Eternal Immortal Tomb Chapter 215

Thinking of this, Feng Wei can’t help but flow out of Xianghan, just this stone, let her take it.

With a mortal gas, wrapped by stone leather, it is likely to be a source stone.

“Feng Eldest Miss, Tentho is still cool.” Lin Lu reminded.

can be in Feng Wei, this is a provocation, she has also wanted to say there is no thing.

is proud, let her have a birthplace immediately, and there is a source stone in Most Likey.

“there is an active stone.”

Yunxi Daoist is also carefully identified, this stone table is black, and there is no crack in the whole stone.

As the stone is gradually unspeakable.

Feng Wei’s sharp sweat is getting more and more, her chest is inherent, and her eyes do not go to the graceful stone.

final … There is no thing in the vacuum.

“I mPossible will lose …” Feng Yu muttered.

All her pride seems to be defeated.

When he heard that his Father said, Feng Wei didn’t care about it, just this source of worms happened to Shi Fang, or she can also identify.

still disdainted LIN Lu, just good luck, knowing some of the stone resort, Ignorant’s Little Daoist Priest That’s ALL.

Now, she wants to be wrong.

At least on the stone, she is not as good.

“I don’t believe it!” As a Heaven’s ProD Daughter, she does not allow her own field to be defeated.

Feng Wei stands back, to continue to fight, and have a sweeping look.

The appearance can not help but laugh.

“This 250,000 stone is owed, and I will give you a sum.”

said, she lets Shifang Controller take stone.

“Feng Xiaomei, or not,” Yan Xiaohuo reminded.

Although the surface still is still calm, but the inner heart is already RESTLESS.

This test is not built, and when the time comes are not under the big balance, it will not be opened by the old butt.

Thinking of Yan Xiaoli can’t help but hit a cold.

“Even you think I am not as good as this Taoist!” Feng Wei burned in anger.

then there is no exception, she lost a game again.


is the fourth game, fifth game …

to now, she has owed a source of stone.

I saw her picking up the pen ink, the big eyes of the water spirit, there is a filled water vago, like a breeze in Bitan.

Feng Yu is beautiful, and the tearful woman is more ponging.



Everyone is ignorant, Stone Gamble They said that they have lost their own production, and they have died, and Dao Companion seeds … but have not seen it, STONE GAMBLE Cry to Weeping Beauty.

“small gambling, big gambling, von Eldest Miss Stone Gamble can gamble two tears, wear it.” Lu Yu yawned, laughing HEHE.

“If you want you!” Feng Wei smashed the tears, and the teeth biting the lips, in LIN Lu, said: “Continue!”

“Feng Young Lady, I still want to gamble and return to the body.” Lin Lu suggested.

“I don’t care, I will win you today.” Feng Wei is crying.

If the fairy in Wind and Rain flutters, the men saw it, they couldn’t help but feel pity.

lin Lu helpless, only to continue.

I want to put down water, LIN Lu explored some, saying that there is no empty thing, and the facts of exotic source have a large phase.

can make her DIDN ” ketpect.

This stone seems to come from the old pit, which is very confusing.

Feng Wei confirmed a few tears, and actually got a shocking Divine Object.

Even Shi Squad Controller is also amazing, directly calling to understand the stone Master, focus on the stone.

lin lu sighs on one side.

Sure enough with the stone Master Cautiously, the stone is cut, and the glow is raised, and there is something, but it is just a big source of fists.

The judgment of the two is too large, only to the above theory.

seventh place.

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