Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2899

The dragon scales giant gate has reappeared in this World. Lin Yun stepped forward and remembered one more thing. He immediately instructed Lin Wangliang, “Remember, let them dig out all the bones and burn them.”

“After a person dies in the future, don’t bury the bones in the desert, but burn them, you know?”

After exploring the cave, Lin Yun also understood the reason for the birth of the Kamela soldier.

The humans here are very feudal, so after the death of relatives and friends, they will choose to bury their bones in the desert.

You must know that in the desert of Camelah, there are very serious quicksands, and the cave has a special energy attraction, so their bones buried in the desert are easily attracted to the cave.

Therefore, that kind of special energy can cause the bones to produce mutations, and thus the soldiers of Camelah are born.

As long as the corpse is burned to the end, the Kamela soldiers and alien animals will no longer be born.

However, Kamela Holy Lord was not born from bones.

However, according to Lin Yun’s speculation, the birth time of the first generation of the Holy Lord and the second generation of the Holy Lord of Camelah was ten thousand years apart, and the difference in strength between the two was too great.

If the third generation Camelah Holy Lord is born, it will take at least ten thousand years. Maybe the Holy Lord born when the time comes may also reach the strength of Martial Saint.

And these ten thousand years are enough for the humans of Camelah to re-cultivation and step out of more powerhouses. When the time comes, they will be able to kill them when they face the third-generation Camelah Holy Lord. .

At least in Lin Yun’s view, Lin Wangliang has the potential to become a powerhouse. It is only a matter of time.

“Lin Wangliang, take good care of yourself, don’t forget that you are Star God.”

After Lin Yun put his hand on the dragon scales giant gate, the dragon scales giant gate once again absorbed the Divine Dragon Bloodline in Lin Yun within the body.

As the giant door opened, the dazzling rays of light swallowed Lin Yun, and Lin Yun’s consciousness gradually disappeared.

“Big brother, I will wait for you, you must come back to me, I will definitely become stronger!”

The last thing Lin Yun could hear was Lin Wangliang’s words.

With the closure of the dragon scales giant gate, Lin Yun’s trip to the world of Camelia also ends here.

This journey brought Lin Yun’s realm to Fifth Level Martial Saint, and it also left Lin Yun more doubts.

First, what is Dragon God looking for?

Second, what is in the mysterious cave?

Third, when the Dragon God and Tiger God left, they left from another giant dragon scales gate. They did not return to Divine Realm at all. Where did they go?

Too many mysteries filled Lin Yun’s mind.

But no matter what it is, Lin Yun is not able to get involved.

In the words of Jinmian and the words of Dragon God, they all say that there is an “ultimate enemy”, but who is the “ultimate enemy” has never been answered by Lin Yun.

Lin Yun feels that he is now in a vortex. He doesn’t know where the vortex leads, but he can only be in it and let the water push him.

There is no reason to worry, this is not what Lin Yun would do.

Although he has always done things and needs to be guarded against them, it is obvious that this kind of clueless matter will only add to his own troubles if he thinks about it and explores it.

Lin Yun believes that all of this will eventually As the water recedes, the rocks appear.

Judging from the words of Jinmian and the prophecy of Dragon God, he seems to be in it.

At the same time, in Divine Realm, Lin Yun has been away for nearly ten days, and everyone knows that Lin Yun was fighting a bloodthirsty monster in the “Howling Cliff”.

In this battle, it seems that Lin Yun lost.

Lin Yun has not appeared, some people sigh, and naturally some people are taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. Their performances are all different.

For Eastern Continent, Lin Yun’s name is still too unfamiliar. Their understanding of Lin Yun is only derived from some hearsay.

For everyone in the western mainland, they simply do not believe the news of Lin Yun’s death.

Such a man disappeared for a full year at first, and then returned again. He has the strength comparable to Martial Venerable, and even killed a Martial Venerable from the Sacred Domain Alliance.

There are already a lot of deaths and injuries in Lin Yun’s hands, Martial Venerable.

Therefore, I didn’t see Lin Yun’s body with my own eyes. Regardless of other people’s rumors, Great Influences in the Western Continent will not believe this.

During this period, both Heaven Realm and the Underworld have dispatched people one after another to find the trace of Divine Sect.

In any case, for them, the “Demon Palace Guard” of Asura Demon Palace is extremely attractive.

Lin Yun is alive or dead, they don’t care, what they care about is just the way to make the “Demon Palace guard”.

As for the Sacred Domain alliance and the anti-alliance Holy Sect, it seems that something is going on in secret, and there have not been too many actions in ten days [笔趣阁].

Although the damage caused by Peak World War I to Great Influence is gradually recovering over time, it cannot be restored to Peak in a short time.

The organization “Tomb” has spread rapidly throughout Divine Realm like a plague.

In the Peak World War, the simultaneous appearance of Ye Lantian and Lin Yun as representatives of the members of the “Tomb” really shocked the Divine Realm group.

However, this battle between the bloodthirsty demon and Lin Yun seems to show that Lin Yun betrayed the “Tomb”. This can not help but make people wonder what Lin Yun’s motive was.

On the “Howling Cliff”, a silhouette is almost fuse together with the rock, with a restrained breath, sitting right here.

And this person is the bloodthirsty demon who fought Lin Yun here ten days ago.

This period of time, he has never left, and has been hiding his breath.

He saw that many people from to-and-fro, including those from Four Great Holy Lands, seemed to want to come here to investigate Lin Yun’s traces.

But without exception, none of them entered the “Howling Cliff” because the inexplicable law of the “Howling Abyss” can restrict the flow of Immortal Qi.

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