Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2904

“It seems that if you want to kill you, you still have to use that trick.” Lin Yun sighed, it is true that he is the Dragon God, and the Dragon God is defeated.

Lin Yun actually understands in his heart that with his current strength, he is still not an opponent of bloodthirsty monsters.

But helplessly, he wants to leave here, and this battle with the bloodthirsty demon is inevitable.

Although the secret technique of the “Howling Abyss” is not at all after he has absorbed a drop of True Blood from the Dragon God, the bloodthirsty demon will not be stupid enough to be in the “Howling Abyss” Fight with yourself.

After Lin Yun came out of the dragon scales giant gate, he originally wanted to use the Space Blade to leave this place, but he found that because of the dragon scales giant gate, the entire space energy under the “Howling Abyss” had occurred. change.

All spaces are chaotic. If Space Blade is used rashly, even Lin Yun does not know where he will be transported.

The only way to fight against the bloodthirsty monsters and then leave here.

Listening to Lin Yun’s words, the bloodthirsty demon was very curious, with a gloomy smile on his face, and said ironically: “In addition to “Divine Dragon Fist”, you have the rest The hole card? “

At least based on the information held by the “Tomb”, Lin Yun does not have any more powerful moves other than “Divine Dragon Fist”.

For the bloodthirsty demon of Level 4 Peak Martial Venerable, whether Lin Yun’s “Divine Dragon Fist” can hit him is the same thing. Even if it hits, it won’t hurt him badly.

Lin Yun did not respond. When the divine sense moved, four hurricanes immediately flew out of Lin Yun’s palms, and immediately trapped the limbs of the bloodthirsty demon with lightning speed. It is the “wind prisoner” of the Wind Element nuclear crystal.

The bloodthirsty demon didn’t care about this at all, he laughed extremely sarcastically, and said: “With this kind of thing, do you want to trap me?”

The breath of the bloodthirsty demon within the body broke out, and in just one second, the “Wind Prisoner” had lost its effect.

However, when the bloodthirsty demon lifts the head and looked at Lin Yun, he was shocked to find that the rib cage that enveloped Lin Yun was continuously melting into liquid nuclear crystal energy, constantly between Lin Yun’s hands Cohesion.

In this brief moment, the bloodthirsty demon only felt an inexplicable sense of threat, which came from the fear of death.

“The corpse mountain and the sea of ​​blood!”

The bloodthirsty demon didn’t dare to hesitate, and immediately both hands forming seals. The speed of its seal formation was so fast that it was indescribable, and the palms almost disappeared from the field of vision.

With his seal, a large number of green fog bodies appeared in the green ocean within a radius of thousands of miles.

In this way, the fog body is like each and everyone soldier, moving frantically towards the gathering around the bloodthirsty demon at a thousand times the speed.

Five hundred miles away, the copy pirates are still carrying a large army, stopping each and everyone infected by the “crazy devil corpse poison”.

But at this time, a tingling scene appeared.

“Get back quickly!”

The replication pirates were the first to respond. For those who were dumbfounded and infected, green liquid began to leak out of their pores, as if the virus and blood were completely fused together.

These green liquids seem to turn into light beams, moving towards the Howling Abyss one after another.

Along the way, some soldiers were unfortunately hit and immediately wailed bitterly, because these viruses can infect them again as long as they pass through their bodies.

“The corpse mountain and the sea of ​​blood, why did the bloodthirsty beasts even use this move…” The copy pirates have scalp numb. Regarding the bloodthirsty beasts, they have also investigated the information about the bloodthirsty beasts in the past ten days. less.

The bloodthirsty maniac was also one of the most vicious top wanted criminals at Eastern Continent three ten years ago.

And this “Devil Mountain of Blood Sea Cover” is a derivative move of the Blood Sea of ​​Corpse Mountain, and it is also the most powerful defensive move of the bloodthirsty demon.

He can extract life energy and Immortal Qi energy from any creature within the body that is infected by the “violent corpse poison” within a radius of thousands of miles, and gather it around him to form an energy shield.

Moreover, as long as it is within a thousand miles, whether it is 100 li or nine hundred li, the difference in time to gather around him will not exceed three seconds.

Now in the “Howling Abyss”, within 100 meters of the bloodthirsty demon, a green Formation has been formed.

The bloodthirsty mad demon felt an inexplicable depression. In fact, it was only three seconds before he used the “Sea of ​​Dead Mountain and Blood”.

Three seconds is so important to the battle between Martial Venerable. If it is placed normally, he can escape with no difficulty.

But today is different!

Because Lin Yun at this time has melted the entire rib cage into liquid energy, all condensed in his palm.

The nuclear crystal energy that constitutes the rib cage is already dense enough to exceed imagination, but at this time it is compressed by Lin Yun again, forming a light cluster that is more dazzling than the sun in the palms of Lin Yun’s hands!

And the temperature contained in that light cluster has exceeded several millions of degrees! Only the high temperature radiated out turned things outside ten thousand meters into ashes!

Even Lin Yun himself is unable to withstand the high temperature and is constantly carbonizing. Although Shenlong Bloodline is constantly repairing his body, it still cannot offset the high temperature damage of the light cluster.

If this continues to continue, I believe that within a few seconds, Lin Yun will be burned to death by the high temperature.

Looking at the light group that is more dazzling than the sun, the bloodthirsty demon only feels that his whole body cannot move.

This came from an inexplicable suppression, which made him feel the threat of death for the first time from birth to now.

“Demon God destroy the world!” After all the nuclear crystal energy was compressed, Lin Yun pushed forward with both palms.

The light cluster condensed by nuclear crystal energy also followed the movement launched by Lin Yun’s palms, and instantly moved towards the front, turning into a high-energy beam of light like a heavenly tribulation.

Although the diameter of this high-energy beam is only one meter, the dense energy contained in it is several times that of Divine Dragon Fist!

And this move is the strongest trump card that Lin Yun can currently use. The formidable power is stronger than Divine Dragon Fist’s ultimate ultimate move-Demon God!

Demon God Demon God is a Demon God Certain Kill Skill that can only be used in the fifth form of Demon God nucleus crystal.

The principle is to convert the entire power of the Demon God nucleus crystal, that is, the rib cage of the fifth form, into a high-density liquid energy, and then release it all at once in the form of a high-energy light beam.

The explosion caused by this move can even cover a hundred miles! Compared with Level 4 Martial Venerable, or even Fifth Level Martial Venerable’s full strength attack, it is even worse!

Lin Yun and the bloodthirsty demon are ten thousand meters apart, but the high-energy beam of light penetrates the void in an instant, and strikes directly on the corpse mountain blood sea cover made by the bloodthirsty demon…

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