domain and can be said to be able to repress it alone.

Of course, if Sovereign Yu tries to burn the sacred blood and carry out forbidden technique, it’s not easy for him to escape, even if cultivation base is far better than Sovereign Yu.

Just like the original royal chart, dealing with Sovereign Yu under lethal status is also very powerful.

Fielding is more afraid that Sovereign Yu is a woman who’s not afraid of dying, and she’s really making her hurry, and she’s going to explode from the holy sources. And if so, it would have been the end of two failures.

So the best result is that Sovereign Yu has not yet known his purpose and volunteered to go to the White Secretary.

Who’s willing to do it again?

Sovereign Yu Road: “influential figure? Which influential figure are you speaks correctly? The gods of your Phil family?”

“Go, you will naturally know who she is.”

Sovereign Yu, relative, said, “What if the emperor doesn’t go?”


The King’s sacred instrument “Golden Yun Yun Yun Yun Wing 27082” was summoned up, and in his hand, militarization was used as a cloud of evil, flying over the ancient castle, in a threatening tone, saying, “No, all the summer cultivator in this castle will die. And you, you, can only watch, you can’t stop.”

“hong long long.”

A sacred army, united by the rules of the Holy Way, entered the castle with a hand of 27082, and stamped the cultivator of the Shakespeare under his feet and took their lives at any time.

All the Holy Army, it’s part of Phil Tintin Dao Domain.


cold on Sovereign Yu, in his room, brought together a sharp column, saying, “Your Excellency, is this the way you do not fear that I will explode my sacred source with you perish together?”

“This is just a guest, not a spell. Besides, we are less than four husbands, and do you think you have the chance to explode the sacred source?” Phil Dayton.

“The emperor would have wanted to see how powerful Peak-Stage Great Sage is. If you can defeat the emperor, the emperor will never oppose it and will immediately come with you to see that influential figure. If you can’t, you better get out of the castle.”


Sovereign Yu had eight silver wings on his back, silver light like a blade, tore the top of the castle, rays of light bright, Heaven and Earth.

Phil Tintin was quite decisive, with a golden cloud wings of 27082 in his hand; like lightning, he stabbed out.

The air was stabbed.

Space has emerged with 27082; sharp tracks, a path of slightest fissions.

During the hour, 27082; the sharp has reached the front of Sovereign Yu.

Sovereign Yu stood in the ground and took his hand on the maiden desk before him, the word “chip”, the two zhang lengths stand up, like the same shield, and stood in front of him.

“A table, trying to block the Majestys’ 27082;”

In the minds of Phil Tintin, this idea has just emerged and immediately feels bad.

See only the flat table, where densely packed blood red prints emerge from densely packed are transformed into a holy path, blocking the cloud’s wings 27082; at the same time, densely packed forces of attack are flowing out of it.

Not good, she was prepared, deliberately inducing me to attack. ”

Phil’s face has changed dramatically, even with a busy attack to keep Golden Cloud Wings 27082; one by one side, standing in front of him, forming a screen against the power of the print.


Phil Tintin flew out, crashed in the earth outside of ancient cities and plotted a long ditch.

He’s all black, torn skin and gaping flesh.

“Why did Eveyo prepare for the attack? Did she know I’d come after her? No, it’s not possible to leak the news. I didn’t think this little girl was so cautious.”

Phil’s eyes are shining, slowly standing up.

He was too surprised, or even Sovereign Yu was prepared to hurt him.

How can it be so easy to cross the challenge?

Sovereign Yu went to the top of the broken castle and looked down at the bottom of Phil Tintin, and said, “You lost!”

How could Phil Tintin just stop this, saying, “Girl is a little girl, and talk to me about winning. If I hadn’t looked at you, how’d you get me back?”

Sovereign Yu shaken his head, and said, “Oh, God, you’re acting recklessly. You know, breaking my summer castle is a crime of death. Let you go, it’s a chance to give you life, and since you’re asking for death, the emperor will be all yours.”

Phil Tintin seems to hear the best joke in the world, and always thinks Sovereign Yu robbed his lines.

Sovereign Yu’s two white crystal hands, fingerprints, strong Spirit Power releases, and castles under his body, with thousands of miles away from the castle, flourish a few laptops, like blood red spiders.

For more than 10,000 years, the Sharks operate in this castle, and the formula is not counted.

If Sovereign Yu didn’t want to let Philadelphine in, how could he get into the castle so easily?

As you know, Sovereign Yu himself is a powerful Frente Earth Master, capable of confiscating 9th Grade.


“hong long!”

All around the ground of Gomburg, taking out another rock, has turned it into a cage.

Phil Tintin can’t laugh again, with cloudy clouds on his face, and it’s certain that Sovereign Yu knew he’d come and deliberately let him in.

“How do you know this seat will come here?” Phil Tintin solemnly asked.

