Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1855

Heavenly Dao’s eyes in Void are not at all, consistent, quiet. Heavenly Dao to the Principality, without privacy, Great Yi did bleed for the eternal world, killing enemies, even more directly entering the night battlefield, and holding up the darkness army in the night for 20 years, an attack that, on the second God and Demon Battlefield, could not be claimed. Great Yi is going to be promoted, and Heavenly Dao is impossible to stop.

It is

all the more impossible to agree.

But it will not be said that this is acquiescence.

“The earth gives birth to all things, and is above it, and it is a mother and a son!”

Choi was a priest, and expression was serious.

Yi Tianxing has also not hesitated to step further on the first floor of the altar and walk away from his knees, and this time, the earth will feed human race and allow human race to live in peace and breeding.


This week, the earthquake struck, and Profound Yellow Qi across the Great Yi border. I can even feel that the earth is in a microshock. The invisible gravity of the earth is gathered in the altar. The altar 1 floor, countless rune in the flash, and the pressure has risen dramatically. The complete release of divine light and, if cultivator sees it with a forensic view, it will be found that in Han Sea, most regions have flown out of Green Color. That’s from the earth. Green Color, exactly the same as Great Yi. Green Color is located in the region, where the city is located, and the radiation is 1,000 miles wide.

Just, the more it goes, the weaker it produces.

That’s wild. From Green Color to Blue Color, and Yellow Color. However, even at the edge of the edge, there is still Yellow Color on the rise, which represents Great Yi’s power control over the area, which is not very weak, at least, influential and indifferent. As long as there is sufficient time, it can be completely assimilated. The earth is gracious, and it is a source of continuous provision.

This week, Yi Tianxing is willing to worship with a sincere heart.

“Two nights, Father, Heaven, Human race, be self-reliant!”

Choi called again.

Yi Tianxing also came to the 2nd floor, and then kneeled again. The sky is given to human race, and human race is only self-reliant, and inheritance is permanently present. The heavens and the earth give life to the people, but if they are not self-reliant, they can only become blood meals, and in the heaven the opportunity to give life is equal, and there is no race that is noble, no one is equal.

This day is not Heavenly Dao, but the will of God. It is undeniable that the heavens and the earth raise and raise the Great Yi people.

With the sacrifice, since Void, there has been an invisible force gathered on the altar, and 2nd floor has been masked by divine light.

“Three goodbye. To justice, Heavenly Dao is selfless, built the heavens and the earth, without poverty, may the streets pity me for human race, and protect me from human race inheritance.”

Chai continues to host the channel.

Yi Tianxing stepped up on the 3rd-layer step, and at the top of the brainstorming, it was clear that there seemed to be an invisible will on his own, and that was the will of the heavens and the earth, and that was only at this moment that it was true to face the heavens and the earth and to be tested.

And, almost next second. Unimaginable pressures naturally come out of your body, even Yi Tianxing, and feel that the whole breath has become uncomfortable, as if it were to fall directly into suffocation.

“My Great Yi Emperor, Yi Tianxing, the Lord of the Great Dao of the World today, and the Mercy of the heavens and the earth, the empire is no longer in a position to carry my Great Yi nation, and this is an honour to see the heavens and the earth grant and to serve the Holy Court.”

Even if you’re under endless pressure, Yi Tianxing still has no hesitation, a word, no halfway shaking, but every word pukes, it feels that the pressure on her body has risen dramatically, that cultivation base is insufficient, that there is a lack of will, and that it cannot be said that the body will be crushed, and that the whole body will fall from the altar. And it is this sacrifice that is the true sacrifice, and it is all that is directly branded between the heavens and the earth.

And, with the voice, you can see, on the altar, divine light flowing, and a copy of the picture is coming up.

There are Great Yi Fairy Town to suppress the wilderness, countless bounty hunters to grasp the quartet and the Wall of Iron Long Wall to cover the border. The Great Yi Million Army entered God and Demon Battlefield, where the images of the constant killing of the General Night Army on the battlefield, even across the heavens and the earth, across the well of the Magic Way, all showed up one after another and went fast.

A screen, like life, when it really shocks people’s hearts.

These, coming out of Great Yi’s years of success, for the Lord of the heavens and the earth. These, Great Yi High knows that, in the eyes of the population in Great Yi, only a few have been heard, but no one has seen it personally, and each and everyone is now showing strong shocks and deeper pride.

Great Yi was able to be today, not fortunate, and it came out of the blood of countless generals, with countless energy.

“The emperor rewarded the fine-tuning and created such a foundation for Great Yi, political clarity, and our people were also living in peace, and soldiers were strong. So popular, how can we not be promoted to the Holy Court?”

“Good, I’ve heard that we, General Great Yi, have killed countless enemies on God and Demon Battlefield, that the battlefield is difficult, that blood flowing into a river every day, that evil will never be exhausted, and that we have no idea how many martyrs will die in the sand. We Great Yi have fought for eternal bloodshed and for the eternal killing of enemies.”

