This is the tribe of the three tribes that have fought in the Quartet over the years. It represents the most prosperous moments of the tribes. One occupies the sky, one occupies the earth, and one occupies the sea. It can be said that in today The three tribes have already divided the entire Eternal World, three points in the world. Although it is not completely complete, it can be regarded as completing a nominal photo. Naturally, there is a gathering of nearly massive Destiny.

These Destiny are turned into races. Let them soar into this situation.

“Amazing races, Destiny is unstoppable. Any enemy that is in front of them will be destroyed. The world is the same. In these years, their tribes are really the protagonists of the times.”

“They actually sacrificed their lives with the ethnic group. What do they want to do, to fight the soul, the altar, the race, do they want to recruit souls.”

“No, I know, they want to open up time and space.”

After witnessing a great and powerful person, he quickly flashed various thoughts in his mind and made various guesses at the first time. Many great powers have faintly guessed what the three tribes are doing. However, it was because of the guess that the heart really felt unbeatable shock.

Of course, even if it is guessed, no one dares to break it.

The forces of the three tribes have reached their peak at this moment. No matter who they are, they dare to destroy, and they will inevitably be accompanied by the endless anger of the three tribes. Of course, Eternal World forces, no one will intervene, and even have a feeling of expectation.

Because, once successful, the strength of Eternal World will inevitably change dramatically.

“The race of the race is a sacrifice, and it opens up time and space.”

On the altar of the three tribes, it can be seen that the tribe’s ethnic race True Spirit directly entered the altar. Blooming out of the endless divine light, into the altar, as if the vast Destiny is constantly pouring in, suddenly, can see, three divine light skyrocketing, burst out, rushed to Nine Heavens.

In void, it can be seen that countless clouds gather together, and the invisible will suddenly condenses. A Gold Color eyelid appears out of thin air. This eyelid exudes an indifference, as if it is ruthless, and it seems to be sentient. This eye is Heavenly Dao.

Representing the will of the heavens and the earth.

Supreme. Dominating everything in the heavens and the earth.

Apparently, the eyes of Heavenly Dao appeared here, and they were shocked by the sacrificial offerings of the three tribes. The three tribes gathered together, and it can be said that it is already equivalent to the protagonist of heaven and earth. Such sacrifices are naturally impossible to not appear.

Rays of light flashes in the Gold Color eyelids.

Immediately, nature is hidden in void.

Hua la la ! !

At the same time of concealment, you can see that a long river that does not know where to start and where it ends is out of thin air. In the river, it seems as if you can see all kinds of pictures, and there are countless pictures of life, flashing through the river, but dreamlike. Every drop of water seems to be illusory and as if it is real. It seems to contain a personal life, it looks quite strange.

This river, the past is illusory, it is real now, and the future is nothing. The reality becomes illusory, the emptiness is real, the rushing forward, and not returning.

“This is a long time. The real time and space, really appeared.”

“Unbelievable, this is the long river of legendary time, the legendary heaven and earth, the supreme few rivers. It will appear. The tribes really intend to do so. This process is too difficult, and it is possible to fail at any time, costing Destiny, Is it really worth it?”

I have a lot of energy to witness, I can’t help but sucked in a breath of cold air.

There are many mysterious existences between heaven and earth, such as the River of Fate and Destiny. Long time and space, nine Nether River.

Cultivator When you break through True Spirit Realm, you need to take your own soul from the River of Fate and Destiny, the souls of all beings, gathered in the River of Fate and Destiny, in which it is my life that I can’t help but ingest. You can take control of your own destiny and make my fate follows me and not the heavens. But this does not mean that you have already completely jumped out of your destiny. Just saying that there is a certain ability to control its own destiny. Others can easily see themselves.

And if the cultivation base breakthrough to Dao Prove Realm, it will naturally touch the time and space. The Great Dao is reflected in the heavens, and its own fruit will be imprinted on the long river of time and space. The heavens and the earth will not die, the self will not die, the heavens and the earth will be immortal, and they will last forever.

It is not easy to open up the time and space, or even to make this long river in the real and the virtual. If it is not Heavenly Dao, it is very difficult to do.

Unless the strength has reached the level of the inverse Heavenly Grade.

“Great, the time and space have been opened, and we should start.”

Three powerful people in the four seas witnessed a flash of joy in their eyes, but the next moment, they resumed.

“Today’s Ancestral Dragon dragon scale is the medium, and the dragon race Destiny is the sacrifice. The ancestor of our family, the soul is coming back!!”

The four seas screamed and screamed.

“Today, the beginning of Ancestral God feathers as a medium, Phoenix Race Destiny as a sacrifice, my ancestor ancestor, soul return!!”

