Eternal Kingdom Chapter 2211


The stored materials are abundant. However, the devastation has come too suddenly and fiercely. With the continuous reduction of grain production, Biqui Country has a large population. The amount of grain that needs to be consumed every day is an astronomical number, no matter how abundant. Reserves, under such circumstances, are still unsustainable. In the first year, it’s good to say that I had a good time with abundant supplies. In the second year, various quotas were immediately halved. In the third year, it was not bad to be half full. Up to now, two meals a day are rare.

Going out, it’s all weaknesses. Meat is the treatment that only some high-level people can enjoy.

Of course, overall, compared with other realms, it still has a lot of advantages.

The number of people who die of hunger is much smaller.

But today, it has begun to fall. It is even unsustainable.

People in Biqui Country are no strangers to Xingwang. Many people have watches in their hands. They can directly access the extranets of Xingwang to communicate with each other, and they can also detect some situations in other realms. As for the situation of the Moon Worship Realm, I know something about it, knowing that with the power of the Moon Worship Realm itself, it is no accident that it can support at most two or three years, and I am afraid it will be completely defeated.

But now, directly take refuge in the Great Yi Xian Ting. Not only did the Iron-Blooded Great Wall envelop the boundary, but as soon as a large number of Xiancheng fell, there were also special plants and grass seeds scattered all over the boundary. In just one night, the situation in the boundary happened. change. The refugees, who were in tatters, put on good clothes all at once, and completely escaped from hunger, watching the people in the moon worshiping realm broadcast their white rice and fragrant Red Braised Pork.

That called an unbalanced heart, and that called an uncomfortable one.

The porridge that I had eaten in my mouth suddenly stopped fragrant.

Does the porridge smell of white rice? Does it smell of pork belly?

This is not to suffer from lack and unevenness.

You are all suffering in the same way, but you worship the moon realm, why can you ascending to the skies with a single leap and enjoy the treatment that they can’t enjoy? This is not fair.

“bully intolerably, it’s really bully intolerably, why, why do we want to watch the people in the moon worship realm show up in the star network, but we want to eat the carrots here. If you join Great Yi Xian Ting It’s our Bhikkhu realm. It’s us who sits where you are envied and jealous.”

“Yes, join Great Yi, you don’t have to worry about being starved to death anymore. We might as well petition above. If this continues, everyone will starve to death. Join Great Yi, what’s wrong? The situation is a living example.”

In Biqui Country, the folks can be described as a flurry of hearts.

That kind of unbalance in the heart immediately created a strong desire. Longing to be able to enjoy the same treatment, longing to be a citizen of Great Yi, and to live the same enviable life. This kind of thought, once it appears, is almost as rooted and difficult to remove.

“Great Yi, this is to put us on the fire, kill people without a knife, and conspiracy. This is a thorough conspiracy. But he has to accept the trick. Great Yi’s methods are really powerful. “In the Biqui Country imperial palace, there was a bitter look on the face of the Lord.

Stand high, and look farther.

There are many things, and the mystery can be understood at a glance.

What Great Yi displays is a kind of arrogance. In the face of righteousness, it is completely unreasonable. The example of the realm of worshiping the moon is before. Those of them close to the Great Yi realm are like being roasted on a fire. This feeling is not ordinary uncomfortable.

The master of Biqui Country took a deep breath and said: “To send a message to Buddhism, we must mobilize more food and materials as quickly as possible to ensure the stability of the people in the country. If not, the annual incense, and even the entire Bhikkhu world The domain may not be guaranteed. This matter is most urgent and brooks no delay.”

To solve the current problem, it is necessary to have food. He has no choice but to ask for Buddhism behind him. If Buddhism cannot solve it, then he has no other choice. This is the choice given to him and the choice given to Buddhism.

Situations such as Biqui Country are almost everywhere in all regions.

Great Yi Chi Guoguo’s arrogance, all of a sudden, people’s minds floated completely. This is true not only for the Human Race forces, but also for the Great Influence of other races. There is no way for foreigners not to eat or drink. Still need to eat and drink, still have to endure the torment of hunger. Everyone was like this and could endure it, but with Great Yi’s move, the situation in the moon worship realm spread, and countless alien races also began to agitate.

Each and everyone are all in sorrow.


Red Rabbit Realm.

There is a layer of national fortune over the entire territory.

This boundary is full of plains and grasslands. You can see a large number of fairy cities, towns, and villages. All over the area. It’s just that you can see that in these gathering places, the people are very tasty, and you can tell at a glance that they are not doing very well.

