Eternal Kingdom Chapter 2208

Hunger is the greatest consumption of will.

In the realm of moon worship.

In Goddess Lake, there is a huge island. On the island, is the residence of Moon Devoted Church. You can see that palaces stand tall. Exudes a special charm.

On the island, there is a Spiritual Mountain called Baiyue Peak.

The Moon Worship Peak is the core place of the Moon Devoted Church, on which the Moon Worship Hall is built, which is the main residence of the Moon Devoted Church. When you look up, you can feel a kind of invisible power, appearing between Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, in the Hall of Worship, a middle-aged man wearing a White Colour robe, spotlessly clean and slender, is quietly raising his eyes and looking towards the void, a round moon is gradually raised, and the soft moonlight falls on the earth , But it seemed a bit bleak, under the moonlight, I don’t know how many lives left silently and stepped into eternal silence.

From the back, I can feel a kind of unspeakable affinity and great love.

“The leader, the leader of the Nanzhao Kingdom has received news that the grain in the middle of the country is almost exhausted. This year, there are countless reductions in production. In the entire moon worship boundary, the people have fallen into a situation where the people are not living. Many Miao villages have eaten people. The situation. If you don’t want to do anything, I’m afraid you have to give up some of the people and keep some. To survive this crisis.”

A young man stood behind him and spoke.

It can be seen that this young man has a heroic look on his face, which can be described as a talent.

“Tang Yu, Xiaobao, do you say that the ideal of the leader is really wrong? Why is it that when it is about to be realized, the heaven will send such a disaster, so that I have a good situation and ruined it. In my Moon Devoted Under Church’s rule, there will be scenes of cannibalism. This is so ridiculous and ironic.”

The Lord of Moon Devoted Church took a deep breath, looked towards Mingyue, and said with a confused expression.

He wants to build a world full of love. He wants the people under the rule of Moon Devoted Church to become happy because of love. Become a real paradise on earth, Human Race Holy Land, but why, the reality is so cruel.

Everything in front of him told him how huge the gap between ideal and reality is.

This is a blow to his ideals.

Faith is shaking.

He believes that no matter what difficulties he faces, he can make love pass on to the world. Let love dissolve everything.

The problem now is that the so-called love is worthless and useless in the face of hunger.

He has the power of Heavenspan, but he can’t change food to satisfy the entire realm. Moon Devoted Church has Secret Realm. Grain can be planted in Secret Realm, and the grain that can be produced is still in a small amount. Unsustainable.

Frustrations again and again, even the owner of Moon Devoted Church, I also feel tired and confused by hard to describe.

“The leader, the leader is not wrong. What is wrong is that the timing is wrong. The disaster comes too fast. If we give us enough time to develop and have enough reserves to accumulate, even if it is a disaster, we will definitely be able to survive.”

Tang Yu Xiaobao shook his head and said.

“Leader, Great Yi, there is news from the Immortal Court, willing to help me in the realm of moon worship. As long as the barriers of the boundary are released, a batch of food supplies will be sent to the people in the realm and rescue the victims.”

Standing aside, Elder Shi Gonghu spoke.

“Great Yi may have conditions.”

Inquired about worshipping the moon.

“No, there are no conditions.”

Shi Gonghu shook his head and said.

The moon worship was silent for a moment, looked up at the bright moon, and sighed: “The order goes on, welcome the Great Yi messenger, let him enter the moon worship realm, and help the victims. Submit a letter of surrender to the Great Yi fairy garden, write a letter, I Moon Devoted Church is willing to bring the moon worship domain to the acknowledge allegiance Great Yi Xian Ting. May Great Yi, for the sake of the people of the Human Race, make all-out efforts to help the victims, but if necessary, Moon Devoted Church will fully cooperate.”

When the voice fell, Lord Moon Devoted Church slowly closed his eyes.

Do not suffer from unevenness.

The Great Yi star network is all over the Eternal World, and the moon-worshiping realm is also in it. There are countless people cultivators who have Skystar watches. Many of them were shots of various fairy cities in Great Yi Xian Ting, allowing people to witness the prosperity of the fairy city with their own eyes.

Even if it’s now in the midst of a devastation, the devastation in Great Yi is far weaker than other places. The people in the city are still stable and prosperous. There is no end to food. What is famine? For Yi, it doesn’t exist at all.

This comparison is totally a disaster.

If Moon Devoted Church hadn’t been kind to the people, the whole territory would have been rioted and it would be difficult to maintain.

Who does not yearn, who does not expect.

Only by trying to be hungry can we understand what life the people in Great Yi are living.

People’s hearts have already floated.

Even if Great Yi hasn’t spoken, I don’t know how many people, I have long been looking forward to the day when I can become a citizen of Great Yi. Become a real changer and enjoy the beautiful treatment like a dream.

“Let the world be full of love, I can’t do it, then let Great Yi bring it to you.”

Moon Devoted Church sighed secretly in the Lord’s heart, even a deep frustration.

“I hope Great Yi can treat me the people of the moon-worshiping realm.”

In the face of disaster, unless you really don’t care about the people in the realm, otherwise, take refuge in Great Yi, acknowledge allegiance Great Yi, this is the only chance to break the situation.

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