Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2953

Since the Peak War, the power of the Gang of Ten, the Seven Swordsmen and even the Ghost Face Sect has been shrinking sharply.

On the one hand, I am worried about changes in the situation, and on the other, I am worried about the retaliation of the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

But in any case, there are always one or two branches that stay on the surface.

Fang Mingguang and the others wanted to inform Luo Tianying yesterday to be careful of the invincible Sword King. Today, they finally found a branch of the Gang of Ten.

This branch of the Gang of Ten is hidden in the city. It is a mansion called Jia’s Mansion in a city in the west of Kaiser Region, which collects information for the Gang of Ten.

In Jia’s Mansion Garden, an old man brows tightly knit, looking at a letter in his hand, and feel upset.

The content of the letter is that Luo Tianying will lead the remaining brother to Binggu, and let the old man inform all the troops under the Gang of Ten in a short period of time and gather him.

“The major event is not good…” The old man sighed. It was not that he couldn’t see the situation clearly. Luo Tianying was eager to gather his troops, and there must be a major event.

“Lord, someone is asking to see you outside!” A servant hurried in.

The old man glanced at him, and asked casually: “Who?”

“It seems to be the leader of the Seven Swordsmen…Senior.”

“Fang Mingguang?” The old man was shocked, and the letter in his hand almost fell to the ground. He immediately said to the servant: “Senior, please come in!”

“No need.” Fang Mingguang and the others have crossed the wall and entered before the servant went out.

“I have seen the light cut Senior!” The old man quickly gave a salute.

Fang Mingguang waved his hand. This old man is a close friend of Luo Tianying. Although his realm is not high, he has been almost in charge of the external forces of the Gang of Ten since the Gang of Ten put down roots.

“I don’t know what is going on with the Senior Clan Senior, what is the so-called?” The old man ordered some drinks, but Fang Mingguang said a long story short.

“I have something important to tell Luo Tianying, you tell him, I will wait for him here.” Fang Mingguang said directly.

“This matter…” The old man’s face was a bit gloomy and uncertain.

Fang Mingguang is frowned. He always wants to find Luo Tianying. He has to go through the old man in front of him. Today, the old man has an unclear attitude and something must happen.

“This matter is very important, what are you thinking about?” Fang Mingguang said coldly.

The old man hesitated for a moment, and handed the letter to Fang Mingguang.

Luo Tianying once told him that between the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen, both are friends and enemies, but Fang Mingguang is a trustworthy person at the real critical moment.

Fang Mingguang looked at the content of the letter, complexion greatly changed, and only said one sentence: “Broken!”

At the end of the speech, all the Seven Swordsmen immediately flew out of Jia’s Mansion Garden, moved towards Binggu.

Now in the ice valley, Luo Tianying, Qingyi, Baru, Dahl and Eugene are walking on pure white snow.

The weather was cold, but the breath radiating from these five people was extremely hot and angry.

The ten of them depend on each other for fate, and they have the same brotherhood, and they are indispensable.

Last night, Qingyi returned to the Gang of Ten headquarters and left the words of Invincible Sword King intact. Luo Tianying didn’t hesitate to call the others and came to Ice Valley, ready to rescue himself The brother.

I don’t know how long after walking in this ice valley, Luo Tianying and the others suddenly stopped.

A pair of eagle eyes pierced through the wind and snow like sharp swords, and vaguely saw the little starlight in the wind and snow.

A camp is right in front of you.

Luo Tianying signaled that everyone backed away, and the flames on the camp were getting brighter and brighter, until thousands of soldiers appeared on the cliffs on both sides of the camp one after another, drawing bows and arrows.

“How much anti-alliance Holy Sect despises me, Luo Mou, just this group of people want to stop me?” Luo Tianying’s tone was very cold, and then, he heard from his ear Dense sky-splitting sound.


Thousands of arrows carrying talisman seals were shot from all directions moved towards them.

The sky full of starlight turns into flames, lightning, gusts, and frost.

Various element energy fluctuations fill the entire ice valley.

Luo Tianying drew out the cross sword and drew it straight out.

In an instant, a heavenly sword qi criss-crossed, all these arrows were easily blocked.


Shocking shouts of killing sounded from both sides of Binggu, and tens of thousands of soldiers rushed over with their weapons.

“Do it!” Qingyi gave an order, and the others turned into an afterimage, moving towards the front.

These tens of thousands of anti-Alliance Holy Sect soldiers are just ordinary soldiers, and some realm can’t even reach the Martial King.

For their group of Martial Saints, this group of soldiers is basically impossible to withstand a single blow.

Luo Tianying stood calmly in place, remaining unmoved.

With the help of the four members of Qingyi, all these soldiers were beheaded in a matter of minutes.

The ice within the valley is already blood flowing into a river, and tens of thousands of fragments are all over the ground.

“Some are too weak, my big brother, this seems like a trap.” Qingyi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. It was not his but the enemy’s.

The rest of the people also agreed. If Binggu serves as the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect, this force is too weak.

Who can stand against tens of thousands of soldiers?

Luo Tianying responded indifferently: “I know.”

This is indeed a trap. Luo Tianying knows that it is just the anti-alliance Holy Sect that brought him out for him that’s all.

Willfully going towards the mountain although knowing that it has tigers.

He can only know where his brother is if he is in a trap. This is helpless.

Qingyi and the others glanced at each other and stopped talking. They obeyed Luo Tianying’s instructions.

Luo Tianying’s gaze fell on the giant gate of the camp, and he began to take his steps.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the horizon.


Qingyi and the others immediately turned around, looked around all around vigilantly, guarding Luo Tianying at the very center.

Soon, the four silhouettes landed one after another.

“Luo Tianying, this is a trap, can’t you see it?” Fang Mingguang was the speaker, and the other three were the remaining members of the Seven Swordsmen.

After seeing that they were members of the Seven Swordsmen, Qingyi and the others were also sighed in relief.

Luo Tianying did not turn around, but his tone seemed a little annoyed, and he responded: “I know.”

He felt that Fang Mingguang seemed to regard him as a stupid man.

“Know that you are still going?” Fang Mingguang walked to Luo Tianying’s side. Seeing these people gathered here, Fang Mingguang had already guessed the rest of the Gang of Ten. It is estimated that he would also follow Fire Saber and Liuyun. same.

“Heavenspan Cult Lord only wants our life that’s all.” Luo Tianying responded calmly: “If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, you won’t get a tiger.”

“If you don’t enter the camp, how can you find them?”

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