Eternal Kingdom Chapter 2207


For an instant, the blood in the Nine Treasure Cauldron plunged into this Divine Chain like a tide. It seems that this law of Divine Chain is to be completely condensed from illusion into reality, but the energy and blood consumed in this process is too huge. It can be seen that massive amounts of qi and blood are continuously integrated into the law of Divine Chain. The entire Divine Chain begins to condense at the speed visible by naked eye, condensing from nothingness to reality. “The Divine Chain is made up of 3,000 divine rings connected to each other. Each divine chain requires 120,000 nine thousand six hundred qi and blood, which is 120,000 nine thousand six hundred dragon power to condense one. Three thousand The Divine Chain of Laws, a complete law of the Divine Chain, requires 380 million Daolong Power to condense. Even if it reaches Dao Prove Realm Peak, body refinement Nine-Round Peak, it will only need 9 million Daolong Power in the end.”

Yi Tianxing looked at the rule of Divine Chain in Purple Color Treasure Cauldron, and felt worried.

To accumulate 9 million Daolong Power, that is already an extremely difficult thing. An ordinary Body Cultivator is an impossible goal for almost a lifetime.

Achieving nine turns of body refinement is already the limit.

Think about the Condense law Divine Chain again, to break all shackles, Force Prove Dao, to achieve Hunyuan, that can only be a dream. Calculated with 9 million dragon power, only sixty-nine or even 70 magic rings can be condense, compared with the number of 3,000 rings. The required accumulation gap is undoubtedly unimaginable, and it can be called a huge gap.

This is the difficulty of Force Prove Dao.

To complete that huge accumulation, wanting Force Prove Dao is almost impossible, it is as difficult as heaven.

Within the body, all qi and blood are immediately transformed into divine rings in the Divine Chain. Subsequently, the Source Power, which is fed back from Heavenly Emperor’s Primordial Chaos Pagoda, is also at an incredible speed. The speed at which the ring of God condense, not at all, stopped, and it was still condensing quickly.




In the blink of an eye, hundreds of rings of laws and gods turned from illusion to reality.

The back-feeding of Innate Supreme Treasure, the back-feeding of 45 Great Thousand Worlds, the back-feeding of the vast chaos, the power contained therein is enough to make people ascending to the skies with a single leap. Massive Source Power makes the law of Divine Chain fast condensed.

The speed of refining Source Power is faster if you swallow and breathe blood.

For the rule of Divine Chain, there are no taboos, and no one will refuse. There are a total of 3,000 Divine Chains. When the backfeeding is completely over, a full 1,500 are condensed into substance, that is to say, half of the Divine Chain is real.

The power contained within the body has completely exceeded the limit of body refinement. Dao Prove Realm is powerful in front of Yi Tianxing, only relying on Strength of Fleshly Body, it will be blown to death in an instant. Scum, that kind of power, even Saint dared to punch it. Dare to compete with Hun Yuan.

That kind of power can shake Heaven and Earth.


Feeling that the backfeeding from within the body has completely disappeared, after Heavenly Emperor’s Primordial Chaos Pagoda fell silent again, Yi Tianxing slowly opened his eyes and exhaled a voice. In his feeling, this moment is perfect.

Weili is in one body. This feeling is beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

With the current strength, even if he walks out of the Great Yi fairy garden and is outside within the realm, he can still fight against the Great Primal Realm powerhouse, and even kill him directly. What he wants is so strong and so cruel.

Now, no one knows, it can be a trump card in his hand.

If anyone dares to underestimate him, he will definitely let them know what misery is.


Eternal calendar one hundred and 20 years.

Eternal World is stuck in a special time period.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor proclaims the Dao Hunyuan and becomes a Saint, directly covering the Heavenly Emperor’s Primordial Chaos Pagoda and being promoted to the natural phenomenon of Innate Supreme Treasure. Without many people knowing, Great Yi’s background has increased again. Moreover, the news of coming to Netherworld River Old Ancestor to proclaim Saint did not pass in Eternal World for too long.

All races, all cultivators, are completely attracted and restrained by something that has a greater impact.

That is the evil.

The influence of the evil disaster is gradually spreading.

Strongs of black demonic energy began to infect the earth.

Many spirit plants are withering, and many kinds of flowers and trees are extinct.

Various images are continuously presented in various realms.

20 years.

Since the disaster began to appear, so far, it has reached 20 years.

In these 20 years.

Great Yi Xian Ting has always been in a relatively calm state.

Most of the power is completely placed on the conquest against the Eternal Night.

After the first Devil Spirit’s Well was opened in the one hundred and third year of the eternal calendar, three years later, the second Devil Spirit’s Well was opened. The opened coordinates once again fell into a world of eternal night stars, accompanied Strong blow. In the confrontation between Great Yi and Yong Ye again, the star world was crushed and destroyed and shattered into countless pieces. After that, Yong Ye once again dispatched a large army to enter the second Devil Spirit’s Well, and another fierce battle on the battlefield. Open up a new battlefield.

