Eternal Kingdom Chapter 1974


This immortal iron horse is extremely powerful. The carriage created is even more stable and can carry a lot of goods. The goods pulled from these carriages are naturally corresponding goods. However, the surface is filled with ordinary goods. The most precious goods are all carried with storage magic weapons. A storage bag can carry a large amount of goods. The reason why it should be placed on a truck is that the goods are intended to be shown to outsiders. In addition, it is necessary to make a big move to be famous, and to let the world quickly know themselves and the caravan.

The convoy here has hundreds of carriages.

“Big shopkeeper.”

Hu Xueyan appeared in front of the caravan, and many members of the caravan spoke in paid respect.

There are specially-appointed bounty hunters, guards from the Trading Company, and secret agents from Hall of Nature Disaster.

“Well, no need to be polite. It should already be the True Martial realm. The specific continent is unclear, but our purpose is to make a name for the business world and then explore other information. Hang out our commercial flag. “

Hu Xueyan said with a smile.

With a wave, the flag of Xueyan Trading Company has been hoisted.

An iron eagle flew up in the sky. These iron eagles are also Machine Beasts created by the machine. There is a unique device inside, which can transfer the scene seen by the iron eagle to the star watch, which can solidify the surrounding conditions anytime, anywhere.

Iron Eagle takes off and quickly finds its target.

“There is a village outside February 10 li.”

“Besides five 10 li, there is a city, which is Human Race City.”

“Fifteen miles away has traced the Beastmen Race tribe.”


one after another The news gathered quickly, with Iron Eagle in the air, it was too easy and too easy to detect the message.

“Go, let’s go to that village and then to city.”

Hu Xueyan bowed his head nodded and made a decision.

The team started moving forward. There are no less than 3,000 bounty hunters in the surroundings. Each one is a master. The powerhouse of the bounty hunters comes after knowing that they are going to cross the border. Naturally, they are all masters. Competition can’t compete with the powerhouse either. Everyone wants to see the new realm with the caravan. Maybe you can also make a great contribution to Great Yi, when the time comes, you have the opportunity to be named, and even redeem various rare treasures.

The village.

A stone tablet is erected in front of this village, and a few big words are written on the stone tablet-Heiyan Village. This village has a vein, which can mine an ore called black rock copper. After tempering, you can get black rock copper, Yellow Level mid-grade. It’s just that the output is not high, it’s just a small vein. Usually, relying on this vein, the village can still pass.

It has a population of over 3,000. Has a guard to protect the village. There is also a monk guarding from Shaolin Temple. Villages like Heiyan Village will ask Sect for powerhouse to sit in the town. Of course, this is not free, but to provide corresponding money, just like Shaolin monk. The cost for one month is one hundred True Martial coins.

True Martial is a currency in the True Martial realm.

It is said that it was a coin minted by the Great Sect, the gang, and the Shi Family together. This currency is integrated into the spar, and a trace of Divine Source is incorporated into the unique prohibition. The True Martial coin is eventually minted. Can increase twice. It can absorb refining as cultivation base mana, and can also use True Martial coins to quickly recover its mana consumption. Allow yourself to fight longer.

So, True Martial coins are the first currency in the True Martial realm. In addition to True Martial coins, there are crystal coins in circulation. The value of crystal coins cannot be compared with True Martial coins, but they are manufactured. It is not difficult, that is, casting spar into crystal coins, which is the most basic currency. Coexist with True Martial coins and circulate together.

apart from this, there is another currency in circulation in the True Martial realm, and that is eternal currency.

Someone in the realm has the eternal coin furnace, which can mint eternal coins. However, the casting of eternal coins requires wish power beads. The number of coins cannot be compared with True Martial coins, but they are still in circulation. Eternal Coin has no resistance.

The current currency, eternal currency, has the highest increase, a five-fold increase, and every double the interval, it is ten exchanges. Ordinary crystal coins, which are cast after the spar is polished, have no increase. They are base currencies. Xuanjing coins have doubled. True Martial coins have doubled. Ming coins have doubled. One eternal coin can Exchange 1000 True Martial coins. It can be said that eternal coins are upper-layer currencies and hard currency in all major realms.

