Eternal Immortal Tomb Chapter 216

is like an ancient mountain, and has a unable deterrent.

lin lu looked touth, high altitude, is not afraid, standing like a young pine, can’t move.

I saw him pinching the boxing, the ultimate strength made the space around it in tremor.

Too Terrifying.

Between the blink, the two have collided together.

lin lu slightly thinned figure is under, the strength of the two people is on, and the power of the two is in a short time. Both Equally Excellent.

The air is loud, and the layer of gas waves sweeps, and the two people’s corners are blown.

“use full effort, or you are not my opponent.” The LIN LU arm has increased sharply, and it will be strictly black.

“You are very strong, even more than my expectation.” Strict black laughed over a distance, a cool laugh.

I saw him unlocking the clothes, muscles, and the plate root festival, which is extremely reluctant.

“You are also good.” Lin LU actively attacked.

Blinking up and downright Lightning, Fleshy Body is oppressed the surrounding space.

Strict black is no longer pressed into realm, but the strength of Nascent Soul Realm and Lin LU.

Golden Core is like the Nascent Soul, especially the Tianzi, especially in the sky, and it is aware that the opposite is in Courting Death.

The lin lu is not afraid, the force is contained in the box, enough to explode a big mountain.

is another horror collision, this space has some signs of signs.

The two have collided in this space as the humanoid Barbarian Dragon.

Between the blink, the two have already handed more than a dozen tricks, and there is only the residual shadow in the space, no body shape.

“This trail is so horrible, with Golden CultiVation Base, the ability to fight Third Young Master.” Shi Fang Controller was shocked.

Since his Cultivation until half-step Spirit Transformation, it has rarely seen the enemy across a Great Realm.

is still in the heaven’s chosen, which is a strong young life.

Yunxi Daoist is alongside, with deep meaning Nodded.

Sun Wuhe is also fighting intent high, for a long time, there is no battle, let him tickle, hate, you can’t immediately fight with them.

– At this time, the Lin Lu knees hit, and the severe black chest was against the star, and Yan Xiao was hit on the form.

Space crack, such as Spider Web spreads a few feet.

The strict black boxing is printed on, there is Black That Dragon Leaping, the force of the heavens, looking toward the lin lu.

Everything happens in an instant.

lin lu right paws, directly holding the dragon, and then exhausting.

I only hear a whitelo, flood dragon chemicals.

and Lin Lu’s body is also hit a few feet.

Strict black broke away, wipe off the blood of his mouth, don’t see it, the opposite, the fighting intent is more increasingly increasing.

“You are not weaker than Holy Land, even can be said, there is more than.” Yan Xiao is not happy.

He has handed with some Holy Land’s pass, which is in Under the Same Realm, although it is not worth it, but there is also a back.

It is absolutely will not be injured under the Realm suppression now.

In fact, LIN Lu no longer deliberately concealed the Bloodline Streamth, he is not turned into force.

Break the fracture, his body has changed a full change.

“I have to use it now.” Yan Xiaohuo reminded.

I saw Black Light rushing, including various form beasts, or open the bloody mouth, or twisted in Black Light.

Strict Black Light under Black Light, it is extremely oppressed.

3rd day 寇 成 成 CultiVation Technique – Wan Beasts.

can be called “Jing” CultiVation Technique, which is not flourishing and has a big origin.

This is the wilderness, the rumor is from a SAINT in the ancient times, one is formed, and the beast is translated, and it can cover the sky.

can be used to grow itself, very horrible.

and severe black clear has obviously put “Wan Bai” Cultivation to extreme Profound Realm, Black Light, vividly of Dragon Fengming.

It’s hard to imagine. If you really get a big, you will not let True Dragon True Phoenix will come to the world.

Lin lu gathers the lightning long hair, illuminated, and spreads with Black Light.

At this time, Feng Wei returned to Shi Fang, it seems to be because of the gas, thinking back to teach Lin Lu, how can Didn’t Expect, she holds the token Enter The Formation method, see it. So shocking scenes.

The trail will bring the unparalleled Divine Might, which is confront to Golden Cultivation Base, confronted with its own Big Brother.

looks like it seems to presented an Evenly Matched potential.

then, the two collided in Feng Wei’s shocking eyes.

The two power intersecting, let the void are cracking a crack, which is the force to reach the ultimate performance, the whole space is shaking, even this force has passed to the outside world, so that the Cultivator entering the stone square feels A changing.

At this time, Yan Xiao is like the Wance Emperor, Killing Intent overflowing Heaven.

lin Lu, such as the Lord of Thunder, stands with a void, and indifferent.

The two are injured, the last collision, let the two are at the same time.

lin Lu arm has three blood marks, and the severe black chest is also blurred, it is already black.

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