Eternal Kingdom Chapter 2210


The original devastating plunder, as if in this brief moment, was forcibly suppressed. With the fall of Xiancheng, this place has become the territory of Great Yi, and the great feng shui array of Jiangshan Sheji map has naturally spread over, covering Xiancheng. The area where it is, envelops the entire moon worship realm. Great Yi’s national destiny was covered. With the help of the fairy court fortune, the national destiny of the great dynasty, the evil disaster that had been raging, seemed to have suffered a head-on blow. The original arrogance was suppressed because of this.

As soon as each fairy city fell, after completing the initial changes, immediately, I saw a City Lord flying up in the sky, standing on the city wall, holding the seal of City Lord in his hand, and raising his voice to the surroundings.

“According to the will of Immortal Sovereign Your Majesty, the Moon-Worshipping Realm shall be incorporated into my Great Yi Xian Ting, and become my Great Yi Realm. The entire realm is treated the same as other realms. Today, the Iron and Blood Great Wall has been covered and the Fairy City has fallen. , Now we are sending out a notice to all the people of Human Race in the surrounding area.”

“Any Human Race can come to Xiancheng, accept the official registration of Tianji Temple, and issue Tianji card to become a Great Yi citizen, enjoy the basic benefits of Great Yi common people, get their own house, and own If you have enough food, you can go to the Scripture Pavilion projection branch to select the cultivation technique, and formally step into the cultivation road, you can receive the Skystar watch, and have the right to enter the Starnet intranet.”

a City Lord, immediately issued a notice declaration.

Starting to prepare to absorb the people in the surrounding villages and cities, the original cities are all abandoned. They are not special city buildings in themselves, how can they be comparable to Great Yi Xiancheng. It is natural to discard it, and collect various items in it later to enrich Xiancheng. What can be seen by Great Yi is definitely can be counted on one’s fingers.

Such declarations appeared in all fairy cities, and appeared in the entire moon worship domain.

I can see that in the Miao villages and the cities, unimaginable bright rays of light appeared in the confused eyes of hundreds of people, and they shouted and cheered.

“Very good, go to Xiancheng, hurry up, let’s take things, and go to the nearby Great Yi Xiancheng. If you don’t hear it, as long as you join Great Yi and enter Xiancheng, you can enter your household registration and become a citizen of Great Yi. Enjoy the treatment of all Great Yi citizens.”

“All hardships come, this is all hardships and sweets. Hurry, hurry up and pack things, I want to be the first to enter Great Yi Xiancheng. I have seen how prosperous Great Yi Xiancheng is. The buildings it owns are completely the same as Immortal Realm. Same. From today, we will also be immortals.”

No hundreds of people heard it.

Without any hesitation, I immediately made the decision and chose to live in Xiancheng and stay where I am now. There was only waiting to die. Moreover, I was still starved to death and felt hungry. No one wanted to continue to taste it.

That was too painful.

The pain is so painful that I absolutely don’t want to go through the second time.

As for the Miao Village, there is absolutely nothing to miss.

Go to Xiancheng, you can live, stay here, only death.

Comparing the two, even fools know how to choose.

Soon, I saw that outside the fairy cities, a large number of people in torn clothes lined up at the door. At the door, a staff member of the Tianji Temple is responsible for registration, name, blood relationship, and age, and then the Tianji card, Tianxing watch and other standard materials are issued.

Food, that’s all tangible food, stored in the Tianji card. After recognizing the Master, you can see it immediately.

No words can describe how a group of people who have endured hunger for too long have witnessed how they can feel when they can leave themselves open to eat and eat food that may not be eaten in a year.

That is a great sense of happiness.

A thousand words and ten thousand words are not more real than real food.

Don’t feel despised, you will feel the same after three years of starvation, or even more extreme.

Not only that, in Xiancheng, porridge sheds have been set up. As long as you go in, you can immediately distribute them to your hands. Prolonged hunger is not enough for you. Rice porridge is the best food for conditioning your body.

Drinking hot water, eating hot porridge, and then when the city officials took them to the place where they were assigned to live, the kind of heartfelt movement filled the whole soul. Even if these residences are just rented to them, the ownership is still owned by Great Yi Xian Ting. Within this time limit, they can be allocated to live, and even if they have money, they can be purchased directly. Become an ancestral property that can be inherited from generation to generation.

In the city, you can even see the shops that have already been established.

