Eternal Kingdom Chapter 2209


What he wants to build is a loving world. In the process, he can use the thunderous method, the method of destroying the world, but in the case of a last resort, he has to clean the world. Open Heaven and Earth again. Now, the arrival of the devil’s disaster has dealt him a heavy blow.

I’m afraid of comparison in everything.

Compared with other realms, the moon worship realm may not be the worst, but compared with Great Yi, it is the difference between Heaven and Earth. The most important thing is that he knows very well that Great Yi Xian Ting must have a peeping heart for the Zhou boundary area. The reason why he did not immediately expand to the outside world is that Devil Spirit’s Well is fighting Yong Ye, which has contained it. Most of the power, secondly, is to expand without a valid excuse.

In a word, that is Great Yi’s face.

There is no legitimate reason, a legitimate excuse, and there is no way to make a move easily. Great Yi needs to take care of the face of Xian Ting. You cannot start a war easily, and you want to stand on the side of justice. Once you send troops, you must ensure that you are a righteous division, and you can’t be an unknown division.

This is a restriction to Great Yi.

Otherwise, under the current situation, Great Yi had already sent troops and conquered, and launched a war without a way. It would only lose his reputation. In the end, gods hate ghosts and fear them like snakes and scorpions, and their reputation will be bad. , There is not much benefit.

Great Yi, obviously has passed the stage of barbaric plunder and conquest, and has entered a new stage.

This is a limitation and a manifestation of civilization.

It’s like now. When the Lord Moon Devoted Church wanted to save the people in the moon-worship realm, the first thing he thought of was Great Yi, not other forces. Why, it’s because of Great Yi until now, that it runs well. Reputation, credibility.

Even if the realm of the moon worship has been full of famines and suffered heavy casualties, Great Yi can enter the realm at any time, but he just stayed outside and didn’t go beyond an inch.

I have to say that at this point, Baiyue also feels admiration.

Since you can’t keep it sooner or later, it’s better to give it to Great Yi directly and send a favor by the way. In this way, it is good for everyone, and I can take this opportunity to integrate into Great Yi, become a member of Great Yi, and have a better identity and better understand Great Yi. As a bargaining chip, I believe that Great Yi will not treat Moon Devoted Church badly.

“With Great Yi’s kindness to the trustees, I believe that there will be rewards, edicts, and enjoy the title. Great Yi title is not trivial. After obtaining it, I will have the opportunity to take a peek at the higher realm and advance to a higher level. .”

Elder Shi heard that not at all expressed opposition. Obviously, this choice, not at all, was beyond his expectations. In fact, only by choosing to rely on Great Yi can you get sufficient benefits. In Great Yi, there are more opportunities.

Get countless benefits.

This time is the greatest opportunity to gain benefits.

For example, when Heavenly Dragon became a country to seek refuge in Great Yi, it was able to be entrusted to Earl. Not to mention, now Moon Devoted Church carries an entire territory to seek refuge in Great Yi. Then Great Yi would really be ashamed.

“Don’t worry, these have Great Yi to care about.”

Moon Devoted Church master said in a tranquil voice.

I looked up again towards the Void Moon.

It seems that between Heaven and Earth, there is nothing more worthy of attention than the bright moon in the sky, that is the most beautiful thing in the world.


Almost after the decision was made, I quickly saw that a floating train appeared over the moon-worshiping realm. In the train, huge airdrop boxes fell from the sky. All of them are all kinds of materials, and the most important thing is food.

moved towards everywhere in the Miao Village, moved towards everywhere in the city.

When I opened the box, the white-flowered rice instantly made countless people who were tortured by hunger green in their eyes.

In the territory of Great Yi.

Late night, a heavy minister began to enter the Hall of Zhixing.

Yi Tianxing sat on it, Xun Yu, Xi Zhicai, Liu Bowen and the others appeared in the great hall.

After some paid respect.

Yi Tianxing said solemnly: “Just now there was news from the Hall of Nature Disaster that the overlord of the Moon Worship Realm near Great Yi, the leader of the Moon Devoted Church, has already submitted a message, ready to carry the entire Moon Worship Realm, and all the creatures will acknowledge together. Allegiance merges into my Great Yi fairy garden, and is willing to become a realm under my Great Yi. What do you think of Aiqing.”

This news immediately fell in front of Yi Tianxing.

General matters, for now, it is enough to leave them to the Great Yi group officials to deal with, but this kind of matter involving a whole realm still directly alarmed him.

“Good thing, this is a great good thing. This small official thought that Moon Devoted Church acknowledged allegiance, I am Great Yi, and sent an entire territory. This move should be strongly promoted. This is the case outside, although the reason is simple, the effect is not bad.”

Liu Bowen said with a smile: “I, Great Yi, must be promoted to Xianting. I must maintain my own Xianting aura and cannot conquer at will, but this does not mean that other realms cannot take the initiative to submit to me. This move of the month is to set a precedent for other realms. Naturally, it should be rewarded, and moreover, it should be a big reward.”

