Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1926

“Interesting, such a rule, is anyone coming to trade?” Yi Tianxing means a long look at the dawn cabinet, and how does this place feel about the same place he knows about, pawn eight? It is a place where you can classify yourself and fulfill any of your aspirations. Some say it’s heaven, some say it’s a demon.

However, it is not a hindrance to go in and out.

“Come on, let’s go in and take a look.”

Yi Tianxing has not hesitated to step into this cabinet.

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Inside, put each and everyone’s shelves on.

On the shelf, Heineken can see that there is a crystal box that is transparent and contains a wide range of priceless and unique rare treasure


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It is not too much to see a middle-aged man in black robes, coming by, looking at Yi Tianxing say with a smile, who is known to him for a thousand faces, and it is clearly Yi Tianxing, of course, whether a deal can be made, and it is not too much to care that, in the usual, most of the stores are small, fewer buyers, after all, what he needs is most important for many. Who can give up easily. One treasure, often required not a small number.

These have created one of the reasons why there is no easy way of reaching a deal between the Sky Bowl.

But it cannot be denied that treasure in heaven’s cabinet is indeed the dream of Sacred City, the most complete, the most expensive one. No one can be beautiful.

“Boss is atmospheric, and since the heaven’s cabinet dares to call rare treasure, it is in it, and it is not known whether there are rare treasure planets in the sky.” Yi Tianxing slowed down the interview. In the words, it seems to be with a slice of probation.

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The real man laughed, and it didn’t seem like Yi Tianxing’s test.

After the sound fell, he took Yi Tianxing to a cargo shelf. To one of the treasure boxes. As you can see, in a transparent crystal box, a very peculiar rare treasure, which looks like a circle, inside, like a particle collisor, a astronomical orbit that is intertwined, constantly twinning, seems to be on top, seeing the five Elements of the sky, the stars. It’s as if you could really spy on the astronomy, the path of destiny. In the middle, it’s a globe with White Colour divine light, in which countless mysterious rune is flashing. It seems to be linked to fate.

Sky orbit, every change, is a change in planets. Produce the mole.

Hyun-seo’s deep, when it’s really unbearable to want to be completely trapped in it, it’s hard to succumb.

“That’s the astronaut.”

Yi Tianxing saw and was not struck by the heart, and it must be said that this rare treasure is indeed quite difficult to find. With Great Yi’s abilities, the prestige on Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the search for astronomical devices is very difficult and there are no traces of its existence. Such rare treasure, to be honest, is really gonna take a lot of opportunity, without it, without luck, without even touching it.

Somewhere else can’t be found, but only here.


capacity of the cabinet this day can be seen. Not usually strong.

“Astronomical instruments can spy on astronomical variations, speculate astronomical variations, and terrestrial motors can detect atmospheric mountain variability, spacecraft, geomotor, and both can detect changes in the heavens and the earth, and have the capacity beyond imagination, absolutely the Supreme Treasure of the heavens and earth. Supporting capacity, there is no double in the world, especially for the ancillary movement.”

In exchange for goods, which was the rule of the transaction that he could accept and did not love money, he believed that the original rules of the transaction were the most likely ones that had not answered before, and probably not all the items he needed.

“Oh, come on.”

Sky Boy really heard, laughed, showed a little interest. You know,


owns a lot of priceless and unique rare treasure, and there is no demand for goods, ”
I exchanged an interesting Supreme Treasure from Battlefield of Gods and Demons in the Fiendgod Treasure, a pawn shop, which is said to be connected to days and to a wide range of guests. You can walk in the sky, swim around Nine Heavens, swim around nine. For organic reasons, they can come to eternity and embark on the other side.”

Yi Tianxing word, slowly said.

“Eternal Heaven Ark, you have Eternal Heaven Ark.”

The real people of the sky heard that the face changed, say solsolemnly: “The passing of Eternal Heaven’s canoe was the Supreme Witness Divine Item in the previous century, reaching the other side of the shore. The canoes can set up the ruins and bring in the guests of heaven. Between Heaven and Earth, almost out of the right. However, since the end of the previous century, Eternal Heaven’s canoe has been virtually unaccounted for and all hidden, and in such a case you’re not kidding how to find Eternal Heaven’s ark.”

Obviously, the knowledge of Eternal Heaven’s canoe is not in a minority


Even quite a lot.

“Certainly not a complete Eternal Heaven ark, but a broken canoe, the most central part of it, the eternal Lotus no longer exists. Otherwise, it would certainly be the triumph of astronomical numbers. Even so, it would still be of great value. There’s a lot of permanent units in there that can work. Its value remains uncertain.”

Yi Tianxing Say with a smile.

Even the wreckage of the ark itself has a value that is beyond imagination, not to say that the material of the body is the supreme prophet, and that the vessel accepts a bathing tempering from the eternal lover, its quality, is even more alarming and almost unique to Inextinguishable Immortal. The great power of Eternal Heaven’s ark remains inside


The re-establishment of the Eternal Heaven ark, or the other stove, is of great significance


Tianxing didn’t say anything, so wait. But it is very clear that no one can face Eternal Heaven’s canoes, either in exchange or in forcible robbery, in exchange for joy and robbery, which he has never feared.

“can be exchanged.”

The real man took a deep breath after that, and said no dded.

Obviously, the residue of Eternal Heaven’s ark remains intricately attractive to it, by which he can find the secrets of the pawn and become his bottom.

“The value of astronomical devices is not equal to the value of the wrecked bodies of the ark, and this trade is not fair.” Yi Tianxing just said with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist, this is a suspicion of the opening price of the seat.” The real man slightly frowned said.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Yi Tianxing say in a tranquil voice.

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