Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1972


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This is definitely an astronomical figure, with 28 million meritorious points before you can be promoted to Grade 1 Earl. It is conceivable how honorable Earl’s position is. If you want to be promoted, you must have sufficient merits. Representing identity and status. The grand officials shook in the great hall, secretly shocked.

The title of Great Yi is definitely not a cheap reward.

Yi Tianxing continued: “Houhou, if you are not a military merit, you must not marshal, Marquis, 30 million points of merit (military merits), you can seal Hou, promotion to Grade 8, plus 500,000 points of merit. 157,500 credits. “

“Duke, the Duke needs 100 million Million Meritorious Points, promotion to Grade 8 requires 1,000,000 Meritorious Points, and the Duke Grade 1 requires ten 500 Million Merchant Points, 67,000,000 Meritorious Points.”

“As for the title of king and king, you need 2,000,000,000 meritorious points, to promote Grade 8, you need to add 5,000,000 meritorious points, and to promote Grade 1 king, you need 40,275,000,000 meritorious points.”

Oh! !!

Rao is a group of ministers with very strong psychological qualities. After hearing this, he couldn’t help taking a breath on the spot. The later the knighthood, the higher the points of merit required. Moreover, the merit required by the later princes all require military merits. Immediate princes are by no means empty words.

But again, this doesn’t stop the enthusiastic heart in the great hall.

Although there are many military merits, but this is a ladder that can be seen by them. As long as you have so many merits, as long as you are willing to pay merits to redeem them, you can seal the Hou, or even the king, and tell everyone directly As long as you have the ability, as long as you make meritorious deeds, the public seat is waiting for you. The position of the king is not a dream, a dream is out of reach, and now it can be touched.

This is all about drawing a huge delicious cake in front of you. Make it visible to everyone.

No one can easily resist this temptation.

The ministers are all excited about it, let alone the Great Yi folk, and even outside of Great Yi, they will inevitably become more excited and want more. Even if the required merit is an astronomical figure, after all, you can see it, after all, there is hope, not even the specific threshold.

In comparison, countless people would prefer to see that threshold.

It’s like now, maybe the ministers can’t seal the crown, but with the expansion of Great Yi, they will continually fight the major realms. After all, they will have the opportunity to make contributions. In the army, there is no war.

“This time seal, because you are all founding ministers who have followed the King all the way, so the Lord Feng does not need the merits of your Ai Qing, it is a bit of the King’s heart. All you and me Love. “

Yi Tianxing said with a smile.

This time is a special case. Here, it is no less than an old minister who has followed for decades. If it is placed in the world, it is already a lifetime. You have to show it anyway. There is no meritorious service for the captain, which is a true gift of reward. Since the founding of Great Yi, I am afraid there will only be this time. In the future, Feng Jue can, need his own merits to achieve, will naturally get the title.

“Thank King Sheng.”

The ministers bowed down and thanked them, and they were moved.

“Seal Huang Chengyan as Grade 1 Earl, and give Earl a seal.”

Sunflower Old Ancestor continues to read the decree, this time, it is a real seal. With the fall of Feng Feng, you can see that in the sky the title list appears, and the rays of light flow in the title list, naturally the name of Huang Chengyan emerges, followed by a copper seal dripping from the sky. Appears in the hands of Huang Chengyan. Jue Yin seems to be the size of an egg. It is just in the hand, and it has Divine Ability of Size as one wants.

Huang Chengyan took over, and immediately began to shrink, becoming a small jade pendant, not directly on the waist as an accessory. Walking outside, this accessory is a status symbol.

This is the symbol of the title.

According to the title, the seal is different. Baron is a wood seal, Viscount is an iron seal, Earl is a bronze seal, the Marquis is a silver seal, and the Duke is a Golden Seal. Wang Jue is the jade seal. It is the difference of identity. This is destined to be popular in Great Yi in the future.

Followed by countless people.

“Seal Yang Ye as Marquis of Grade 3 and give Marquis Seal.”

In the sky rays of light, a silver seal appeared in Yang Ye’s hand. He was also transformed into a jade pendant, not pinned at his waist. As can be seen, his hands were shaking slightly. Fenghou, really Fenghou. He Yang Family also one day became the Marquis House.

This feeling allows him to give birth to a kind of death that even if Yi Tianxing asks him to die, he will immediately agree, without the slightest hesitation.

Judges die for their friends! !!

The ministers in the palace are all shaking.