The purchasing power is amazing.

The creatures in all major realms are not only proud of having eternal coins, but also treasured.

ding ding ding ~! !!

The team quickly traversed through the wilderness, the ominous beasts that existed in the wilderness, and even the demon ghost. After seeing the size of the team, and even thousands of bounty hunters, the choice without the slightest hesitation shrank, and I dare not Close, only some fierce ominous beasts without spiritual wisdom hit the team, and they were easily killed, and their flesh and blood became a beautiful meal for the masses.

A short while ago, he has arrived in Heiyan Village.

“Someone, this is Heiyan Village. Stop here if you come.”

The guards who inspected the village all around immediately discovered the convoy and hurried to stop drinking. At the same time, I was very surprised. A convoy of this size and so many guards have never seen it before. These carriages have never been seen before. Look is luxury, in the surrounding area, but I have never seen it. It’s more luxurious than the top sect teams.

“Little Brother, we are the caravan of Xueyan Trading Company. If you pass through the precious land this time, if there is any interruption, please also a lot of Haihan. If your village has a taboo, I will leave after waiting.” Hu Xueyan laughed Hehe said, there was an affinity between the arches.

“You are the Trading Company, what goods do you have.”

The guard was shocked when he heard it, and then he was overjoyed. You know, it’s not easy for villages to go out, and to go to towns and cities, they have to take great risks. Now that there is a caravan, it is naturally the best thing.

“My Snow Rock Trading Company mainly uses medicine pill, which is a medicine. Of course, there are a lot of ordinary living materials, such as snow salt, snow candy, grain rice, spirit rice, comb, cloth, and various tools. , Weapons, and even cultivation technique books. “

Hu Xueyan laughed hehe said.

Xueyan Trading Company mainly uses medicine pill, but it is also involved in other aspects, not to mention the fact that it has just entered the realm, and any goods are carried with it. After all, there will be no mistakes, which can guarantee focus. There are also comprehensive.

It’s like a small village now. Maybe the village does not need medicine pill, but it definitely needs all kinds of living materials.

“very good, I’ll go and tell the village clan elder.” A guard ran into the village with joy and shouted loudly. Inform all households that if a caravan comes to the village and needs to purchase materials, they must hurry up as soon as possible.

“Open the carriage for selection by your folks.”

Hu Xueyan laughed and hehe waved. Suddenly, I saw that the carriage on the carriage was pulled to both sides, and shelves were directly exposed in the middle, neatly displaying a variety of goods. Lin Luo is full of eyes. Various items, everything. Looking at it at a glance, people eyes shined.

Then the village gate opened.

A common man walked out quickly, headed by a middle-aged man with an affinity and a smile on his face, arching his arms and saying, “I am Luo Haihai, the head of Heiyan Village. It is really good for the caravan to come to my black rock village. “

There is joy in the voice.

Villages like them are naturally in short supply of various materials. It’s not easy to go out usually. If there is a demand in the village, all the necessities are written down, and then someone will go to the town to buy them. This time the caravan appeared at the door, and the whole village was overjoyed.

“Mr. Luo, please rest assured, I have all the supplies here. Despite the selection, they are clearly marked.”

Hu Xueyan laughed hehe said.

At this moment, the villagers have looked around the convoy and exclaimed from time to time.

“Look, here is salt. This white salt has never been seen before. This is too white. There are no impurities at all. This salt is called snow salt. also in reality, as white as snow. “

“Here, here is sugar, snow flakes. It’s so pretty.”

“Do you still have canned food here, is it filled with food?”

“Mirror, this glass mirror is simply too clear, I can see myself clearly, even the hair on my face is clearly visible. This is really beautiful.”

A famous villager secretly exclaimed. For the goods in front of me, I couldn’t help putting my eyes down. And cloth, clothes, even the worst cloth, are better than the most gorgeous clothing they have ever seen.

“One or two snow salt, the price is three eternal iron coins, one pound of snow salt is thirty eternal iron coins. What is this eternal iron coin.”

“Also here, a can of lobster can require three eternal Silver Coins.”

“Cultivating Yuan Pill, one requires five eternal Silver Coins.”

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