Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2954

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Fang Mingguang frowned and said directly: "They are not here."

Luo Tianying drew out the cross sword and asked in a cold voice, "What are you trying to say?"

He naturally knew that the person taken by the Invincible Sword King was definitely not in Ice Valley, but unless they came to Ice Valley and forced the anti-Alliance Holy Sect people to appear, how would they know the whereabouts of their brother?

"In the valley of poison mist." Fang Mingguang's unpretentious sentence made everyone quiet, including the Seven Swordsman.

Luo Tianying retracted the sword, frowned, and asked: "How did you know?"

Everyone also felt confused, especially those from the Seven Swordsman.

Fang Mingguang hesitated for a moment, and then said the matter.

"In fact, Light Blade has a special sense for other Divine Items."

Fang Mingguang has never mentioned this matter. On the one hand, he does not want the rest of the Seven Swords Congregation to think that Fang Mingguang is watching them. On the other hand, it is to at least be able to There is a guarantee.

So the light blade Divine Item can sense the location of the other six Divine Items, and Fang Mingguang has never said it.

After listening to Fang Mingguang’s words, the remaining three members of the Seven Swordsmen did not take this matter seriously.

"I have seen the way here, there are traces of soldiers stationed around, the anti-alliance Holy Sect deliberately led us to Ice Valley, if we don't leave, I am afraid it will be too late." Fang Mingguang's suggestion was also received by Luo. Tianying agreed.

The two people walked together, but were not ready to go to the valley of poison mist.

During the flight, Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang are discussing what to do next.

"If nothing happens, the poison mist valley should be the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect." Fang Mingguang said.

Luo Tianying raised his brows and replied: "Do you mean to tell the Sacred Domain Alliance about this matter?"

They all understand that the Sacred Domain alliance until now, they all want to pull up the anti-alliance Holy Sect by the roots, but they have not found the anti-alliance Holy Sect headquarters.

Although they themselves have no value to the Sacred Domain Alliance, the Sacred Domain Alliance must be very interested in this information.

"They are unkind, don't blame us for being unrighteous." Fang Mingguang said with a sneer, he doesn't mind either the fish dies or the net splits, as long as they can save their people, no matter what the price is worth it.

"There seems to be a dog following behind, hurry up." Luo Tianying spread his wings behind his back. Their destination is the Sacred Domain mountain range.

At the same time, at the anti-alliance Holy Sect headquarters in the valley of poison mist, every move of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen is under their surveillance.

"Sect Lord, everyone on the road has arranged it, and Fang Mingguang seems to see through our trap." Gou Ming immortal cupped his hands and said.

Heavenspan Cult Lord pondered and analyzed, and said: "They seem to want to find the Sacred Domain Alliance. Since the manpower on the road has been arranged, you will bring..."

Heavenspan Cult Lord's words have not been finished yet, only the sound of the palace gate opening, and the anxious cry of the Variety Monkey King.

"Sect Lord, something happened!"

"What's the flustered, what's the matter?" Heavenspan Cult Lord asked in a cold voice, looking at the ever-changing Monkey King with anxious expression.

The Variety Monkey King swallowed and said heavily: "The Sacred Domain Alliance has sent troops today... The two Great Holy Lords and Five Big Sect Lords have all left the Sacred Domain mountain range."

This news came from the undercover of the anti-alliance Holy Sect planted in the Sacred Domain alliance.

Although the anti-alliance Holy Sect undercover agents no longer have access to the core intelligence of the Sacred Domain alliance, they can still know about this large-scale march.

As soon as these words came out, Heavenspan Cult Lord complexion greatly changed.

Two Great Holy Lord and Five Big Sect Lord!

This is almost half of the battle strength of the Sacred Domain Alliance. If it weren't for the crusade against Heaven Realm, the Sacred Domain Alliance would be impossible to send so many soldiers.

Now the Western mainland is worth half of the Sacred Domain Alliance's troops, and only they are anti-Alliance Holy Sect.

Heavenspan Cult Lord pondered for a moment, smashed the divine throne under him with a slap, and gnashing teeth said: "Asshole! We are in the middle!"

Heavenspan Cult Lord now finally understands why the Sacred Domain Alliance has not done anything with them during this period of time. It turns out that they are waiting for this opportunity.

Presumably their anti-alliance Holy Sect's activities for the Seven Swordsmen and the Gang of Ten were already within the scope of the Sacred Domain Alliance's estimates.

Mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, I am afraid that the operation of the invincible Sword King a few days ago has long revealed the location of their headquarters.

"Sect Lord, is the target us?" Gou Ming immortal startled, asking in disbelief.

Heavenspan Cult Lord was so angry that he had no time to take into account the immortal issue, and directly ordered: "Left Envoy, transfer all the soldiers back."

Hearing this sentence from Heavenspan Cult Lord, Gou Ming immortal and Variety Monkey King looked at each other in blank dismay, is this going to fight the Sacred Domain alliance head-on?

"Sect Lord, please think twice!" Gooming immortal wanted to persuade Heavenspan Cult Lord. After all, the Sacred Domain alliance today is different from the past, and it is not their anti-alliance Holy Sect that can deal with it.

Two Great Holy Lords plus Five Big Sect Lord. With such a battle strength, does Heavenspan Cult Lord still want to fight one?

"As long as you take a step back, you will take countless steps back." Heavenspan Cult Lord's will is determined, and his within both eyes ignited the desire to fight.

"Here we have been working hard for ten years. Impossible gave it up. This time, we must fight!"

After the resources of the poison mist valley were mined by the Sacred Domain Alliance, Heavenspan Cult Lord established its headquarters here.

Over the years, almost all the resources of the anti-alliance Holy Sect have been stored here. If you want to give up here, it will be no different from returning the anti-alliance Holy Sect to its original form.

"The Yellow Emperor did not do it himself, we still have a chance." Heavenspan Cult Lord said.

Gooming immortal sighed, he didn't know where the opportunity was.

Even though the Heavenspan Cult Lord is expensive as an eighth-level Martial Venerable, don’t forget that the realm of the two Great Holy Lords has reached the seventh-level Martial Venerable. When it comes to life and death battle, it is not inferior to Heavenspan Cult. Lord, let alone the Five Big Sect Lord personally came.

Although Gooming immortal is a Level 6 Martial Venerable, the Sect Master of the Sacred Domain Alliance cannot be regarded as an ordinary Martial Venerable. No one is weak.

"Left Envoy, are you going to resist your orders?" Heavenspan Cult Lord asked coldly.

"I don't dare to subordinates!" Gou ordered immortal to replied, and then all the staff from the Royal General of Variety Monkey were summoned back, including those who were originally sent to hunt down the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen.

This real battle between the anti-alliance Holy Sect and Sacred Domain alliance is inevitable!

With the departure of Gooming immortal and Variety Monkey King, Heavenspan Cult Lord turned his gaze to the darkness, and Holy Sect's right envoy sat in the corner.

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