Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 1667

In fact, Lin Yun’s strength after opening Devil God Crystal Core 4th form is only equivalent to level 2 Martial Saint.

It is even possible to have a level 3 Martial Saint’s power only when the Devil God is fully used.

But the aftermath of all this is really too powerful, so Lin Yun doesn’t want to use this power easily.

At that time, the news of ‘Level 4 Martial Saint’ was spread after winning the entire Northeast Region.

In order to deter some forces in other domains, so that they do not look down upon Tu Shenzong tiger.

After all, now Lin Yun has won the three major domains of Chaos Realm. These three fragrant clams are enough to make many of the top 3 forces eye-catching.

“Brother Lin Yun, it seems a bit unhappy in recent months,” Jiang Yan whispered.

Lin Yun nodded, he knew all these things.

Yueyue and Prince Nangong gradually agreed, and Lin Yun also agreed.

Recently, as Nangong followed the dragon and phoenix to the ‘Flying Dragon Valley’, this pair of little lovers separated 2 places, which will inevitably cause some distress.

Of course, a bit more, because Yueyue now is too aggressive with the real blood of ‘7 Colorful Glazed Snakes’, which causes Realy now to be unable to continue to promote, always staying at the peak of Level 9 Martial Ancestor, always worse Only one step can become Martial Sovereign.

Lin Yun is also a big headache for this. After all, there is no good way to solve this problem.

Nangong, Shangguan, Huameinan, and Yueyue were all disciples that Lin Yun taught carefully in his lifetime. In Lin Yun’s mind, these four people are plastic talents, and their future achievements are definitely not in Xiao Yin and others. under.

After all, youth is the capital, and they have unlimited possibilities.

Nangong and Shangguan now have their own blood abilities, Lin Yun need not worry.

And the problems on Yueyue only need an opportunity to solve, and Realm will definitely be able to rise in the future.

On the contrary, it was Huamei, which made Lin Yun a little worried.

After all, Huameinan didn’t get any opportunity. Although it is a rare genius in Tianwu mainland, it is nothing like the genius of Divine Domain. There is no comparable.

“Okay, I still have to work hard for you these days, and get the rest left, I’ll go out for a walk.” After a moment, Lin Yun ordered Jiang Yan.

After 3 days, everyone in the entire chaos area is well known. Lin Yun of Tushen Sect has broken through the level 3 Martial Saint barrier and reached Level 4 Martial Saint Realm. Sovereign is comparable.

Such a dark horse rose quietly and silently in a short time.

When hearing this news, many great power lords were relieved, fortunately they didn’t take action against Tushen.

A level 2 Martial Saint or level 3 Martial Saint, maybe they can still have a battle power, even a Level 4 Martial Saint, they can fight to death.

But what they worry about is how Lin Yun broke through from Level 3 Martial Saint to Level 4 Martial Saint in such a short period of time.

To say such an innate skill, if it is said that there is no great support behind Lin Yun, no one will believe it.

Time passed quietly. A few days later, in the grassland plains of the Eastern Region, people came and went, and it was like a bustling scene.

The original 8 cities here have been remodeled by Lin Yun. Except for the central city of Tara, which is the residence of the people in the mirror, the remaining 7 cities have become the Eastern Region under the careful transformation of everyone. , Northland and Northeast China are the most prosperous trading locations.

As the most important Tailiang City, it is heavily guarded. It has 300000 fine troops stationed outside the city, and ten 100-person patrols are deployed in the city to guard against any accidents at any time.

As the master of Tailiang City-the man in the mirror, he has suffered a lot of criticism.

Everyone is talking about, and now manages the army of 1000000 people, and controls whether the people in the mirror of the Eastern Regions will betray Lin Yun.

Regarding these gossips, Lin Yun, the people in the mirror, and the people who slaughtered Shenzong all smiled and didn’t take it seriously.

People who have been with Lin Yun for a longer time know that Lin Yun is also a teacher and friend for the high-level Tu Shenzong. Lin Yun also rarely treats them as hands, but as a companion. This is why, even in the enemy In the current crisis, they are also willing to entrust their lives to Lin Yun.

Trusting each other is the root cause of a long history.

Of course, for such an important Tailiang City, the control of its entry and exit is also very strict.

In front of the gates of Tailiang City, there are huge lines of people. These people are about to enter the Tailiang City. There are people who come to visit the people in the mirror and also come to trade. Of course, more of them are thinking To live in the city of Tara, to get shelter in the mirror.

Oncoming are two giant gates with a height of 2 meters and a width of ten meters. The two doors are marked with the characters ‘exit’ and ‘entrance’.

Another group of soldiers wearing mechanical armor stood at the door, while others registered the records.

“Name, why did you come to the city?” The registered person lowered his head and rushed into writing, while standing in front of him was a vicissitudes old man with two children in his hands and a young woman standing behind him.

“Brother, I’m here to find the messenger of the mirror, please let me know.” The old man said softly with a kind smile.

When the registered person heard this sentence, to disdain smiled, looked up at the old man, and laughed, “There are more people who want to see us in the mirror every day. How old are you? When you see me, see you ? “

The slightly sarcastic words did not seem to make the old man angry. The old man just smiled and continued, “The troublesome brother announced that the old man was called Ye Shenghui. There was really an urgent matter to find the mirror messenger.”

This kind old man was forced by the Holy Land Alliance to make no choice for night Shenghui.

In the past few days, he alternated day and night. First, he rushed to Dragon Tiger City and wanted to go to Tu Shenzong to find Lin Yun.

I was surprised to find that Tu Shenzong was no longer in Dragon Tiger City, and the 100 surnames in the city did not tell him where Lin Yun had gone.

After all, when sending the 100 surnames back to Dragon Tiger City, Lin Yun erased all the memories of the 100 surnames about the new headquarters of Tu Shenzong.

Today, the location of Tu Shenzong’s headquarters is not only known to Tu Shenzong’s main troops and senior officials, but even the soldiers who are included in it do not know where Tu Shenzong’s headquarters is.

The reason for Lin Yun to do this is to prevent crowds and worry that the location of the headquarters will be leaked out.

Ye Shenghui had no choice but to inquire about 4 places, came to Tailiang City, ready to let the person in the mirror tell Lin Yun.

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