“In our capacity to promote the Holy Court.”

Hundreds of people can’t stand to cry.

Similarly, this screen is seen by such great powers as the Long Down King, and naturally it will not be calm in the heart. These are Great Yi’s history, honor, inheritance of civilization, and are destined to pass the images of the ancient.


With the sacrifice, the heavens and the earth are trapped in a silence, as if the brakes were permanent, and it was not known how long it was in the past, and there was a glimmer of light in the eyes of Heavenly Dao of Gold Color, and there was no sign of a blast in Void.

“Let’s go!”


seems to be possible to hear permission from Heavenly Dao and to hear responses from the streets.

That is the moment when Yi Tianxing’s instincts felt that the moisture from the Great Yi Empire had been broken, and the invisible chains from the heavens and the earth had been shattered.

“Today I Great Yi will be promoted to the Holy Court.”

Yi Tianxing had to be excited, but that was the Holy Court. Once promoted, it would be like moving directly into the river from a small pond, and the road ahead would be completely open. And when he stood on the altar, he shouted.

“Promotion of the Holy Court, Great Yi Holy Court.”

Hearing Yi Tianxing’s call, Great Yi Empire shouted in the land of the countless people, overflow’s fantastic color. Throw out the joy of the heart completely. The face is filled with endless joy.

“Heavenly Dao, although it will not be stopped, the test that truly needs to be faced in the promotion of the Holy Court will come. Just see if Great Yi can support it.”

After Loose Practitioner saw it, said with a faint smile.

Transportation to promotion is not that simple.

It can be divided into natural and man-made disasters.

Heavenly Tribulation, a journey towards promotion, has to be tested by the robbery. It’s not about other people, it’s just about luck, True Dragon and Fukun. Heavenly Tribulation is coming first. Heavenly Tribulation of cultivator is already terrifying, transporting Heavenly Tribulation to Heavenly Tribulation, ideally and even more terrifying.

“Heavenly Tribulation is coming.”

Yi Tianxing likewise felt that a hijacking was empty and appeared directly over the city of Heung Huang, that a thick cloud appeared empty, that in the clouds a path of lightning was flying, and that there was a flame storm, and that terrifying images were constantly appearing, as was the end of the day. Dissemination of terrifying pressure. It’s like we’re going to rob everything under the clouds and destroy it. Heavenly Dao’s eyes are hidden in the clouds.

“terrifying, pretty terrifying. Dao Pillar Realm walked in and was afraid to fall.”

Lo’s sun has a grasp of alcohol, and he has a whisper of light in his eyes. This is against Heavenly Tribulation of an empire, which is a violent force, not a small cocoa.

“Yeah, the emperor’s promotion to the Holy See is not a general promotion, but a difference between heaven and earth, so much across, Heavenly Tribulation, an unprecedented moment, and only feared that the entire eternal world’s numerous forces are being cared for in the dark. This is certainly not just what we can see here. The whole eternal world will see.”

Jingqing slowly said.

The eyebrows carry a piece of weight.

There is no doubt about that. In fact, when Heavenly Dao permits promotions, Great Yi’s portrait today has appeared in Void, truly photographing Void, which can be seen in any region of the permanent world. I don’t know how much power it takes to focus on this scene.


Jin Qin!

Big summer!


The witch, Monster Race, the barbarian, the forces of concern, are countless.

And each and all of them were invisible when they saw the clouds coming over Great Yi, which was a great deal of luck, and Great Yi was the pioneer, and they preferred to see something that would come from what they were going to face, which would be easier to cope with and ready to do. Not as far as it is clear, there is nothing to face.

“The promotion of the shipping dynasty, even with the permission of the heavens and the earth, needs to be tested, and once it fails, the ultimate consequences can only be promotional failure, frustration and frustration of the country. The Emperor promoted the Holy Court, especially. It’s a real big robbery.”

Almost all of the arrivals know that in their hearts.


玄黄仙城上空,显现出浩大的功德祥云,呈现出Gold Color ,遮天辟日。一眼望去,几乎能感觉是浩瀚无边。祥云中,一条足足达到一ten thousand taels thousand zhang 巨大的六爪Azure Dragon 在云中faintly discernible 。在得到天地认可的同时,赫然能看到,Azure Dragon 头顶的dragon horn ,开始浮现出Gold Color 。仿佛是Yellow Gold 铸造,只是,这种Gold Color 只出现在dragon horn 上。要彻底蜕变,太难。

What is needed is Heavenly Tribulation’s baptism, which is completely changed in Heavenly Tribulation.

This Heavenly Tribulation, is a disaster and a fabrication.

hong long long!

Stolen the clouds out, free of charge, and only see the cloud dropping out of the sky, coming down to the bottom, covering up the sky.

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