Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1856

[Scared, the earthquake’s been shocked twice today. My good boy, a little scared. I don’t know if it’s gonna be any more shock.

“What’s going on? How did the clouds fall down on their own?”

“How could the clouds suddenly fall down, not in Void, into tribulation thunder strikes? There’s no moth coming out.”

Heavenly Tribulation has never seen much of it, not even for the first time, so when the clouds come down, it feels a little bit different to know how this Heavenly Tribulation is going to explode.


Six-claws Azure Dragon saw the threat, but there was nothing to evade, knowing that it was a test that had to be experienced, that it was hidden, that fighting intent in the heart, was completely inspired, that a dragon roar was issued, that it was swallowed directly into the body, and then that it was not feared that the clouds had been looted in the past, that dragon claw had gone forward, and that it seemed that a claw had to rip the cloud into pieces. Break it completely.

Otherwise, a strange change took place at a time when clouds crashed with True Dragon.

It seems that in the dark clouds, countless rune, and suddenly, into a huge volcano. In the volcano, it can be seen that terrifying lava is flowing. This volcano is too big, even if it’s ten thousand zhang’s lucky luck, True Dragon, is involved in the volcano, completely stuck in the volcano, hot lava, surrounded with destructive forces, with crazy luck, True Dragon.

The power of destruction inherent in this volcano seems to be capable of destroying and melting everything.

Even if Lu was pure, they were complexion greatly changed, it was clear that if they were locked up by volcanoes, even if they had the power of Dao Pillar Realm, they would still be burned into ashes in the volcano.

That power, too much bullying terror.

Moreover, the most terrifying of the volcano was the moment of the outbreak, when the power of the eruption was more than 100 times normal.

It is perfectly clear that a lava has been transformed into a destructive force, with crazy moved towards six claws, Azure Dragon, brushing the past. In lava, it is perfectly clear that True Dragon’s shocking dragon roar sound seems to have been melted and blood flesh extinguished.

However, the extinction is accompanied by rapid resurgence and constant recovery.

In the course of this regeneration, it is clear that Gold Color, the lucky True Dragon, started spreading from dragon horn moved towards his head. Moreover, whoever has become part of Gold Color, even if it is the destruction of lava in the volcano, it cannot be destroyed, but in lava, golden light is shining.

And in this process, volcanoes continue to destroy the luck of True Dragon. Every time the re-emergence is destroyed, it can be seen that its size, which is constantly shrinking, is the source of the luck True Dragon, which is being consumed and destroyed.

As if every second, it was destroyed several times, more than ten times. Lucky True Dragon’s body has been reduced at a visible rate in naked eye.

hong long long!

There are

countless lava rolling in the volcano, and continuing to involve True Dragon in it, and it can be seen that Gold Color’s mutation is not slow, and that Gold Color has covered the whole dragon head in the destruction of his life, and then lava will no longer be able to destroy the dragons. And the lucky True Dragon’s body, too, was reduced by 1,000 zhang in the process. Most importantly, the head is preserved, and that’s the most important.

This volcano is like a huge pill furnace, crazy exercise of everything, destroying everything.

Even the elders, the cells, the energy, each and everyone’s face, show color, look like this. The heart is horrible.

“There’s a change.”

Rais out of light in the eyes of Lu’s pure eyes, and say something.

The sound fell, and it was clear that the volcano, which covered True Dragon, suddenly began to change, became a tornado of terrifying without sign, which could shave blood and destroy the soul.

“Heaven – Dragon Storm!”

The storm covered the luck of True Dragon, and countless storms were moving into countless blades, terrifying more than any Divine Armament machine, cutting the craziness and shaving the dragon that shipped True Dragon. Destroying, nothing is under the volcano.

If cultivator was there, there was no doubt that it would have been devastating.

In tornado storms, don’t say ordinary cultivator, even if it’s big enough to get in, it’s shaved, blowing bones apart and completely melting.

However, there is still no devastating impact on True Dragon, which continues to be reborn in destruction, Gold Color spreads down from the forehead, blood skeleton dragons, all of which are naturally and naturally transformed into Gold Color. How much is consumed to fill it up at the first time. As long as it changes, even if it is the blade of destruction in the tornadoes, it will not be possible. On top, instead of shooting out a path of golden light, we hit Mars.

“Heaven disaster – thunderstorms!”


“Heaven disaster – absolute zero!”


“Heaven – Dark tide!”


In the eyes of countless people and cultivator, the hijackings in Void continued to erupt, once again destroying True Dragon and again reborn. As can be seen, these are real natural disasters, embedded in terrorist banditry, many times more terrifying than natural disasters in the natural world, and evolutionary hijackings, beyond imagined terrifying.

