Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1854

After the fairy festival, formal entry into the permanent calendar for 50 years, although many people do not have much to celebrate, are always worried about the promotion, and look forward to the fact that spring festivals are totally worthless than promotions, and that spring festivals can pass many times, but that promotion is about the major event of Great Yi’s whole. Even Lantern Festival has no idea. But still counted as a hobby.

It’s been over Lantern Festival for the fifty years of eternity.

The night before this day, Great Yi, I don’t know how many people’s eyes are open, and I can’t sleep.

dang Dang Dang Dang!

In the morning, when the first sunlight in the east breaks over the sky, it starts to shine on the earth. A short morning bell rings in Void.


“The time has finally come, and we Great Yi will finally be promoted to the Holy Court. Wait this day, we’ve been waiting too long.”

“The emperor went to the Holy Court, which was a huge crossroads, although it was not known what was going to happen, but even if it had been spelled out, what had happened, it had to be forced to carry the past, and this time I Great Yi had to be promoted to the Holy Court.”

“We haven’t been to be trifled with it for years, and we’ve had a good day for today because of Great Yi, and since that, we have spelled this blood meat, and we have to do our best for Great Yi.”

Flight towards promotion will inevitably fall into the heavens and the earth, test and pass. It will be good to see its own strength, override it, and, if that is not the case, it will be its own strength, not its promotion, and it will be its own meteorological injury and its gravity. In a short time, it is difficult to restore the meteorology.

What is the disaster, and no one can know. But there is no doubt that there will be.

Now, under Great Yi, all the people are completely ready and psychologically prepared.

At the same time, many powerhouse in Great Yi have seen their eyes.

In Void, the hidden city of Wong Wong Fairy flourishes, and now the people of the heavens and the earth look at it.

The city of the Great Coast is full of everyone’s vision. Great Yi, hundreds of millions of megabyes of people, travels with a fanatical look towards the city of Huang. In that vision, the companion was a tremendous people and wish power.

Coming together, letting it stay in Great Yi, and all the energy to prepare for the ceremony is a slight change in the face.

“The conscience of the people, the situation is unstoppable.”

Long Doom is full of sighs.

“Great Yi, which has reached ten thousand taels thousand zhang, has every day a sea volume of air shipments, such as water flow, integrated into True Dragon, the power of the six claws Azure Dragon, cannot be peeled.”

Every day, the permanent currencies will generate a constant flow of air from all directions to Great Yi. It’s called an endless source.

Of course, these, others do not know that it is only felt that every day True Dragon is growing up, that kind of growth is not visible in a short period of time, and that it will be discovered in a period of time that has grown so far. It’s really amazing.

It is also self-explanated that the bottom of Great Yi is indeed strong enough to start breakthrough promotion only when it reaches a total of ten thousand taels thousand zhang.

In the palace, a rainbow has been shaped into a giant rainbow bridge, appearing in Void.

Yi Tianxing was a hybrid tornado, with his head on the roof, stepping on the rainbow bridge.


weather of the emperor of God naturally transmits it out and goes quickly to all directions. Whoever, just see, the whole mind is conscious. Feel invisible deterrence.

“It’s the Emperor.”

Hundreds of people are happy in their hearts.

“Great Yi trillion people, today, I Great Yi’s luck with True Spirit, which has reached ten thousand taels thousand zhang, has a population, 37 megawatts, is in the Han Sea area, all under control, and my Great Yi, is promoted today… Holy court!”

Yi Tianxing looked at the Quartet, as if all the Great Yi people could be integrated into their eyes.

All the people, too, have a sense of their own attention.

That feeling makes them feel more excited and fanatic in their hearts.

“Holy Court!”

“Holy Court!”


Thousands of people scream in the heavens, and the Holy Court, that is also the dream in their hearts. They are even more compelling to see Great Yi move to the Holy Court. Born in Great Yi, they were honored.

Yi Tianxing couldn’t live up to a pride.

Wait this day, it’s been too long. This is Great Yi’s accumulation for decades.

“The altar!”

In the meantime, Yi Tianxing sends a break in the air, with a serious voice. At the same time, the entire Great Yi Empire is in the territory of a serious and respectful life for all the people.

Wrap it!

At a moment when the voices fall, it is clear that the altar floats from the clouds of the Dawn, and, in the first time, dropping out of the sky, directly appeared in the city of the Unseen and fell above the central square.

As can be seen, this altar has become even more mysterious than before. Up there, there is an increasing number of holy sacrifices, spreading the breath and increasing the intensity of the breath, embodying incredible strengths and giving people the right to be feared at a moment when they see themselves.

The altar is divided into two floors, backward and translated into nine zhang high.