Various restaurants, shops, restaurants, bars, milk tea shops, dessert shops, noodle shops, etc., all kinds of shops are full of lines, so people are overwhelmed, and there is no shortage of facilities. Everything is complete. These all are from the original residents of Great Yi. In Great Yi, there have been such a group of people for a long time. When Xiancheng was established, they had already chosen to settle in the new Xiancheng and prepared to fight hard.

My own identity and experience have brought them incomparable convenience and advantages in Xinxiancheng.

They are also the foundation for enriching Xiancheng. With them, Xiancheng will develop faster than normal. In response, Great Yi all responded with a welcome attitude.

The movement of the people in Xiancheng’s acceptance boundary can be said to be quite fast.

In itself, people everywhere have starved to death for most of them. Collectively, after entering Xiancheng, the number they have is still not enough to meet the specific accommodating figures of Xiancheng. After counting the people in the realm itself, a large number of people were sent from Great Yi. That comes from the massive population that thrived in the Heavenly Emperor’s Primordial Chaos Pagoda. Make up the total population of 15 trillion in each area.

These things, the time when they happened, were only in a day and night.

It has been completely completed.

When the sun rises the next day.

The all kinds of tragic scenes of the moon-worshiping realm, which was originally sorrowful, were wiped out.

Last night, lightning and thunder, a large number of Dragon Races began to enter the Moon-Worshiping Realm. Clouds and rain were scattered everywhere, and the pouring rain thoroughly washed away the despair in the realm. At the same time it was raining, moved towards the realm. Many seeds were sprinkled everywhere in the field.

These seeds are surprisingly the various species developed and bred by the farmers in Great Yi, which can be suitable for the growth and reproduction in the disaster. The most common is a kind of grass species called emerald grass, which is only a semi-spiritual grass. The grass seed contains a trace of Spiritual Qi. For some herbivores, it is quite delicious and a good forage, the most important thing. Yes, its ability to reproduce is quite amazing. Once it takes root, as long as it has sufficient nutrients, it can quickly reproduce and grow.

The growth cycle is very short, just one week, it will multiply quickly.

Moreover, the grass can produce small plums called jade fruit, which are edible, like pearls.

However, it has a limit. When each grass seed matures, it will split, splitting into 100 plants, but the daughter plants have no ability to split and multiply. One hundred plants are split, and the original grass seeds will not The ability to continue to split and reproduce. Fundamentally, limit the probability of its crazy reproduction.

This method of splitting was developed and cultivated with the help of the ice crystal family.

If it splits infinitely, it would be too terrifying to multiply. Only one restriction can be made.

Even so, you can still see it, sprinkled with the grass seeds. Nourished by the rain. I could see that the land that had been barren due to the demon disaster began to emerge at the speed that naked eye could see.

A powerful vitality appears in the realm.

The thick green is in my eyes.

“It’s different, it’s completely different. Is this the strength of Great Yi Xian Ting. It’s incredible.”

You can imagine the shock in Wubai’s heart after seeing the changes outside the city.

The transformation from hell to Immortal Realm.

If you don’t experience it yourself, you might think it’s just a dream.

I was struggling to survive, but now I am a master of immortals who are not envied by hundreds of people. The huge contrast makes how many people feel grateful for Great Yi in their hearts.

“If you are dreaming, I would rather die in the dream than wake up.”

No hundreds of people whispered secretly.


As the realm of Moon Worship merged into Great Yi, in an instant, all the realms around Great Yi also got news one after another, and even a lot of news was deliberately passed on by Great Yi. Even the changes in the realm of the moon worship are directly announced by Starnet. Just hanging in the star network, everyone can watch, everyone can download, whether it’s the intranet or the extranet, you can clearly see the transformation of the moon worship domain.

The picture is full of strong impact.

Overnight, he transformed from Purgatory to Immortal Realm.

I don’t know how many cultivators, after witnessing it with my own eyes, while shocked in my heart, I can’t even speak.

In the Bhikkhu realm.

In the heyday of Biqui Country, the sound of chanting in the morning and evening spread throughout the void. It can be called a sacred anomaly, and it makes people have a strong yearning. It can be called the Holy Land of Buddhism. The influence of Buddhism is one word worth nine sacred tripods. There are countless temples. Buddhism cultivator, a large number.

It’s just that, at this moment, Biqui Country, which has been suffering for decades, has also begun to undergo tremendous changes.

Every morning prayer and chanting, there is a kind of weakness and decadence in the voice. Facing hunger, faith cannot alleviate physical needs. Hunger is an instinctive desire that cannot be restrained.

Biqui Country was blessed by Buddhism and had a good harvest.

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