Huang Wutong also screamed in the sky.

“From the beginning of Ancestral God as the medium, Qilin Race Destiny is the sacrifice, the ancestor of my family, the soul is coming back.”

There is no robbery at the same time.

Dragon scale, Phoenix Shen Yu, Qilin horn. At this moment, it flies at the same time and directly rushes into the long river of time and space. On the long river, it seems to be a ship, directly moving toward the upper reaches of the river, which is going upstream.

In a normal river, it is very difficult to go through the river and go retrograde. If you are not careful, you will turn the ship to death, the power you consume, and the resistance you receive. It is definitely beyond imagination, and it is ten times the resistance.

In time and space, whether it is countercurrent or forced forward, you will encounter unimaginable resistance, and even countless unknowns.

Retrograde is to go upstream, go to the past, be aware of the strong people of the past, will inevitably block, to countercurrent, in the past, according to legend, there are unknown, there are taboos, there will be big terrifying.

Roar! !

Sure enough, I can see that as the three pieces of the treasure go up against the current, I can see that in the past time and space, the dark claws suddenly appear, and the slap on the dragon scale, the explosive power can be stirred. Time and space, but the dragon scale was cut on the spot, and the life was cut off.

There was a spear from the past and it was broken by Phoenix.


Constantly going upstream.

With the power of the three tribes Destiny, they are on the countercurrent.

All kinds of weird, all kinds of unknown and successive presentations. If you change someone, even if Dao Prove Realm gets involved, it will be smashed into slag, and even a trace will not remain. The three tribes of Destiny are really too big, with Destiny running through the river. Countercurrent time and space.

That picture, I don’t know how many great powers can secretly give birth to fear and feel despair.

Unconsciously, I can see that there is a door in front of the long river of time and space. That door seems to have cut off the past and the present, dividing the time and space. Ancient and mysterious, suppressing everything, letting time and space cut off from it, not breaking the flow, but blocking someone to reverse time and space, and some people shuttle the future. That power, with a breath of immortality.

“That is the gate of the era. According to legend, time and space, through the ancient and modern, since the birth of heaven and earth, until the end of the heavens and earth, once again rebirth, an era is a year, between the era and the era, irreversible. The annual ring is the door of the era. The existence of the Gate of the Era, cutting off the past and the present.”

“The gates of the era, they want to break through the gates of the era, and go back to the epoch, and lead the souls of the three ancestors to return. They dare to do this. It is really incredible.”

The door of the era, the strange things condensed by time and space, suppressing time and space.

An era is one year old and one year round.

Now, the tribes want to open the door of the era, which is naturally a move that can be described as against the sky. Whether it is success or failure, it is not destined to be simple. It is even more impossible.

It can be seen that at the moment on the altar, Destiny True Spirit, spoken by the three tribes Destiny, has shrunk a lot, and consumed a great Destiny when going upstream. The price paid is not small, the family transportation is consumed, and it is really consumed.

At this moment, the eyes of the three people in the four seas have completely become hot, and the light that is exposed in the eyes has never been seen before.

“The ancestor, the soul is coming back!!”

The three men shouted at the same time.

At the same time, the three races of True Spirit began to shrink at the same time. Instantly shrink to the size of a million. The other parts, all burned up, turned into a vast torrent.

Three pieces of treasure to the counter-current time and space, at this moment, bursting out of unprecedented rays of light, crashing into the door of the era, which contains the power of the three powerful Destiny, is unstoppable. It turned out that it was really hard to break through the door of the era.

The Destiny of the three tribes is really too big. In the case of the sacrifice of the ethnic group, there is no power at all to stop it.

It is the same reason that the world is the same.

Roar! !

expensive! !

howl! !

Almost after the breakdown of the epoch of the era, I suddenly saw that there were countless soul fragments gathered from the river in the depths of time and space, and they quickly formed and formed three high-pitched snoring sounds. A giant dragon with a chaotic color travels through the long river of time and space, following the dragon scale and returning quickly.

Not only him, but also a huge Phoenix and Qilin. They all walk naturally through time and space, and there are huge Destiny parcels outside. The altar is their coordinates, and Destiny paves a great Dao for them.

That process may be a moment, perhaps a million years. It is impossible to estimate how long it has been in the long time in time and space.

Can only see, not on the mountain, three altars over the sky, three huge souls from the time and space in the river. Every way, it exudes the breath of ancient sky. The invisible pressure, so that the three cultivators are not the same.

That is awe and instinct to face the source of bloodline.

“Give the return of the ancestors.”

“Give the return of the ancestors.”


The three strong people have issued fanatic shouts.

In the shouts, after the emergence of the three ancestors, while at the same time in the void, there seems to be a mysterious message directly in their souls.

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