First floor is a quartet, while 2nd floor is a round. There’s a ladder that can climb. The size of the ladder, a total of eighty-one steps. Take Nine by Nine Returns to One’s sincerity.

The altar, one side, is a circle.

As soon as they appear, they fall into the city, as if they put down roots, and the earth is connected to the earth and connects with the will of the earth. The paradise is connected to the heavens.

An invisible will comes together from the heavens and the earth.

“Good altar, this altar, Divine Artifact, a township of the Great Yi Empire, lucky Supreme Treasure, free of border traffic tempering, unprotected public scrubbing, is no longer the same as any Innate Spirit Treasure. It’s called a country’s heavy, Supreme’s precious. As soon as it appears, all the Earth’s power in the Great Yi Empire can be mobilized.”

Long way to go, slowly said.

The altar is one of the most fundamental towns, Divine Artifact. Absolutely not neglected.

However, Divine Artifact, a town like the altar, can only be used in a shipping direction, and other cultivator, even if it’s in hand, is a dead thing. I can’t do it.

“Keep looking down, that’s just the beginning.”

Jingqing slowly said. It is naturally a remarkable thing to miss.

“The altar is linked to the earth, Great Yi is the main channel, and Heavenly Dao would have been unable to interfere with promotion, but Great Yi is as likely as Heavenly Dao in a permanent world, not exceeding Heavenly Dao level, and Heavenly Dao can perform the exam in lieu of the road.”

Yi Tianxing, as the head of the movement, also felt the changes in the altar at the first time. Great Yi was wrong for the road to do nothing at all, but the Great Yi level was clearly too low and could not really be given too much attention. The relationship between Heavenly Dao and Heavenly has also allowed Heavenly Dao to acquire power and to examine the movement of nuclear transportation towards promotion, as long as it is based on a fair and impartial position. The road is not going to be allowed.

The opening of the altar immediately felt that there were two will on it, one of which was the will of the main pathways, very insignificant, and that, with the exception of Yi Tianxing, others had no idea that they could feel, as Lord of Shivenly Dao, only one of them could feel. So, without pro-active exposure, the outside world would not know the mystery of that.

Just feeling Heavenly Dao’s will has come.

At this point, it is clear that Chai is standing next to the altar, with a solemn dress. A face is serious.

“Up… Priests!”

Choi Xiaojung shouted.

At the end of the day, there was an in-house servant who quickly placed the sacrifices that had already been prepared on the altar, which were not a mortal, but the Rare item in the heavens and the earth. Every Rare Project is worth a city that gives people the opportunity to create the altar and to promote Dao Pillar Realm’s Rose, where nine pieces are taken once. It’s a great talent.

But at this point, no one thinks it’s wasteful, compared to promotion, and these sacrifices are nothing but insignificant things.

As can be seen, the Rare Project entered the altar, naturally, into the light, disappearing and seems to have been taken by some kind of mysterious will. And immediately, the will of the altar is stronger.

Wrap it!

Then, the altar is empty, and I don’t know when a Gold Color’s eyes appear empty. In that eye, it seems to feel a threat that cannot be resisted. That’s the pressure from heaven and earth. Even if they were the elders, they would not be bowed down by their own selves. With respect.

“Heavenly Dao’s eyes.”

It’s Heavenly Dao.

“My Great Yi Emperor, Yi Tianxing, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Temple Avenue, Great Yi since the establishment of the State, the Nepalese population, the extraterritorial exorcism of the beast, God and Demon Battlefield, the Malaysian corpse, the remorse of death, even more distant, the horizontal night battlefield, the killing of countless enemies, the enlightening of the heavens and the outside world, so that my Great Yi people, like dragon, can be self-respected, free from abuse, and no catastrophe. Today, the frontier is expanded, the Nahan Sea area is territorial, the population has reached 40 megawatts, the Thai people, the Thai people have lived in peace and security. Old and dependent, young.”

“Today, the empire is no longer in a position to accommodate Great Yi’s needs, look to the streets of mercy, Heavenly Dao. Allow my Great Yi empire to be promoted. Achieve the Holy Court.”

Yi Tianxing, with a unique rhyme, continues to spit. This is a tribute to Great Yi’s performance.

And that’s one thing, I’m Great Yi, who’s bleeding for the people of the heavens and the earth, killing enemies for the eternal world, putting Heavenly Dao on God and Demon Battlefield, cannot be extinct, ignored, and now I’m going to be promoted to the Holy Court, and you Heavenly Dao can’t stop me from doing what you’ve done in the past, and it’s convenient to me.

Of course, this is Great Yi, the power, the bottom, the luck, the kung fu, all of which have reached the height of promotions and are no longer exaggerated.

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