Although it is the Marquis of Grade 3, it is still sealed. This is the Marquis. Moreover, you can continue to rise by virtue. As long as the merits continue, you can even maintain the position of marquis, heir to the family. What glory is that.

“Zhuang Yang, General Yang, Zhuang Yang, Yang Family.”

In the Great Yi, there are hundreds of people who show an expression of longing for envy, but without envy. Feng Hou should be Yang Ye. He followed Yi Tianxing to rise from the end, and a little from Corpse Mountain Blood. Founding heroes from the Sea. Sealed immediately. He deserves this marquis.

“Really sealed, this is King Yisheng’s courage and credibility. If you say that you will be sealed immediately, you will really be blocked immediately.”

The private powerhouse is secretly amazed and envious.

“I also join the army, Great Yi joins the army, the benefits are excellent, and I can be converted into a formal soldier after the reserve. If you have the opportunity to enter the battlefield, you can build military achievements. “

“Our boys, be brave to take the lead. Work hard and join the army to contribute to the country.”

Countless young men in the heart secretly make up their minds. The desire for a title is naturally extremely strong. Once you have a title, your identity will change and you will get the envy of countless people. This is identity and honor.

And in the army soul war world, countless soldiers are glowing in the eyes.

Fighting Hou immediately is not a dream, they can also captivate.

Although loyal to Great Yi and Yi Tianxing, if you can get more honors and have the opportunity to bless the family and future generations, that is the glory of Guangzong Yaozu for a lifetime.

“Next time you play, must build more merits.”

Countless soldiers secretly made up in the heart.

“Seal Qi Jiguang as Marquis of Grade 4 and give Marquis Seal.”

The decree continues to read, and the seal continues.

one after another Feng Hou’s seals kept ringing. These sealers are Corps Head in the army. It was the major Corps Heads who entered the Fiendgod battlefield and fought the Night Battlefield in the same year. According to their own merits and contributions, they sealed the ranks of Grade 4 and Grade 5 to Grade 9 Marquis.

This is the glory of the generals in the army.

Zhuge Liang was also blocked, and the Marquis of Grade 1 was named Wu Wu,

The Marquis reaches Grade 1 and will be given a seal. Below Grade 1, no seal is given. Zhuge Liang has been in charge of the Military council pavilion in these years, and he is well-organized, with a martial arts title.

Jia Xu was marquis, Marquis Grade 1 and Zhihou marquee.

This time, the number of marquis that have been sealed is quite amazing.

It’s a joy to get a seal, and flowers bloom in your heart. This kind of joy can’t be hidden.

“The Great Yi was named Hou, and from now on, the heart of the powerhouse belongs to Great Yi. How can those who are in the wild not be able to fight for their lives?”

The great power in Great Yi is also secretly lamenting that this move is really brilliant.

The cultivator is not indifferent, it is really indifferent to fame and fortune, indifferent, but they do not care. If the cultivator is placed in the world, naturally it is not interested in the things in the world, but Great Yi is not an ordinary movement. Cultivator shipped towards.

Don’t underestimate the people. The hidden powerhouse of the people is definitely not a minority.


This time, there are hundreds of people, and many are not directly announced, but they already have names on the title list, get seals, and get seals. Identity status is undoubtedly confirmed.

North Korea will end.

However, Great Yi has another happy event. A Saint Prince was born again in the Holy Palace. Its mother is Miya Chiba, Human Race, Yu Fei, and also got baptism. It is easier to be born with One and Heaven and Earth. Cultivation can naturally progress quickly. It’s easy to name it.

Historical records in the palace: Saint Prince XI Saint Prince, Yi Sidao, physique, baptism, has natural Taoism, can be close to Heaven and Earth Law, can easily enter One with Heaven and Earth, practice rapid Progress, born in the eternal calendar 50 years November 16, mother Yu Fei, Gong Qian Yu.

Then the pregnant women in the palace remained silent. It seems that the child in the belly is not in a hurry. It is naturally conceivable how the mind intended.

A few days later, the seal on Zheng Zhilong and the others was released.

Several great pirate captains who are interested in the army have joined the army, entered the army soul war world to accept new experiences, and began to concurrently cultivate the cultivation technique in the army. Yi Tianxing may promise, as long as they have real talents, they can be pioneers in the future in other fields, show their talents, show their talents, and have the opportunity to sit on one of Legion and Sea Beast Legion, Corps Head. Can you sit up? It depends on their own ability.

Can you stand out?

If you ca n’t, no wonder others.

The most precious is the Legendary pirate ship of these pirate kings. These are the real treasures.

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