Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2952

They have arranged this step for a long, long time before they found this opportunity to find the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

In fact, Huangdi at first expected that the anti-alliance Holy Sect would act on the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen, so he kept secretly monitoring the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen.

The Sacred Domain Alliance captured their actions as early as when the Seven Daoists were out, and they have been monitoring them.

The invincible Sword King captured them a few days ago. The Sacred Domain Alliance learned of the news that night, so Fang Mingguang personally visited the Sacred Domain Alliance on the 2nd day, which was also within the Yellow Emperor’s calculations.

The Yellow Emperor not at all chose to help. The purpose is to use the Gang of Ten as a bait to seduce the invincible Sword King, and then order the Sect Master, who is best at hiding his breath, to track down the invincible Sword King and find the anti-alliance Holy Sect Old nest.

However, when Huang Di learned that the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect turned out to be located in the poison mist valley of the Kaiser Domain, he was obviously a little surprised.

Because this poison mist valley belongs to the territory of the Sacred Domain alliance, it was only five years ago that the resources were exhausted and abandoned by the Sacred Domain alliance. I did not expect that the anti-alliance Holy Sect would actually be developed there. Old nest.

“The Chief Alliance Leader Senior, since we have found it, we should attack it immediately to catch everything in one net!” Flame Holy Lord one-knee kneels, he wanted to ask for orders to lead the army.

Over the years, they have had enough of the anti-alliance Holy Sect harassment.

No matter what, the anti-alliance Holy Sect will always interfere with the Sacred Domain alliance.

To unify the Western Mainland, it is necessary to get rid of the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

The Yellow Emperor faintly smiled, but his eyes also flashed a vicious expression, said in a tranquil voice: “There is no need to rush for a while, gather the army, and at noon tomorrow, you will lead the army to destroy the anti-alliance Holy Sect!”


This time the Yellow Emperor is bound to win, but in the same way, he still cannot go in person.

In the Peak Battle, he was still injured under the Celestial Emperor of Samsara.

The injuries left by a Martial Emperor cannot be fully recovered in 10-15 days.

In addition, he had just broken through to Martial Emperor Realm at that time, and he had completely consolidated his foundation, and now he needs to rest.

Furthermore, now the Sacred Domain Alliance also needs him, the Martial Emperor, to sit in.

But this time, in order to deal with the anti-alliance Holy Sect, the Sacred Domain alliance has almost dispatched all its backbone forces.

The Holy Lord of Frost and the Holy Lord of Flames, the two Great Holy Lords personally led their troops, together with Divine Sword Sect Sect Master, Jian Xiaoyao; Ghost King Sect Sect Master, Rotten Wood Repair; Hell Sect Master, Wei Nightmare; Puppet Sect Sect Master , Sima Sprite; Zither Sect Sect Master, Ye Gu drunk.

Two Great Holy Lords, Five Big Sect Lords, plus 5,000,000 troops, this kind of strength may not be easily blocked by the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

“Master Alliance Leader, what should Lin Yun do?” Holy Lord Frost asked in a low voice. He was worried that this matter would lead to Lin Yun. If Lin Yun intervenes, although they are not afraid, Lin Yun’s tricks It was too weird, and they didn’t know what kind of back then Lin Yun had left.

The Yellow Emperor is also aware of Lin Yun’s character, and said with certainty: “He won’t show up. This incident is not related to him.”

Pushing Lin Yun to the side of Heaven Realm is also better to make Heaven Realm a target of public criticism. In this way, the Sacred Domain alliance has enough development time to develop enough to compete with Heaven Realm.

This is a very long process.

“Tomorrow noon, ready to set off. This matter is left to you, I wish you all, return in triumph!”


The two Great Holy Lords and Ten Great Sects are one-knee kneels, this time, they are bound to win.

Now in the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect, there is a lot of joy.

Eliminate traitors, this is what the anti-alliance Holy Sect has always wanted to do.

At least, they need to let the world know that there is a price to betray the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

The four great princes are talking and laughing outside, and in the residence of Heavenspan Cult Lord, in addition to the immortal left envoy, there is also the right envoy wrapped in gauze.

“The subordinate has checked it once, and there should be no tail left.” Gou Ming immortal cupped his hands and said.

“It’s so good. Be careful to sail the boat for ten thousand years.” Heavenspan Cult Lord touched his beard, glanced at the right ambassador, and said: “After so many years, have you not decided yet?”

“Brother Qingshui, who exactly told you this? For so many years, you have never mentioned this person. Can’t you even talk about me and Sect Lord?” Gou Ming immortal said solemnly.

Now the situation is in chaos, they really need the right to recover from their injuries.

The right ambassador shook his head, extremely firm, and said: “I can’t say… this person is… terrifying… I have never seen such a… terrifying… person…”

The last word “person”, the rightist hesitated for a long time before saying it.

Heavenspan Cult Lord frowned. He knew exactly what the character of the right envoy was. Back then, he was a ruthless character of fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth. What kind of character did he meet to make him like this? Of fear.

Moreover, the right envoy never said what happened that year.

“The establishment of Holy Sect also has your hard work. If it is the time for a full-scale war, I still hope that you can sacrifice her.” Heavenspan Cult Lord said quietly.

“I understand…” the right envoy responded.

“How is the arrangement of Binggu’s affairs?” Heavenspan Cult Lord looked at Gooming immortal, and then asked.

“Half-step Martial Venerable is enough to hit hard.”

Hearing the words of immortal, Heavenspan Cult Lord nodded.

This time, as long as the Seven Swordsmen and the Ten Gang are resolved, they should disappear again. After all, the Sacred Domain Alliance is pressing harder and harder, and they have been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

“Let them be optimistic about the valley. Whether it is the Gang of Ten or the Seven Swordsmen, they will use the big array to catch everything in one net!” Heavenspan Cult Lord instructed.


After finishing speaking, Heavenspan Cult Lord asked Gou Ming to immortal, and he wanted to talk to the right envoy alone.

“Forget the time, your look is almost hundreds of years.” Heavenspan Cult Lord frowned. Back then, the realm of the right envoy was almost the same as the left envoy, but because of a duel with others Die.

Later, the right envoy met a mysterious person, and he hung a sip of True Qi by not knowing what to do.

In recent years, the injury has not improved, but at least it has stabilized.

“Time flies very slowly…I live a life like a man…a ghost not a ghost…” There was a bit miserable in the words of the right envoy.

“The anti-alliance Holy Sect can’t live without you. Why do you listen to that person so much, you were ready to do it before, and then suddenly stopped. Did that person tell you to do so?” Heavenspan Cult Lord felt resentful, after all The brother who has been in friendship for more than hundreds of years has something to hide from you. This kind of thing makes him uncomfortable.

“Believe me… Don’t ask him… He is different from others…”

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