Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2898

Because the deeper the cave wall, the more human bones there are, the denser the energy and the higher the temperature.

What’s even more surprising is that in the depths of ten thousand meters in the cave, Lin Yun’s Divine Consciousness has discovered that there are human bones that have completely undergone mutations, and they have evolved into Camelian soldiers. The wall, moved towards the ground at an extremely slow speed, climbed up.

According to Lin Yun’s estimation, if the cave is no longer sealed, it is estimated that it will not take ten years, and Kamela’s soldiers will reappears in this world.

Moreover, this investigation completely subverted Lin Yun’s previous views.

Lin Yun still remembered that when he fought the Great Elder of Kamela, one million Kamela soldiers blocked his own blow. At that time, he thought it was because the Immortal Qi of Kamela soldiers was better than that of Divine Realm. The martial artist, but now it’s not like that.

Because of this peculiar energy, although Lin Yun feels familiar, he has never seen it before, and it does not belong to Immortal Qi at all.

This energy is not only peculiar, but also the defensive power is exceptionally powerful. This is why Kamela’s own defense is not worse than Lin Yun’s physical defense.

The defensive ability of the Camelian soldier, which is produced by the mutation of this strange energy and human bones, is not comparable to that of martial artists of the same strength. The two are difficult to mention on equal terms.

This peculiar energy can condense into metal on human bones, which means that the body density of a Camelian soldier is tens of thousands of times higher than that of an ordinary human. Its defensive ability is naturally also Needless to say.

This also makes Lin Yun even more curious about what is in the cave!

“What on earth is there?”

Lin Yun’s Divine Consciousness continued down, but when Lin Yun’s Divine Consciousness reached the depth of 300,000 meters in the cave, he had discovered that the temperature here had reached an exaggerated thousands of degrees!

Even at such a high temperature, it is far from reaching the bottom of the cave.

It is really hard for Lin Yun to imagine what kind of things exist in the depths of this cave.

And Lin Yun is also very sure that the depths must be the birthplace of the Holy Lord Kamela.

When Lin Yun’s Divine Consciousness reached its limit, he was blocked by a mysterious seal.

This seal is not an array, nor is it an energy body of the Formation type, but a mysterious force field that even Lin Yun has no way to crack.

“With my current strength, it is not enough to break this seal…” Lin Yun shook his head and sighed. With his current ability, it is impossible to penetrate into this cave.

Although he is very curious, what kind of things are in this cave?

But to be a person, you still need to be self-aware.

After some thought, Lin Yun still started to seal the cave.

After all, if you leave it alone, you may not know how long there will be a third and fourth Kamela Holy Lord.

For the human beings at Camelah, it takes some time to return to a normal life.

Although “True Blood array” is old, Lin Yun has also dabbled in it. He knows the tricks, so it is not difficult for Lin Yun to reset a “True Blood array”.

Although the “True Blood array” he set up cannot last for ten thousand years like the Dragon God, it can also last for a long time under the blessing of Asura Demon’s Bloodline, Divine Dragon Bloodline and Giant Queen Bloodline a period of time.

After some attempts, Lin Yun also re-arranged the “True Blood array”.

Lin Wangliang has been standing aside and watching all this. When Lin Yun re-covered the cave with rocks, Lin Wangliang said: “Big brother, are you going back?”

Lin Yun raised his head and looked at the sky. Actually, after calculating, he arrived in the Kamela world in less than ten days.

But the days and nights during this period of time also gave him some feelings for Lin Wangliang.

It may be Lin Wangliang’s purity and kindness, but Lin Yun is not assured of leaving her alone in this World.

“Are you going to leave with me?” This is Lin Yun’s third invitation.

Lin Wangliang bit his lip. After hesitating for a long time, he shook his head and said seriously: “Although I want to leave with my big brother, this is still my homeland, and they still need me…”

Lin Wangliang pointed to the busy group of people behind, it will take a long time to rebuild the entire world.

“Since you have decided, then I will respect you.” Lin Yun not at all insisted, he patted Lin Wangliang’s shoulder, said with a smile: “Shall I see me for a ride? I am leaving.”

“Okay.” Lin Wangliang took Lin Yun’s big hand, and after a short time together, Lin Wangliang had already regarded Lin Yun as his relative.

The two went on the road together, not at all to alarm the others.

Along the way, Lin Yun and Lin Wangliang never spoke, and they flew all the way until Lin Wangliang first saw Lin Yun on the mountain peak.

Lin Yun each minding their own business took out the dragon scales brocade box from the storage ring, and took out the transparent bottle in the brocade box.

When Lin Yun opened the bottle, the drop of Dragon God True Blood in it immediately turned into a stream of light and merged into Lin Yun’s within the body.

Lin Yun immediately roared, his voice as loud as a dragon roar.

With just a sound, the situation changed, and Lin Wangliang, who was shaking to the side, almost fainted.

Lin Yun only felt his whole body up and down, as if he was cut by thousands of sharp blades, and as if there were thousands of ants biting on him, not only the pain was unacceptable, but it was also extremely itchy.

Gradually, all the pain disappeared, and Lin Yun just sighed in relief.

He feels that the Divine Dragon Bloodline in his body has become more pure.

A drop of Dragon God’s True Blood, not at all, improves his realm, but makes his Bloodline Strength even more pure.

After Lin Yun absorbed the Dragon God’s True Blood, there was a loud hong long long noise in the void, like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses marching.

Immediately afterwards, the outline of a giant door gradually emerged in the void.

Obviously, this is the giant dragon scales.

The opening condition of dragon scales is the power of Divine Dragon Bloodline.

After absorbing the blood essence of Dragon God, Lin Yun was able to open the giant gate of dragon scales again.

“It’s time to say goodbye.” Lin Yun turned around and touched Lin Wangliang’s little head.

“Will we meet again in the future?” Lin Wangliang was very disappointed, his eyes were red.

Lin Yun smiled, and his fingertips lightly touched Lin Wangliang’s eyebrows.

At this moment, Lin Wangliang only felt that there was something in his head.

“I will teach you all what I have learned in my life. When you have enough strength, the memory will naturally open.” Lin Yun just injected a Divine Consciousness into Lin Wangliang’s head, that among which is included Yes, it is “Holy Sword Technique” and “Golden Light Body Protection Technique”.

These things are enough for Lin Wangliang to use for life.

Lin Wangliang left tears of disappointing and continued to ask: “Big brother, will we meet again?”

Lin Yun sighed, and he understood in his heart that maybe they will not meet again in this life, but he is still comfortable: “As long as you become strong enough, we will meet again.”

Hearing Lin Yun’s this remark, Lin Wangliang just smiled. She took off a pendant that had been hanging around her neck, handed it to Lin Yun, and said, “This is what my mother left for me. Now I Leave it to the big brother, this is our token, you must come back and find me!”

Lin Yun solemnly accepted Lin Wangliang’s pendant, and then hung it around his neck, saying: “Okay.”

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