As long as there is one in front, it is easy to break the psychological defenses of the lord of other realms, and eventually, he will throw the balance in his heart toward Great Yi.

“Yes, this act of worshipping the moon is greatly beneficial to me, Great Yi, and must be rewarded. The emperor’s title can be higher. This small official believes that the emperor can be made a marquis. The great surrender is not enough to get the edict.”

Xun Yu nodded suggested.

Great Yi is now in Xian Ting. The titles in the whole Xian Ting have already followed as the tide rises, the boat floats. Every title is extremely precious.

Earl in the fairy court, compared with Earl in the holy court, how could that personality be the same. It’s totally different.

Earl of the fairy court is comparable to the prince in the holy court.

That position is leveraged.

The emperor to worship the moon as a marquis is definitely a great reward, an emperor that exceeds the specifications.

“If this is the case, then the Moon Devoted Church will be named Marquis Great Yi, Grade 3 Marquis. The title will hold the moon, enjoy the Great Yi worship, and give the Xuanhuang City a marquis mansion in the cloud world, eternal coins 1 billion, and thousands of brocades. A hundred buckets of pearls, a thousand bottles of medicine pill. In the Scripture Pavilion to watch the classics for a month, Innate Spirit Treasure Yuehuaxian Robe…”

Yi Tianxing flashed rays of light in his eyes, and decisively opened his mouth and issued a seal.

Either you don’t reward, you want to reward, then come to a thorough reward. From titles to mansions, to all kinds of heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and even Innate Spirit Treasure. This handwriting can be described as heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

If it is spread out, it is placed anywhere and will not lose face.

“The edict can be granted. Next, how to manage the realm of the moon worship is up to you Aiqing.”

Yi Tianxing nodded and said.

“Please rest assured, Your Majesty, we have been preparing for a long time, and the preparations made by Great Yi over the years, let alone a territory, even if it is ten or twenty, it can still be easily brought under control and talent reserve. It is more abundant. Everything owes east wind.”

Liu Bowen said with a smile.

Great Yi’s 20 years is not a dry meal. While fighting Yongye, the internal development is always developing. The imperial examination once every three years provides Great Yi with a steady stream of talents. Up to now, The number of City Lord’s talents is definitely beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

The education system Great Yi has been cultivating since childhood has made talents blow out.

Producing a steady stream of talents.

The talent of City Lord is no longer an unattainable height.

“Very well, in that case, leave everything in the realm of worshipping the moon to you Aiqing.”

Yi Tianxing nodded nodded and said immediately.

It’s just a realm. He believes that the Great Yi group can perfectly control it and become a part of Great Yi. As for the process, you don’t need to pay attention to it, just wait quietly.


2nd day, when the sun just started to rise, a Green Color Heavenly Boat appeared above Moon Devoted Church, and we could see that on the Heavenly Boat, Cao Zhengchun was shrouded in a fairy light, holding a piece of light in his hand. Imperial edict.

“Immortal Sovereign has a purpose. The Moon Devoted Church brings the moon worship domain to the Great Yi Immortal Court. The meritorious service is so great. It is hereby awarded. The leader of the Moon Devoted Church, Shi Jieren, is a Great Yi Grade 3 Marquis, and the title holds the moon. One mansion and several other priceless and unique rare treasures.”

Cao Zhengchun pronounced the imperial decree.

His silhouette is immediately transmitted to the entire between Heaven and Earth. Cover the entire territory.

No hundreds of surnames raised their eyes and looked towards Void, seeing this picture at first glance.

“The Lord of the Moon Devoted Church has surrendered to Great Yi, and the entire moon worship domain is merged into the Great Yi Fairy Court.”

“This is not a dream, we, are we really citizens of Great Yi now. Are we also changing people now.”

“Mother, how did you go so fast? If you wait a little longer, we will be saved. After joining Great Yi, there will be countless good days waiting in the future. Why can’t you wait? It.”

No hundreds of people made all kinds of shouts.

Some to be wild with joy, some cry in grief.

There are so many different poses that make people hush.

“Shi Jie takes the order, my emperor Shengan.”

Almost in the next second, I saw that the Iron-Blooded Great Wall, which was originally hidden outside the realm, appeared out of thin air. The vast Great Wall moved towards the entire moon-worshiping realm at an incredible speed. As if it were illusory, he passed directly through the cultivator from Wu Hundreds of people without even a slight pause. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared. In just a few breaths, the entire Moon Worship realm was enveloped in the Iron and Blood Great Wall.

While shrouded, I immediately saw the vast Great Yi fairy city, dropping from the sky, every 3000 li, a Great Yi fairy city would directly fall. Moreover, while falling, the surrounding spirit veins all instinctively moved towards the fairy city, converging in the past, turning into a complete spirit vein. The invisible mighty power is transmitted, making the earth Qi in the earth more smooth.

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