The one in charge of the Chitu realm is the Human Race dynasty, named Dayan, the Dayan Dynasty. The master of the dynasty is not someone else, but Lu Bu. Under his command, Chen Gong and other capable ministers assisted him, plus Lu Bu’s powerful strength, forcibly relied on killing and war to lay down this realm and changed its name to Chitu Realm.

At this moment, Lu Buduan is sitting in the Imperial City, the Imperial Palace.

In front of him, Chen Gong and other ministers stood dignifiedly.

Lü Bu’s face became even more gloomy, and he said, “Let’s talk about it, what should we do now, the production in the realm has been reduced again, and relying only on planting can no longer meet the needs of our Great Yan Dynasty. If it weren’t for the surrounding sea and constantly hunting the sea Sea Beast, fish and other meat supplements, we can no longer hold on. The fish in the sea has also begun to reduce production. If this continues, the aquariums in the surrounding sea will be eaten by us.”

It is inevitable that crops are planted on the ground, and it is only a matter of how much. Once the production is reduced, it will not be able to meet the needs of the domestic people. Had it not been for food from the sea, I would have long since been unable to hold on. Who will not think that there will be such a thing as a disaster, or it will continue to deteriorate as soon as it appears.

The sea is also affected by the devastation. The aquatic people in the sea have become more violent. It is not easy to hunt them down.

In short, the situation is getting worse.

“The alchemy pill has been developed to use ominous beast flesh and blood to make military ration pills. The refining method is very simple and easy. It can be refined with Sea Beast flesh and blood. Will feel hungry. The utilization rate of ominous beast flesh and blood has been increased by more than ten times. When the time comes, it can alleviate the urgent situation in the country. However, the consumption of ominous beast flesh and blood will be even greater. Also, the army ration pill is for ordinary person In other words, there will be indigestion consequences.”

Chen Gong said.

The materials made by Junliang Pills are not only flesh and blood, but also bones. Bones are the hardest part of the ominous beast within the body. There are many essences in it. They are ground into powder and refined into Junliang Pills, which contain powerful Energy can satisfy one’s hunger, but it is still bones, which is difficult to digest easily. Will produce various adverse effects.

But those adverse reactions are completely tolerable to starvation and even death.

“The general food pill will be distributed as soon as possible. However, it will definitely not work if you have been eating the military food pill. You must find other methods. Find more food sources.” Lu Bu said with an anxious expression, Dayan has a secret realm, and it is also in a secret realm. The food is planted, but the problem is that for a realm, it’s a waste of money and it is difficult to play a key role.

“The most reliable news right now is that there is food in Great Yi, and there is an astonishing amount of food reserves. According to the news from the Star Network, Great Yi not only has spare capacity to expand, but also has spare capacity to worship All the people in the lunar realm are given the same treatment together. Grain is visible, and there is spirit rice, even spirit rice can be generous. It can be seen that in Great Yi, there is bound to be a huge amount of food Food reserves.”

Chen Gong continued: “If we can get in touch with Great Yi and buy a batch of food from Great Yi, then the food crisis we encountered in Great Yan can be alleviated. But, in this way, It will inevitably make Great Yi’s influence further spread in the realm of our Chitu.”

Great Yi is definitely not a sleeping lion, but a tiger waiting to be hunted, showing sharp fangs at any time.

This can be seen from Great Yi without the slightest hesitation’s move to bring the moon worship domain under control.

“Immortal Sovereign I had contacted back then. He is a respectable Sovereign. If Da Yan really can’t keep it, it’s better to hand it over to Great Yi than to other wolf cubs. Contact Great via star network. Yi, give us the domain coordinates of Dayan to Great Yi. They have a way to open the Domain Portal, first for the purpose of commerce, and we will talk about the future.”

Lu Bu took a deep breath, and the rays of light flickered in his eyes.

Over the years, as the leader of the dynasty, he has also felt a strong pressure. This pressure is not very happy for him. If it can develop steadily, it is naturally the best. But now, the situation is constantly changing, and Lu Bu has naturally begun to consider a good retreat for himself, for the family behind him, and even for the entire Great Yan. Once the situation deteriorates, there are other options.


The rays of light flickering in Chen Gong’s eyes, he can naturally understand the deep meaning of Lu Bu’s words, but he didn’t stop it.

Great Yi is now a golden thigh in Human Race. In the case of as a last resort, even if it is cheap Great Yi, it certainly can’t be cheap to other people.

This is the benefit of fame.

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