Sovereign Yu left his hand open, and the Seven Star Lotus showed up in control.

Paragon’s tattoo, linked to Heaven and Earth’s legendary memory, spilled out the shadow of the shadow.

Phyltin’s eyes jumped again, realizing that it might be hard to defeat Sovereign Yu alone, but it would be hard to live with her.

“Zhang Ruochen gave her the Seven Star Lotus of Paragon, with the power of Paragon’s sacred and paragon, which is not small in the summer.”

Harha laughed heartily: “The lives of the summer’s holy cultivator are in my hands. Are you sure you’re gonna fight me?”

Sovereign Yu shook the head, and said, “Philadelphine, your cultivation base, though strong, is too weak for Spirit Power. I can’t even see the fantasy. You disappointed me.”


Phil Tintin bites his teeth and stares at the castle.

See only that the Shakespeare cultivator, each and everyone, who were repressed by the Holy Army, have become sand particles and disappeared.

“Shit, this is going to make you pay a grievous price.”

Phil Tintin can’t stand the shame of being switched by a little girl under the age of 1,000, loudly roared: “The holy warrior.”


holy army, which is united by the rules of the Holy Way, explodes in brilliant warfare and then goes to Sovereign Yu.

“bang!”… “

Sovereign Yu triggered the forces of the RUF by breaking down a mine-clearance, breaking up the Holy Army and transforming it into a path of separation.

“Six pairs of killing days.”

Phyltin raised the wings of Kim Yun Yun Yuen; the light of gold clouds was staring at thousands of miles, and even shattered several of the rock peaks in the law into the ground.


Ten Wings of Philadelphia were opened, with extreme speed, and began with the sky, and then, with pressure on Heaven and Earth, the Golden Cloud Wings were blown 27082;

27082; however, the castle below has not fallen, and there has been a dense crack.

The earth is sinking down.

“Ask Peak-Stage cultivator, which is not what I can do right now.”

Sovereign Yu, aware that he was unable, in any event, to take up the shock from Phyldine’s full efforts, mobilized his entire body and injected seven stars of silicon.

The Seven Star Lotus turns, becomes palace so big, releasing the orchid Paragon power.


Kim Yun Yun Yun Yuen (27082); crushed on the Seven Star Lotus (27082); shaked and struck by Paragon’s strength, the voice of pi pa was as if it were to break apart.


castle beneath the Ghost Lone collapsed instantly.

Sovereign Yu and Phyltin Plabase are finally too large to stop this shock, as the balloon generally explodes, while seven stars of silicon are swallowed by gold clouds, 27082; and they can sink into the ground.

Phil Tintin had a more torn golden cloud wings 27082; landed on the ground, and made a joke in his mouth: “Great Sage in the area, who thought that with a Paragon sacred instrument, he would be able to fight against the crime.”

Although Sovereign Yu was killed and was unable to go back to the White Secretary, he was able to seize a Paragon jewellery, which was also a great deal.

Even Phil Tintin has the idea of taking the Seven Star Lotus to his own.

Phil Tintin brought together an evil brake and took the Seven Star Lotus from the ground, just smiling. On the ground, complexion greatly changed, as if it wasn’t Paragon’s sacred instrument in his hand, it was some kind of poison that was eager to throw it away.


Sovereign Yu, who had not been able to detect the breath of life, suddenly came out of the Seven Star Lotus, and jade hand was in charge. Nine ghosts flowing out of the heart, with heavy shocks in the chest of Philadelphia.

Phil Tintin was extremely good, and in the body, purple light came out, fighting only with the palm force of Sovereign Yu by fleshy body.


Phil Tintin flew out again, like artillery shells, hitting a rock peak, embedded in a French mirror.

a The path of the Frente Rule of Law is tattooed into chains and holds him in his entirety.

“Break for me!”

Phil’s body is sweeping, shattering a chain and falling off the rocks.

Sovereign Yu’s face has changed, and this Phil Tintin is so great, hard to carry her, it’s just a few lights.

Phyltin will invade the nine ghosts of the body, gradually melt the frozen chest, step further towards Sovereign Yu, and become more powerful, saying, “I regret that I took more time to refine Spirit Power without listening to Master. I don’t think that today, because of Spirit Power’s weakness, you’re taking the lead. But next, you won’t have another chance!”


Sovereign Yu’s eyes, go far.

Phil Tintin also has a feeling that cultivator broke into his Dao Domain, and his eyes slipped over.

Zhang Ruochen walked in a path of French-based memory, handcuffed with canes and sweater flowing. On the left side of him, he followed a husband with six arms, and the King of Stone with a holy gun.

And the skinny, sharp sword king.

“Gentlemen, this time you can do your best to help Sovereign Yu, do it quickly, take Philadelphia off. I’m going to live!” Zhang Ruochen’s voice is dumb.

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