Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2958

After the explosion, Death God can return to the Peak state, they will be able to temporarily repel the Sacred Domain alliance army, and then get a moment of breathing time to transfer all the resources here.

Moreover, Death God once told Heavenspan Cult Lord that if that person did not lie to him, after he recovered from his injury, whether it was Divine Consciousness or realm, he would go up to the next level.

“Sect Lord, the army of the Sacred Domain Alliance is less than a thousand miles away from us!” The invincible Sword King came to the palace, one-knee kneels, and reported the situation on the front line.

“Clear Water, time is running out, how long do you need?” Heavenspan Cult Lord secretly sounded transmission, exploding Death God was in the palace’s side hall.

After a while, the sound of the explosion of Death God came.

“Three hours.”

Heavenspan Cult Lord waved his hand, ordered: “listen to my orders, go out!”


The anti-alliance Holy Sect will pull the battle line hundreds of miles away. After all, if there is a war here, I am afraid that all the resources stored here will be destroyed.

In the partial hall of the palace, Death God was naked in the explosion. He sat cross-legged on the ground, both hands forming seals, and a faint stream of light radiated from his body.

In front of it, there is a prototype array with a diameter of three meters.

Ji Leshan has lost consciousness, lying horizontally, suspended in midair, at the center of the array.

“Xue Ruzhi… Don’t blame me, blame your own soul for being too strong, you are the most suitable candidate.”

The tone of the explosion Death God did not show any mercy or sympathy. He closed his eyes and plunged the room into silence again.

At this moment, Heavenspan Cult Lord personally led the army, including the immortal of Gou Ming, the four great apologetics, and almost all Martial Saint Elder of the anti-alliance Holy Sect, together with the 3,000,000 army, grandiose moved towards the north.

In order to protect Manqingshui from any accident, Heavenspan Cult Lord also chose to keep all the eight Vajra from the anti-Alliance Holy Sect at the headquarters, as well as more than 100,000 elite soldiers.

This is enough to see how important the Heavenspan Cult Lord exploded Death God, and it was enough to show how important the explosion is to this battle [笔趣阁5200].

Nowadays, in the opposite direction of the anti-alliance Holy Sect army, at the edge of the poison mist valley, there are still a few people taking all this in the entire scene.

There is no doubt that these people are members of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen.

“Luo Tianying, what did you see?” Fang Mingguang asked urgently. Although his Spiritual Conciousness is strong, it is not enough to sense things hundreds of miles away.

A group of them are hiding in the stones pile, and they dare not act blindly without thinking.

Gradually, the rays of light in Luo Tianying’s eyes disappeared, and the look on his face was a bit strange. He just saw Heavenspan Cult Lord leaving here with the army, and he couldn’t help but wonder.

“Heavenspan Cult Lord took almost everyone away.” Luo Tianying said truthfully.

This sentence makes everyone feel weird. The anti-alliance Holy Sect planted an ice trap and lured them, but now they are leaving with the army. Why?

“What does this mean? Is this also a trap?” Han Le has an expression of unfathomable mystery.

“I can’t control that many anymore. The top priority is how to let you pass through the valley of poison mist.” Luo Tianying is eager to save people. Since Heavenspan Cult Lord and Goming immortal, and even the four great patriarchs have left , Whether this is a trap or not, it is their best opportunity.

Poison mist The valley is called the valley of poison mist because it is permeated by poison mist all year round.

These poison mists, even Martial Saint, dare not pass through them easily.

Although there will be no repercussions, after inhalation, it will gradually paralyze the body’s nervous system, resulting in a decrease in speed, strength and response.

These poison mists are not a big deal to Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying, but to others, they will affect their next state of saving lives.

Everyone was plunged into contemplation. Indeed, they are not at all ready to come to the valley of poison mist this time.

“You and I use Immortal Qi to temporarily form a barrier, and you should be able to take them through this valley.” Fang Mingguang suggested.

Luo Tianying has not responded yet, Han Le shook his head and said, “Big brother, this consumes Immortal Qi too much.”

They still don’t know if this is an empty city strategy set up by the anti-alliance Holy Sect. If Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang consume too much energy, when the time comes, go to the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect Inside, I’m afraid it’s not easy to shoot.

But now, they seem to have no better way.

“If you don’t care about that many, just do as you say.” Luo Tianying responded.

He and Fang Mingguang’s divine sense moved, and both hands forming seals directly released an Immortal Qi barrier, covering everyone in it.

The poison mist was completely isolated by the Immortal Qi barrier, and the entire group immediately moved towards the depths of the poison mist valley.

The location where the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen are located is in the southern part of the Poison Mist Valley, and now, in the eastern part of the Poison Mist Valley, a silhouette is flying at extreme speed in midair.

There is no doubt that this silhouette is also Lin Yun who came here to save people.

Lin Yun within the body contains several powerful bloodlines, and the poison mist in the valley will not affect him at all.

At the same time, on the plain hundreds of miles away from the valley of poison mist, the Sacred Domain Alliance and the anti-Alliance Holy Sect forces have already collided head-on.

The soldiers and horses on both sides are as dense as ants, looking down from the sky, almost spreading over a hundred miles.

The two armies are separated by several dozen li and face each other.

Heavenspan Cult Lord floated into the void with his hands on his back.

The soldiers on both sides are spreading several dozen li, and the breath between Heaven and Earth is also suppressed to the extreme.

“Emperor Shitian, today, by the order of the Alliance Leader, I will wait for the rest and take down all of you!” The Flame Holy Lord is in front of the three armies, and behind him stands the Frost Holy Lord. Later, Five Big Sect Lord One Lined up.

These lineups are tingling scalp.

“Your Sacred Domain alliance has used a wave of good methods, but unfortunately, it has chilled the hearts of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen.” Heavenspan Cult Lord said with a sneer.

He has a thorough mind. The moment he knew the Sacred Domain Alliance sent troops, he understood the strategy of the Sacred Domain Alliance.

“This Holy Lord does not want to waste words with you, today is the death date of your anti-alliance Holy Sect!”

Holy Lord of Flames stopped talking nonsense, and directly released his Divine Rank Martial Spirit.

In an instant, a large amount of Immortal Qi formed an illusory shadow behind it.

I saw the both hands forming seals of the Holy Lord of Flames. The speed was extremely fast, as if both hands had disappeared in the sky.

With the seal of the flames of the Holy Lord, the temperature within ten thousand meters soared to the extreme in an instant.

The anti-Alliance Holy Sect people can only feel the oncoming waves of fire, making their mouths dry.

Heat condense in the sky in the sky in the invisible track of naked eye, directly on top of the anti-Alliance Holy Sect army, forming a fire curtain that covers a radius of ten thousand meters. Everyone seems to be in Among the fire sea.

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