Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 1665

Even though Ye Shenghui has returned to the mountain forest, the people in the Sanctuary Alliance obviously have no intention to let him go.

Instead, a wanted warrant was issued in search of Ye Shenghui’s trail.

In fact, Ye Shenghui has changed a dozen places in the past few months. Now this village is also the longest place he has lived without being found.

But Ye Shenghui didn’t expect that he was eventually found, and even involved so many people, killing these innocent villagers in vain.

Ye Shenghui turned around, exuding his shawl, lowering his head, clenching his fists, and the breath on his body became even more chaotic.

“Boss, this man is a half-step Martial Saint … we have informed the Sanctuary Alliance, how can we provoke him!” A young man leaned beside a middle aged man and asked cautiously.

They also accidentally got the existence of this village.

When they arrived, they did find a person described in the villagers, which was in line with Ye Shenghui’s image.

But when they questioned Ye Shenghui’s whereabouts, the group of villagers seemed to know what they were doing, and would rather die than say. In the end, they were so angry and angry that they killed all the villagers and burned the whole village to ashes.

“Why nervous? He’s gone to the mountains and mountains! Not to mention, everyone in the Sanctuary Alliance said that the last time he was in Kaiser, he was badly hit, and where is there still a half step Martial Saint’s strength.” A middle aged man, frowning, with a sharp-billed monkey gill, and a stature, looks like a giant human rat. It is the boss of this pedestrian, a genuine Level 9 Martial Sovereign.

The news provided by the Shengyu Alliance was that Ye Shenghui was severely damaged and its strength was greatly reduced, so they also dared to come to capture Ye Shenghui.

Or give them ten more courage, they would not dare to provoke a half-step Martial Saint.

What’s more, the reward price offered by the Sanctuary Alliance is too tempting.

Hearing this middle aged man’s words, the rest of the people were relieved, and even made a satire.

“I heard that Ye Shenghui’s wife looks pretty!”

“There are 2 daughters. They are toddlers.”

“You’re okay with this mouth! Wait for me!”

These people did not look at Ye Shenghui at all, as if Ye Shenghui was already the lamb to be slaughtered in their eyes.

Behind these people, dozens of corpse, the expression on each face is very distorted, apparently suffered inhuman abuse during his lifetime.

Their bodies were burned into coke and piled up there.

The faces of these bounty hunters are filled with proud smiles, as if such cruel pictures are the artworks they have created.

Regarding the news released by the Sanctuary Alliance, they naturally believe that since the Sanctuary Alliance said that the strength of Ye Shenghui is greatly reduced, there is definitely no half-step Martial Saint Realm, and they are naturally not afraid.

However, they absolutely did not expect that the Sanctuary Alliance would release false news in order to find the whereabouts of Ye Shenghui.

A Level 6 Martial Sovereign, with the courage of his partner, was bold and took a big step forward, pointing at Ye Shenghui and yelling, “Well old man! I urge you to take your hands and obey your wife and daughter. … “

As the Level 6 Martial Sovereign said, he released his Martial Soul. In a moment, a golden chain appeared in his hand.

But I haven’t talked about half of it. Suddenly I saw a flower in front of me. All of a sudden, everyone felt a majestic immortal move toward their door.

The next moment, a figure full of terrifying spirit appeared in front of this Level 6 Martial Sovereign.

Without any words, silently fearful.

The distance of 100 meters is almost instantaneous.

I saw Ye Shenghui’s big palm extended, 5 silver-white fingers covered with metal texture, and moved toward the front to poke.

Instantly, he inserted the level 6 Martial Sovereign’s face door into his brain, and then he couldn’t help pinching it in the middle.


There was a clear sound between the heavens and the earth. The Level 6 Martial Sovereign’s words came to an abrupt end, and his head burst out instantly. With his brain and blood, 4 shots, splashing everyone’s faces.

“You all have to die here!” I saw Ye Shenghui’s left hand holding a broom. Gradually, the broom was half-blurred. The words had just been half spoken, and the broom was shining brightly.

The light flashed through, ephemeral, and it all melted into Ye Shenghui’s body in an instant.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Shenghui’s body seemed to be cast from gray metal, his chin was slowly lifted, the blue tendons on his face skyrocketed, and his anger was self-evident, “a bunch of garbage!”

Suddenly, a terrifying immortal screamed with Ye Shenghui’s roar, raging like a flood, and moved toward 4 sides and 8 sides.

At this moment, all the bounty hunters are aware of their intelligence mistakes. The night Shenghui in front of him is obviously still online, and even more terrifying.

“How can it be!”

“King of 8 eggs! The Holy Alliance lied to us!”

“Let’s run away!”

Everyone was frightened and panicked at this moment.

However, Ye Shenghui has already used ‘micro-manipulation’ to control them all, making them unable to move for half a minute.

As a Level 9 Martial Sovereign in the past, Long Yuxi, who is also known as the King of the Northern Territory, never got rid of Ye Shenghui’s ‘micro-manipulation’, not to mention these little bounty hunters.

“All die for me!” Ye Shenghui has lost his mind. He has witnessed the innocent villagers’ tragic death due to himself.

He remembered these people’s days. These kind villagers did not care about his past, did not care about his identity, did not care about the crimes he committed, and was still willing to accept him. He felt guilty for 10000 points.

He was now anxious like a beast in a cage, looking for an exit to go and kill his prey.

Without any fancy, Ye Shenghui’s fingers lightened slightly, just a move toward the void ahead.

Suddenly, I saw a bright light scattered, 4 bounty hunters closer to Ye Shenghui, regardless of Realm, regardless of identity, there was a muffled sound, blood splashed around the neck, and his head rolled out instantly.

The cut at the neck is like the cut with the sharpest sword in the world.

At this moment, the rest of them opened their eyes and struggled.

But Ye Shenghui has now turned on its ‘strongest state’, with 5 times the state of micro-manipulation, they are struggling at all and can only watch their companions die in front of their eyes.

At this moment, they regret 10000 points in their hearts. Why don’t they wait for the people of Sanctuary Alliance to choose to do their best?

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