Heavenly Tribulation, however, was hijacked and was also manufactured. It’s a baptism for the body.

As can be seen, the body of True Dragon, a former ten thousand taels thousand zhang, was constantly shrinking in various natural disasters, a tempering baptism from the bloodline, the original bloodline miscellaneous of the body, was removed from the hijacking baptism, the constant moved towards higher bloodline promotion, a piece of Green Color’s dragon was crushed in Heavenly Tribulation, and feminized into divine light in half-air. At the same time, it seems that the new film is derived and translated into Gold Color, Gold Color, and that it appears that an immortal rhyme has been passed.

There are nine kinds of natural disasters like this.

When nine natural disasters come to an end, it is clear that the luck of the previous husband True Dragon is only 100 zhang size.


As can be seen, the luck True Dragon is very excited, and the whole body has completely turned into Gold Color, like Yellow Gold, and spreads the breath, which is nothing less than it was before, but stronger, and the breath of Inextinguishable Immortal, which has a sense of moving from fantasy to reality. Very clever.

Lucky True Dragon is done.

Six-claws Azure Dragon became Seven Clawed Golden Dragon!

“It is difficult for more than 10,000 husbands, after the hijacking, to have only 100 zhang size, and if they have not reached that altitude, it is only fearful that, after the mutation, the lucky luck that can be brought together, True Spirit, may not even be 100 zhang. Even in this process, the consumption of the strength of kung fu is equally enormous.”

Yi Tianxing witnessed and was not implicit in sighed in relief. As long as the change is completed, that’s the best thing.

This time, however, the luck True Dragon was able to complete the change, not only with great luck, but also with courage. As you can see, the glorious cloud swallowed by True Dragon was thrown out again after the mutation was completed. Just, after throwing out, the size of the clouds has been reduced by half, and it was covered by the sky. And now there’s only 1,000 zhang. Before a natural disaster, it had been possible to destroy life once and for all, and the cost was to do the best.

This consumption is permanent and irreversible.

Now, if you want to grow up, you can only rely on time to accumulate.

So if there is not enough accumulation, there is no great skill, even if you have enough luck, you cannot complete the change. The key of this is that no one has ever known. And at this moment, it is now in the eyes of the entire permanent world force.

“Originally, the promotion of the Holy Court requires not only luck, but also kung fu.”

“Well, a Great Yi, there is such a huge accumulation, but this time, too, is a personal affair for Great Yi. Have a chance, or be repaid.”

I don’t know how many shipments come from the head of the Lord.

That’s the pioneer. Some are looking ahead, and the latter are better prepared. Undoubtedly, this time Yi Tianxing and Great Yi were the pioneers of this journey and paved the way for the latter. Look at the way.

In the invisible, there is also one affair.

“Finally, it’s done. Seven Clawed Golden Dragon, Great Yi Holy Court, is a great womb.”

Get away from Loose Practitioner and make a joke.

“Good luck True Spirit has been transformed and has been promoted to Seven Clawed Golden Dragon.”

“Seven Clawed Golden Dragon, indeed too powerful, Gold Color’s luck, which is already the meteorology of the Holy Court. We Great Yi have been promoted to the Holy Court?”

Hundreds of people have opened their eyes and looked at True Dragon long ago, feared to miss any moment and witnessed a change in the luck of True Dragon, and the excitement of each and everyone in their hearts was completely on the table. All of them are sighed in relief, moving towards promotion, the most important being the lucky True Spirit, and the lucky True Spirit is completing the change, and the other is the micro. It’s all where water flows, a canal is formed.

“Lucky True Spirit has been transformed, with the city of Great Yi, being promoted to Sacred City.”

Yi Tianxing didn’t hesitate to talk directly. Lucky True Spirit and Hyun-jing Fairy are themselves, and now True Spirit has changed, and that fairy town’s promotion has been broken, followed by promotions, which is the perfect change, and it is the true promotion of the Holy See.

Holy Court, when there’s Sacred City.

By the way of transport, Cinder is equally essential and cannot be ignored. To promote the pilgrimage, that town must be promoted to Sacred City, and only Sacred City can carry the pilgrimage.

And today’s unseen city is different, not only to the Fairy City, but also to Paragon Divine Artifact, and more to the Eternal Heaven Ark, three to the Supreme Fairy City, which emerged from integration.

“Master, in order to promote Huang Wong Fairy City, there must be a sea volume of wish power jewellery, the use of wish power jewellery and the authorization of the owner.”

If Fairy’s voice appears in Yi Tianxing’s mind, say it quickly.

Of course, such promotions will have the support of the heavens and the earth, but if there is insufficient wish power jewellery, the potential of Fairy City will be affected.

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