Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1973


Out of Xiancheng, a large number of spiritual fields were reclaimed, planted with various spirit rice, spirit plant, spiritual vegetables, and other items. A large number of scarecrows shuttled back and forth in the spiritual field, watered, fertilized, and drove away harmful insects and birds Wait, everything is handy. In Lingtian, fruitful fruits are everywhere. A bumper harvest.

The joy of a good harvest can move everything.

In the city, a large number of new people who have joined Great Yi have completely adapted to the life of Great Yi. When they get up every day, they can practice, cultivate, cultivate a skill, and slowly hone their skills. They can join the hunter ’s hall and enter and exit. Wilderness, accepting missions and more.

Life is full and fun.

In such an environment, all kinds of ideas and dreams can have a chance to be realized. What you wanted to do now, you can try to do it now, especially after learning a skill according to your own preferences, often They began to study their own skills.

This way, let the great flowers bloom in Great Yi, like a hundred schools of music. There are constant sparks of wisdom.

After adapting to the environment, great enthusiasm erupted. Passion for life, passion for the future. each and everyone Feeling stronger and becoming a cultivator, a feeling that is completely different from ordinary person, it is a transformation of life, sublimation, and evolution.

Supreme-Yang True Fire tempering from the eyes of the sun can be accepted during the day, and the tempering body can be accepted. At night, lunar moon-tempering and tempering Divine Soul from the eyes of the sun can be accepted. This feeling of constant strengthening is, to many people, just like Immortal Realm.

It is because I have tasted the suffering without strength that I have become more aware of the value of strength. I have the opportunity to cultivate and become a cultivator. Everyone cherishes this opportunity and is doing his best to strengthen himself.

There is a saying in Great Yi that Tian Xingjian and Human Race keep improving.

There is also a saying that people do not die for themselves.

These two sentences have always been regarded by the Great Yi people as sensible sayings. When you are sensible, you must remember the things in your heart and never forget them. If you want to be self-improving, if you don’t know how to work hard and become stronger for yourself, then it will be enough to be destroyed by nature. Can’t blame others.

Become stronger and cultivate. Learn, learn the text and customs of Great Yi. Get in and out of the wilderness and explore the surrounding area.

everyday all will have a different discovery. Everyday can see that in Xiancheng, there are all kinds of restaurant restaurants. There is a craft, either choose to set up a stall, or choose to open a store, or even go Study in school, academy.

Even farming needs learning.

Learning farming skills, how to fertilize, how to plant, how to clear the harm­ful in­sect, how to cultivate a spirit plant. Those who teach are farmers.

In just a few months, I have fully recognized Great Yi, recognized my identity, and truly considered myself a easy person. And proud of being easy to change. In the process, a large number of young men and women marry and marry. Even pregnant. Great Yi encourages fertility. Similarly, after joining Great Yi, there is a need for a home and a root trust. What is the root? The root is the home and the children and grandchildren.

So, the longer the time, the greater the support, love and recognition of Great Yi.

For now, if you let the people leave Great Yi, they will not be willing to kill them, especially the indigenous peoples in the four major realms, they can realize the big difference.

The major fairy cities are changing and becoming more prosperous.

Not only are there various shops in Xiancheng, but also talents of various skills, pill concocting, refiners are constantly enriching the products of Xiancheng everywhere, as well as cultivated special products, which attract other merchants of Xiancheng cultivator. Lively and prosperous.

At the same time, one after another, luck is constantly rising, integrating into the luck True Dragon within the body. In just a few months, the luck that was originally lost due to the founding of the gods has been made up for, reaching the size of 2,800 huntedred zhang.

This is the change brought about by the rapid development of the four new realms. After that, after entering the right track, this growth rate will tend to stabilize. Great Yi’s luck is not only sourced from Great Yi, but also eternal coins. At any time, luck is gathered from all directions. This is the formidable power of currency circulation. Otherwise, the luck True Dragon cannot grow to this point.

This period is a time for Great Yi to recuperate and develop rapidly.

The Great Wall of Iron is there, and the outside world cannot enter Great Yi at all. The five realms are stable, and the aliens in the wilderness all have their heads pinned by their wings. No one dares to take the liberty. No one is a fool. Everyone knows that if you take the liberty now, you have no head.

In such a calm and stable environment, it is difficult to develop unhappy.