In this second Devil Spirit’s Well, the incarnation of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor is impressive. Saint sits to ensure that Devil Spirit’s Well does not appear unexpectedly.

Sitting among them is also great for Saint. The increase in luck and merit is also great for Saint. There is a further probability.

Who will not miss it.

What’s more, such a war is itself justified.

In these 20 years, nine Devil Spirit’s Wells have been opened one after another.

Nine battlefields were completely opened up in the Great Yi fairy garden.

From the outside, there is peace in Great Yi. In fact, in Devil Spirit’s Well, there are countless soldiers killed in battle at every moment. Do you know how many powerhouse cultivators, bloody fights, and powerhouses of all races appear? In Devil Spirit’s Well.

Every place is full of blood, and every day, it is accompanied by blood and killing.

In the tenth year, a piece of news was completely shaken in power.

In Zhen Yuanzi and Devil Spirit’s Well, they successively killed thirteen eternal night powers and gained countless merits. With the help of merits, they were recognized by Heavenly Dao, proving Dao Hunyuan, the ancestor of the earth immortal, and passed on from all directions.

With this news, I went to Devil Spirit’s Well, and the number of powerhouses of various races that participated in the war skyrocketed in an instant. Many of the great abilities that were originally in their respective races could no longer be restrained, and they rushed to Great Yi desperately. .

Participate in the war with Yong Ye.

Proof of merit is not to say that it is the way of merit, but to use merit as a key to Heavenly Dao in exchange for his promotion. Let Heavenly Dao let go of the shackles of Heaven and Earth, and let her own Tao sublimate. There is no merit to prove that the strength will be inferior to others.

It’s just that whether you are strong or not, it depends on your own Dao.

I have witnessed someone who really takes merit as the key to break the shackles, get the approval of Heavenly Dao, and prove the truth, I don’t know how many great powers are secretly excited, to be wild with joy, Zhen Yuanzi can, they can also . To gain merit, between Heaven and Earth, there is no better shortcut than Devil Spirit’s Well at this moment.

each and everyone, it’s all turn up without being invited.

In Devil Spirit’s Well, war is in full swing.

In the territory of Great Yi, there is peace. Although the evil disaster has an influence in Great Yi, it is always suppressed within a very low limit. All kinds of materials, relying on Qiankun Cave Mansion, are continuously produced. Even if Great Yi has a population of hundreds of millions of people, there is no famine or starvation. The materials are always abundant and there is no trend of barrenness.

But this is in Great Yi.

In many other realms, tremendous changes have begun.

20 years, the influence of the devastating disaster has penetrated all sides.

The impact can be described as Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The realm of moon worship.

This territory is close to the Great Yi territory. On the whole, it is mountainous and watery, and the entire territory is not small. It is respected by Moon Devoted Church, and its leader is the Lord of Moon Devoted Church. I am very strong, and the teachings of the teachings are to build a loving world, a world of harmony, and cleanse all the dirty sin karma in the world.

In the entire Moon Worship Realm, there is Human Race, which is also dominated by Human Race. Most of them are clansman Miao, divided into white Miao and Black Miao. What the Miao people are good at is the art of raising Gu. In the realm, there is a kingdom called Nanzhao Kingdom.

Nanzhao is not a Yun Dynasty, but a secular dynasty. Respected by Moon Devoted Church, it is attached to Moon Devoted Church. Moon Devoted Church in Nanzhao Kingdom can be said to have an outstanding position of Innate. The order of Moon Devoted Church, Nanzhao Kingdom must obey, if not, the position of the Lord of the Kingdom will change tomorrow. The power can be imagined.

In the realm, the worship of the Lord Moon Devoted Church has reached a feverish level.

Follow the idea of ​​Moon Devoted Church and want to transform the entire realm.

Moon Devoted Church did the same.

It’s just that, before the Lord Moon Devoted Church can perform, the disaster has already arrived.

You can see that there are a huge number of Miao villages built in various forests.

In a Miao village named Qianzhongzhai.

a The common people, wearing a variety of different styles of clothing, can see the unique style of the Miao nationality at a glance. The stockade here is not small and can accommodate hundreds of thousands of Miao people. In the Miao village, the Miao people can hunt and plant some food to meet their own needs and fill their stomachs.

But now, I can see that there is a decadent atmosphere in the Miao Village, and the atmosphere is very depressive. Most of the people’s faces are very pale, showing the color of vegetables, it can be described as yellow and thin, and a gust of wind blows over. It may blow people down. It can be seen how weak they are.

There are a lot of people, leaning directly in a corner, motionless, weak and weak.

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