Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2901

Lin Yun looked at the red virus pillars in all directions. These pillars are all composed of high-density energy. It takes a while to break.

And the bloodthirsty demon did not intend to give Lin Yun a chance to break the “Blood Demon Ten Thousand Prisoners”, his right hand moved towards the sky raised high, a black energy sphere emitting green light, was going crazy in his hands Condensed.

There is no doubt that this was exactly ten days ago, which severely damaged Lin Yun’s “viral jade nuclear bomb”, and the bloodthirsty demon wanted to repeat the trick.

The terrifying virus jade nuclear bomb is now crazily condensing in the palm of the bloodthirsty demon, and the surrounding breath has become depressed in this brief moment.

Without any hesitation, Lin Yun immediately mobilized the Dragon Bloodline within the body. The translucent and towering 1000-meter dragon gradually appeared behind Lin Yun.

Virus jade nuclear bomb!

Divine Dragon Fist!

Neither of them had any extra words, and directly pushed the horrible energy that could destroy an area to each other.

In just an instant, the virus jade nuclear bomb has collided with Shenlong.

Strong confrontation, on top of Nine Heavens, there are rising winds, scudding clouds, lightning and thunder.

A light cluster with a diameter of several thousand meters expands instantly without reservation.

The “Blood Demon and Ten Thousand Prisoners” released by the bloodthirsty mad demon now has no defense at all in front of these two energies. It is directly swallowed by rays of light, and then shattered and turned into a large number of viruses , And then all evaporated by high temperature.

After the breakthrough of the “Blood Demon Ten Thousand Prisoners” restriction, rays of light quickly spread out.

In a short time beyond calculation, even Lin Yun and the bloodthirsty monster were swallowed by rays of light.

The entire “Howling Cliff” is now deeply trapped in rays of light.

Everything covered by rays of light is annihilated in an instant.


Following a terrifying explosion sound like destroying heaven extinguishing earth, a devastating shock wave immediately moved towards the surrounding area with the force of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

These shock waves are even more mixed with a large number of viruses, which can withstand high temperatures, and wherever they go, they are turned into nothingness and the viruses are swallowed.

The earth was broken and shattered by the earthquake. Rocks, soil, and dust were all caught in the virus shock wave, and they continued to move towards the farther they spread.

Immediately afterwards, a mushroom fire cloud with a diameter of several ten thousand meters rose slowly from the Howling Cliff, and in a blink of an eye, it rose to the sky, covering Heaven and Earth.

With the mushroom cloud as the center, a virus fire wave as high as 1,000 meters spreads out all around in an overwhelming manner, forming a terrifying natural disaster, devouring everything around frantically.

There are also some humans and Demonic beasts hundreds of miles around the Howling Cliff, but now they are too late to be completely swallowed by the virus fire wave, and scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Even outside of several hundred li, fire waves can still be seen clearly by everyone.

“What is that!”

“Oh my God… the direction of the howling cliff…”

“What a terrifying sight, what is this and the others fighting there?”

This is already the city belonging to the Four Great Holy Lands. Looking at the fire wave that continues to swept through, the guards, generals and City Lord in the city all shot one after another, trying to resist the fire wave.

In the same way, more people have seen this scene. People from Four Great Holy Lands immediately reported the matter to Holy Land.

Because they all know that ten days ago, Lin Yun and the bloodthirsty demon had fought on the Howling Cliff, but now in scenes like reappears, will it be Lin Yun and the bloodthirsty demon again?

Now in the Howling Cliff, the air is full of green viruses floating in the air. The ground has long been broken and the whole between Heaven and Earth is covered with a thin layer of green, which looks very strange.

Lin Yun and the bloodthirsty demon not at all died. They stood in the basin bombed by the “Virus Jade Nuclear Bomb” and “Divine Dragon Fist”, looking at each other in the distance.

Lin Yun was breathing heavily, his breath became a little unstable, and he was obviously weaker than before. Under such formidable power, the rib cage is almost completely destroyed, leaving only less than 30% of the skeleton.

And on Lin Yun’s body, there have also been a lot of injuries, and the wounds in some areas are deep enough to see his bones.

In comparison, the bloodthirsty demon’s situation is much better than Lin Yun’s. Although his body is torn skin and gaping flesh, his breath is not affected too much.

But now, his eyes are wide open, his expression is a little weird, and he looks at Lin Yun in shock.

“How is it possible!”

The bloodthirsty demon spit out, because he can now clearly feel that his virus has no effect on Lin Yun.

You must know that ten days ago, his “virus jade nuclear bomb” not only severely damaged Lin Yun, but also allowed his virus to penetrate into Lin Yun’s body.

Even if Lin Yun has Shenlong Bloodline in the body, it will take some time before the virus can be completely eliminated.

However, there is no virus left in Lin Yun’s within the body now.

And his virus was able to inhibit Lin Yun’s Bloodline before, but he looked at Lin Yun’s wound and he was recovering quickly at a speed visible to his naked eye, knowing that Lin Yun’s Bloodline was not suppressed at all.

What happened to Lin Yun during the ten days of disappearance?

“The True Blood of the Dragon God is really amazing…” Lin Yun couldn’t help sighing, this time the benefits of absorbing a drop of True Blood from the Dragon God are much more than he thought.

His Shenlong Bloodline has become more pure, and now even the virus of the bloodthirsty demon can be completely immune, which also surprised Lin Yun.

“Impossible!” The bloodthirsty demon roared. What he is most proud of is his “doomsday virus”.

Now Lin Yun can completely ignore his “doomsday virus”, which makes him furious.

The chain of contracts!

Several black chains stretched out from within the body of the bloodthirsty demon without warning, and directly locked Lin Yun.

Now Lin Yun is still repairing the rib cage with the energy of Demon God’s nuclear crystals. Facing these black chains, he does not evade and allows the chains to fall on his body.


However, the bloodthirsty demon seemed to be dazzled by anger.

Ten days ago, his “chain of contract” could not take effect on Lin Yun, and could be purified by the Dragon Bloodline in Lin Yun within the body, not to mention Lin Yun who has absorbed a drop of Dragon God True Blood. Want to purify his “chain of contract”, that is even more with no difficulty.


The bloodthirsty demon finally calmed down. Now Lin Yun’s rib cage has not been completely repaired. He wants to take advantage of this time to take Lin Yun down.

This battle has shaken the entire Eastern Continent.

The virus fire wave spreading from the Howling Abyss has been understood by many people in a short period of time.

Moreover, this matter soon fell into the ears of Four Great Holy Lands.

Everyone at Eastern Continent was shocked. Is it Lin Yun and the bloodthirsty monster?

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