Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 1666

“Night … Lord Ye! This is the order of Sanctuary Alliance!” The bounty hunter named the head began to panic at the moment, shirking responsibility madly.

Because they have all seen it, Ye Shenghui has completely lost his mind, and may kill them in the next second.

In front of a half-step Martial Saint, their group of Martial Sovereigns are like chickens and dogs. They are vulnerable, and there is no quantity to make up for.

As soon as his words fell, Ye Shenghui’s figure came to them among them like a ghost, his expression was indifferent, and his right hand was lightly stroked.

“You can’t escape, because among our bounty hunters, the four strongest king hunters have already dispatched, and if they find you, you will surely die.”

The head of the Bounty Hunter’s voice had just fallen, and before he could react to what had happened, his body split from the right shoulder to the left waist instantly, his upper body slammed down, and blood and internal organs burst out.

This scene frightened everyone, everyone was screaming in astonishment, praying that Ye Shenghui could spare their lives.

Ye Shenghui bowed his head, said nothing, and leaned on his body. His hair, which had gradually turned black, turned white in a flash.

In just one second, Ye Shenghui seemed to be decades old, and his face had many more wrinkles.

“A lot of dust has not been found.”

“I have retreated from the mountains and forests, why do you still force me?”

Ye Shenghui murmured, his body trembled a little, he didn’t know why, why the Holy Alliance didn’t want to let himself go.

Why do you still have this kind of thing when you make up your mind to choose to withdraw from this river and lake full of rubbish, to involve so many innocent people.

“Dead! Let’s all die! Give me all to die!” At this moment, Ye Shenghui suddenly straightened his waist, roaring upward, and his voice was as harsh as a curse and thunder.

The ten bounty hunters left beside him suddenly roared in unison, and the flow of meridians was clearly visible on the surface of each person’s body.

The original bright red meridians, now flowing with silver-gray blood, looked very scary.

At the next moment, the bodies of these people gradually emitted smoke. In the heavens and the earth, their bodies slowly corroded from the inside, and finally screamed into a pool of silver-gray blood.

A team of bounty hunters disappeared quietly.

Ye Shenghui didn’t listen to the words of this bounty hunter.

The surrounding fire was still burning, and the dead could not be resurrected.

Ye Shenghui knelt on the ground weakly, covering his eyes with his palms, and the old tears crisscrossed, his tears constantly seeping from his fingers.

After a long time, a fat little hand rested on Ye Shenghui’s shoulders, and then a small body tightly hugged Ye Shenghui’s back and called softly, “Daddy …”

Ye Shenghui took a deep breath, and his mood was slowly calming down. After a while, he turned and hugged his two daughters tightly in his arms. “Yiner … Ser …”

“Shenghui, we have to go quickly, we can’t stay here anymore.” Ye Shenghui’s wife also came to his side and patted his shoulder gently.

Although she is also very guilty about the deaths of these 100 surnames, the current urgent need is that people from the Sanctuary Alliance will come here at any time.

With just one Martial Saint, Ye Shenghui can do nothing.

Ye Shenghui also knew this, so he wiped his tears, hugged his own daughter, and waved his hands to make the fire in this village more intense. “Dear folks! Ye Ye I’m sorry to you! I have killed all of you who killed you. I hope you can rest in peace! “

“I owe you this life. Even if I am a cow or a horse in my next life, I will return it to you.”

Ye Shenghui moved toward the village in the fire and bowed deeply, then took his relatives, and moved toward the outside quickly.

“To this day, you can only go to Lord Lin Yun.” Ye Shenghui knew that the Holy Alliance could find him once and then find him for the second time. He didn’t want to implicate so many innocent people.

Right now, all over the Divine Domain, Lin Yun is the only one who can help him.

Tu Shenzong Headquarters:

After the 5 ambassadors of the Holy Alliance left the Chaos Realm, Lin Yun also ordered that everything be restored to normal, so that the soldiers scattered in the corners of the 3 realms returned to their territory, and also ordered everyone to do everything Resources to promote Realm.

Lin Yun knows that, in terms of their current overall strength, there will still be a big gap in the future against the Dark Gate.

For the 600000 and 100 surnames originally sent in, Lin Yun screened out 200000 people with mechanical research and development technology for training.

Naturally, the remaining 400000 100 surnames were eliminated.

Lin Yun didn’t want to keep this group of idlers at the headquarters, so he erased the memories of the 400000 people about the current headquarters of the Slaughter Sect, and sent them back to Dragon Tiger City.

Everyone is also performing their duties. Lin Yun has been staying in the ‘Technology Hall’ for the past few days, helping Jiang Yan to create more fairy airships.

“Brother Lin Yun, the outside world now says that you already have the strength to rival Level 4 Martial Saint. Is it true or false?” In his spare time, Lin Yun and Jiang Yan sat down to rest and chatted.

Lin Yun wiped the sweat from his forehead. This kind of development work has not been done for a long time.

He remembered the days when he had grown up step by step, and was obsessed with the days when he could not extricate himself in the “Technology Research”, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“I let Zhong Shudao release the news.” Lin Yun said with a smile.

Jiang Yan wondered if she touched her chin and looked at Lin Yun with a puzzled look.

She was taken aback when she heard the news, because in her impression, Lin Yun didn’t seem to have such a high combat power. After all, under Lin Yun’s teachings, the high-level people in Tushen Sect also knew that Martial Saint’s every Level 1 is very important, not as easy to break through as Martial Sovereign Realm.

Of course, the word “easy” is only relative to Lin Yun, and it is very difficult for them to be ordinary people.

“It’s very simple. Now that we have become increasingly powerful, there are many forces outside of us who look at us with despise.”

“The news was released just to confuse and deter other forces.”

“Of course, so that more people can join us to slaughter God.” Lin Yun touched Jiang Yan’s hair and was happy to explain these things for Jiang Yan.

In fact, Jiang Yan is also one of Lin Yun’s very optimistic in this life. The level of Jiang Yan’s “technical research” is the best that Lin Yun has seen in this life, and the level of understanding is very high. Lin Yun wants to Cultivating such a successor has always treated Jiang Yan as his younger sister.

“Brother Lin Yun, it turned out to be a little bit tricky,” Jiang Yan joked.

Lin Yun laments a sigh of relief. In the current situation, if it is not treacherous, it will be difficult to establish a foothold in the Divine Domain.

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