At the same time, the agents of Hall of Nature Disaster continued to enter the surrounding eight major realms to explore, collect intelligence, and continuously passed the information quickly, and sent it to Tiancefu. Many strategists in Tiancefu also analyzed immediately. sort out.

Cultivate your health, and temporarily do not attack the eight realms, it does not mean that there is no action in the secret. Before the war, intelligence is first.

So there is no slack in the Great Yi court. Instead, they are all running at high speed.

The previous princes and princes were not a great stimulus to Great Yi. Now those courtiers with knighthoods go out. As soon as they see the knightmarks around their waists, immediately, the eyes of many ordinary people will become completely different. Envy, worship, etc. are fascinating.

This feeling of respect has made all courtiers have a strong feeling in their hearts.

Although there is no flutter, I really don’t want to lose this feeling.

Desire is always ubiquitous and makes people progress.

In the Holy Palace.

Yi Tianxing suddenly looked towards Rubik’s Cube cloud world.

There are several Domain Portals in the cloud world. At this moment, in front of the Domain Portal Plaza, you can see that a sub-commercial team is carrying a large number of goods, stepping into the Domain Portal and disappearing. Headed by them, it is Shen Wansan.

After becoming the Emperor Shang, the resources were quickly sorted out and cross-border trade has begun.

With all kinds of supplies.

Deng Tong walks into the Desert Domain Portal, and Shen Wansan walks into the Dark Domain Portal. Wu Bingjian entered the Wilderness Domain Portal, and Hu Xueyan entered the True Martial realm where Yao Yue was. According to Yao Yue, there are many Sects, forces, and even families in the True Martial realm. The Low Wu World has come together. In the convergence of Myriad Realms, there is a boundary that has evolved into various Sects.

Shaolin, Wudang, Huashan, Emei, Wulin Shi Family, Jianghu Gang, etc. Can be described as numerous. In the True Martial realm, Martial Dao has been improved and developed. When Myriad Realms merged, Heaven and Earth re-evolved various martial arts. Each type of martial arts classics has changed, just like sunflower Old Ancestor, cultivation Sunflower Treasure Scripture can also reach today’s amazing cultivation base. After the transformation of cultivation technique, many grades are very high.

These original rivers and lakes Sect, each and everyone have burst into amazing potential, with the potential to become a Peak powerhouse.

The Sect of Jianghu is not lacking in details, what is really missing is opportunity.

Today, there is no limit to the eternal world. With the power of Sect, the possibility of a powerhouse is extremely great. The Martial Dao of a martial artist is definitely not inferior to any Divine Ability, and even more terrifying. One Sword Breaks Ten-thousand Methods , Across the river. Not at all is legend.

In this realm, these Sects are very powerful, but they cross the river by feeling the stones. Under each influence, there are a large number of ordinary person, even secular dynasties. These Sects are not inferior to Immortal Sect. Even if they give them enough time, they can become powerhouses in Immortal Sect.

According to Yao Yue, there is news of loneliness in the True Martial realm. However, he is not alone, but he is married to a child and established a family. No one knows what is happening now, after all. When they joined Great Yi that year, they never returned. Until now, I don’t know what happened to Shihua Palace.


True Martial realm.

A huge land. This land is called Heavenly-Origin Continent. There are a lot of creatures on the continent. There are Human Race, a lot of Human Race, there are aliens, and there are alien tribes in all major regions. These tribes are also very powerful. And demon ghost. Various weird beings emerge endlessly.

Human Race lives in villages, towns, and cities. It is dangerous in the wild, even in villages and towns, demon ghosts may appear at any time. There will also be aliens, and they are likely to encounter various dangers.

The material of this iron horse is a unique treasure that is synthesized from various heavenly materials, earthly treasures-Fengming Xuantie. Its quality is very high, reaching Yellow Level top grade, not to mention Yellow Level, but it has a Features are hard, very hard, and self-healing. Even if it is broken, it can be as nirvana as Phoenix. Of course, this repair process is not fast. There is really a lot of damage. There is no way to repair it quickly. It also requires certain materials.

The items cast with this Fengming Xuan iron are very sturdy. The Yellow Level Divine Weapon can never be broken, and the Black Level is difficult to break. Black Level material is already a magic weapon, which means that magic weapon may not cause major damage to the undead iron horse. Natural defense is amazing, so it was chosen as the material for Machine Beasts.

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