Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2895

For a while, the dazzling rays of light were even more dazzling than the sun above Nine Heavens. With the spread of a shock wave, destruction came to Camelah!

boom~ boom~ ——!

There was a loud bang like destroying heaven extinguishing earth. Metal bombs and Divine Dragon had completely disappeared in the rays of light, but the shock wave was like a stormy sea, moving towards all in the sky above hundreds of thousands of meters. around swept away.

The entire land was shaken like a huge earthquake, with deserts diverging, rocks shattered, and mountains destroyed.

The endless wind and sand, moved towards the sky, splashed high, and then turned into one after another sandstorm, devouring all the lives in the area of ​​10 li.

“Hurry up!”

Human beings still have the most instinctive feelings. When faced with a sandstorm that is enough to destroy them, most human beings with energy use their last strength to fight for others to escape.

In contrast, the Camelian soldiers and the alien beasts all fled around, and there was no order at all. Even seeing their companions falling in front of them, they all chose to flee by stepping on their companions’ bodies.

In just a few seconds, the entire Camelian city has almost turned into rubble.

As the rays of light disappeared, a mushroom cloud with a diameter of several ten thousand meters rose slowly to the sky, covering everything in the sky.


The sandstorm and fire waves as high as 1000 meters are still spreading all around in an overwhelming manner, frantically harvesting all the lives within their eyes.

The war between mankind and Camelah has received a moment of peace, and all creatures have to flee to a distance, away from this place of right and wrong.

They looked at the giant city of Kamela outside several dozen li, each and everyone was stunned.

Such battles only exist in legends and prophecies. They never imagined that they would be able to see such battles in their lifetime.

The sandstorm and the fire wave finally disappeared at the end of the horizon, and everything that everyone could see was gone.

Everyone looked forward, and the location of the giant city of Kamela seemed to have turned into a fire sea, and there was still a mess.

The entire ground is sunken down by several hundred meters, and the scope of the impact cannot be seen clearly with naked eye.

“The Moon God… won it?”

“We will definitely win! The Moon God…will save us…”

“How many years, can we finally regain our homes?”

All human beings are looking forward to incomparably. With longing eyes, they carefully scanned every corner of the ruins, praying to find Lin Yun’s silhouette.

Camel’s soldiers and strange beasts didn’t do anything at this moment. They were also looking for the silhouette of Camel’s Holy Lord.

The entire Heaven and Earth became much quieter in an instant, everyone held their breath and wanted to know the final result.

I don’t know how long it took, a Kamela soldier suddenly floated towards in midair without warning.

Immediately afterwards, it was the second one! The third……

The Camelian soldiers and strange beasts of hundreds of thousands flew in the direction moved towards the ruins.

And without exception, when these soldiers flew in midair, they suddenly fell to the ground and lost Life Aura.

This scene caused all the human assembled army present to exclaim.

“He, he, he, he! He is not dead!”

“How is it possible… even the Moon God can’t kill him?”

“My God, where is the Moon God?”

The human assembly became nervous, showing a shocked expression.

Because they are very familiar with this scene, it is the “rebirth” of the Holy Lord of Kamela.

At this moment, everyone finally found the silhouette of the Holy Lord Kamela.

I saw him lying in the ruins of the giant city of Kamela. His body was already in tatters. His right arm and left leg disappeared completely, leaving only half of his head, and even his body was destroyed. .

And the body that he exposed within the body is indeed all metal, without any flesh and blood.

At this moment, he is healing his body by absorbing the energy of the Kamela soldiers and strange animals.

“hahahaha! The ridiculous slave…you will eventually die in the hands of this Holy Lord…there is no existence that can defeat Sun God!” The voice of the Holy Lord Kamela was like howling ghosts , It makes the scalp numb.

The collision with the strongest move this time also caused him serious injuries.

It takes nearly a million Camilla to fully recover his body.

However, Kamela Holy Lord doesn’t feel distressed at all. As long as he can kill Lin Yun, all this is worth it.

“We… lost…”

The Great General who assembled the army was stunned, and the weapon of the right hand fell to the ground unconsciously.

Many people have expressions of despair on their faces. Even now, even Lin Yun has died in the hands of Kamela’s Holy Lord. What ability do they have to fight Kamela?

They have been enslaved for five thousand years. They originally thought that Lin Yun’s arrival could lead them back home to the garden, but they did not expect it to be such a situation.

“Don’t give up! The great moon god will never die!”

However, in the midst of sighs, despair and wailing, a tender voice suddenly broke their despair.

Everyone followed the prestige, but saw that Lin Wangliang was walking towards her short legs and moved towards everyone with a resolute expression.

She walked to the front of the assembled army Great General and picked up the weapon that was discarded by the Great General.

“Star God…” The Great General assembled army is in a complicated mood. Even a little girl has not given up until now, so why can they give up?

“All this is for humans.”

Lin Wangliang’s words gave hope to this group of desperate people.

More and more people picked up their weapons and wiped away their tears.

“For humanity!”

The voice of human beings raising their arms, resounding across the sky.

Now, Kamela’s Holy Lord looked contemptuous and cast a glance at Lin Wangliang, coldly said: “Catch these humble slaves, don’t kill them, this Holy Lord wants them to live forever in Sun Under the torment of God!”


There are fewer than a million Kamela soldiers who have survived, but today’s human assembled army is less than 2,000,000.

However, in the face of the steadily pressing Camelah army, no human being chooses to back down.

They consciously formed a circle and protected Lin Wangliang in it.

“Humans, never compromise!” The Great General of the assembled army is inspiring people. He exclaimed: “This is our last chance. It belongs to our homeland everywhere!”

The final battle between the two sides is about to happen.

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