Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2896

At the crucial moment, four hurricanes broke ground suddenly and without warning, and immediately afterwards, the body of Kamela Holy Lord was trapped by lightning.

This sudden scene caused all the creatures present to stop their movements and look into the distance.

“How is it possible!” Kamela Holy Lord looked incredulous, because at this moment, he felt Lin Yun’s violent breath again.

“Camera’s rule is over.”

There is no doubt that this is Lin Yun’s voice!

A ribbed skeleton suddenly soared from the ruins to in midair, while Lin Yun was condescendingly watching the Holy Lord Kamela.

Although Lin Yun did not have any injuries on his body, there were also a lot of cracks on the rib cage.

It is conceivable how terrifying the formidable power produced by the “metal bomb” of the Holy Lord by Kamela and the confrontation between Divine Dragon Fist and the bombardment.

Power of the Demon God-Everything is controlled!

The Great Desolate Demon God opened his eyes again, unleashing an endless divine might, and confining the Holy Lord of Kamela in place.

The dual control of the wind prisoner and the manipulation of everything makes Kamela Holy Lord impossible to move even a finger.

“The Moon God…”

The appearance of Lin Yun completely made the entire Heaven and Earth boil.

All the human assembly forces are full of tears, shouting the words “Moon God”.

“Even if you are still alive, you can’t kill me…” Kamela Holy Lord quickly calmed down. He firmly believed that he had used more formidable power than his “metal bomb” After “Divine Dragon Fist”, Lin Yun had no extra energy, and then delivered a fatal blow to him.

Lin Yun did not respond, but silently summoned Divine Dragon again.

After seeing this scene, the complexion of the Holy Lord Kamela greatly changed.

“Maybe after killing you, I can know what Dragon God took away from Sun God.” Lin Yun said in a faint tone, as if all this is a foregone conclusion.

Divine Dragon Fist!

This time Lin Yun didn’t dare anymore, his strength had been raised to the extreme, and Divine Dragon burst out.

The majestic Divine Dragon immediately crushed dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, moved towards Kamela Holy Lord.


Kamela Holy Lord can heal himself by absorbing Kamela’s energy, but the injury he suffered this time is too serious, and he has not fully recovered at this moment, and his body is still controlled by wind prisoners and all things. Take control.

If it is only the control of the wind prisoner, or the control of the manipulation of everything, he can still get rid of control by consuming a lot of energy.

Under the dual control of the wind prisoner and the manipulation of all things, he has no way to escape!

Facing the Divine Dragon that broke through the sky, Kamela Holy Lord has no resistance.

The Divine Dragon carries the energy like destroying heaven extinguishing earth, directly enveloping the body of the Holy Lord Camelah, and rammed away towards Nine Heavens.

A few seconds later, there was a bright light in the sky. The whole world fell into peace for a while, and then a rumbling sound broke out.

A doomsday-like catastrophe directly destroyed the body of Kamela’s Holy Lord.

Whether it’s humans or Carmela present, they are looking at the sky.

Until the rays of light dissipated, the mushroom cloud shrouded the sky, and Kamela’s world seemed to usher in a dark night, the sun was shrouded in smoke and dust.

“This is the darkness…”

“We won!”

“There are still these soldiers!”

At the same time, a head suddenly fell straight from the height of hundreds of thousands of meters, like a meteorite falling to the ground, hitting the ground straight.

Lin Yun stepped on the void and came to this head, which was the head of Kamela’s Holy Lord.

Although the flesh and blood on this head has been turned into ashes, only the naked metal skull is left exposed, but the brain in the head is still intact.

Even Lin Yun was a little surprised that even under this level of attack, the brain in his head could still be preserved. Kamela Holy Lord, indeed, should not be underestimated.

If you don’t use the power of Great Desolate Demon God, it may be difficult for Lin Yun to kill him at this stage.

Soon, there was an immense energy that gushed from the head of the dead Kamela Holy Lord, and then gathered within the body of Lin Yun.

After being transformed by the Demon God nucleus crystal, this energy directly became Lin Yun’s cultivation base, allowing him to be promoted directly to Fifth Level Martial Saint when his realm was at Level 4 Martial Saint Peak!


A powerful breath broke out from Lin Yun’s within the body, smashing everything around.

And Lin Yun’s breath has become stronger than before!

With his current strength, even under normal circumstances, he can defeat the seventh-level Martial Saint, comparable to the eighth-level Martial Saint!

But this kind of strength is not enough to compete with Samsara Heavenly Emperor. There is still a section of the road ahead of him.

Lin Yun immediately relieved the power of the Demon God nucleus crystal, and then put the head of the Holy Lord Kamela into the storage ring.

He hopes to find some useful information about Kamella from the memory of Kamella’s Holy Lord.

“It’s time to launch a counterattack, everyone, kill all the Camilla!”

Lin Yun held up the Netherworld sacred sword and shouted loudly.

“Moon God!”

“The Moon God!”

“Moon God!”

After Lin Yun joined, Camella’s army was completely impossible to withstand a single blow.

Lin Yun incarnates as an afterimage, slaughtering him in Camella’s army.

After losing the Kamela Holy Lord, these Kamela soldiers pose no threat to Lin Yun at all.

No matter how they attack, they can’t break Lin Yun’s fur, and to deal with them, Lin Yun does not need to use the power of Demon God’s nuclear crystal.


The wailing and screaming sounded thoroughly.

Nearly one million Kamela soldiers were completely annihilated under Lin Yun’s leadership in a short period of time.

Until the last soldier was killed, everyone in the room stopped and looked at each other in blank dismay.

Someone slapped himself and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Some people embraced and wept, some knelt on the ground in excitement, and some fell to the ground exhausted.

“Everything is over, what belongs to you has been taken back!”

Lin Yun stands on the ground, all around, each and everyone is human.

All human beings have thrown away their weapons. If it is not for survival, who is willing to fill their hands with blood and become an executioner?

“Camera is gone, we won!”

“We… we finally won!”

“very good…our home… belongs to our world!”

They have been enslaved for five thousand years. How they have survived these five thousand years, they don’t know.

But they all know that they don’t live like a person, and they don’t even deserve their own name, they can only be called slaves.

Before Lin Yun arrived, almost everyone had already believed that they could only do this in their lives.

But in just a few days, they actually wiped out Kamela.

And they know all this because of Lin Yun.

Without Lin Yun, they would have no chance at all to regain their homeland!

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