Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2959


For a time, the anti-alliance Holy Sect army was in chaos.

Many soldiers have been hit by these ice blades, and resistance is futile. The moves of the seven-level Martial Venerable are terrifying.

The blood shot directly from their bodies, and after encountering the cold, they again condensed into the scarlet ice blade.

“Wings of giant beast!”

Heavenspan Cult Lord did not dare to neglect. Their number of soldiers would have been less than that of the Sacred Domain Alliance, and the overall strength was still slightly inferior to that of the Sacred Domain Alliance. He would never allow such a large area Casualties appeared.

Heavenspan Cult Lord directly pressed his hands on the ground.

At this brief moment, the earth is shaking with a radius of a hundred miles, as if a natural disaster is about to come.

Everyone’s steps were unstable and almost fell to the ground.

Heavenspan Bodhisattva exudes the rays of light from Heavenspan. Gradually, cracks on the ground appear, and the soil cracks, turning into dust, and rising into the sky.

In the sky, there seems to be an invisible gravitational force that gathers all the soil, dust, smoke and dust together.

In an instant, it turned into two huge wings that are ten thousand meters long and are completely condensed from soil.

These two wings are combined into one, covering all the anti-Alliance Saint churchman soldiers in it.

This scene is like the incarnation of the earth as the vast giant beast, spreading its wings to protect the soldiers of the anti-Alliance Holy Sect in it, which is shocking.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ——!

A large number of ice blades stabbed on these two huge mud wings, causing a continuous rumbling sound.

Every time the ice blade falls on the mud wings, a lot of cold air will be generated and the mud will be crushed.

In an instant, the smoke and dust covered everyone’s vision.

But for this group of Martial Venerable, smoke and dust cannot block their sight.

“Emperor Shitian, it’s not the name of the wave.” Holy Lord Frost said nonchalantly. He could clearly see that the “giant beast’s wings” were 100 meters thick, and his ice blade could only Local area is destroyed, but it cannot be completely destroyed.

“The flames of this Holy Lord can hardly be destroyed.” The flames of the Holy Lord frowned. He knew the power of the Heavenspan Cult Lord. “The wings of the giant beast” are made of clay, so he used it It is difficult to destroy it by fire or ice.

At this moment, Divine Sword Sect Sect Master Jian Xiaoyao came forward.

“I will help the two Holy Lords!”

With the Jian Xiaoyao divine sense moving, thousands of morphing swords are frozen in the sky behind them.

Immediately afterwards, Jian Xiaoyao’s two fingers were brought together, and with one finger from a distance, these thousand transforming swords burst out of the air, directly moved towards the “giant beast’s wings” and shot out.

People who are anti-Alliance Holy Sect definitely don’t want to be trifled with. Invincible Sword King landed directly in front of the “giant beast wings” and inserted his invincible Divine Sword onto the ground.

Invincible Sword Domain!

Suddenly, after the Huaxing Sword entered the scope of the “Invincible Sword Domain”, it all stopped and was affected by the “Invincible Sword Domain”.

You must know that Invincible Sword King can not only control its own sword energy in the “Invincible Sword Domain”, any sword energy and Blade Qi, as long as they enter the domain, will be under his control.

“Jian Xiaoyao, it’s been a long time since I started with you.” Invincible Sword King raised a corner of his mouth. He and Jian Xiaoyao are considered old rivals. Although until now he lost to Jian Xiaoyao, but Jian Xiaoyao It was never really able to kill him.

After the invincible Sword King came forward, Jian Xiaoyao, who wanted to help the two Holy Lords, also had a lot of energy but not enough.

“Xue Di, you and I will join forces to take him.” The Flame Holy Lord and the Frost Holy Lord shot at the same time, killing the Heavenspan Cult Lord. The soldiers on both sides, in this brief moment, also sounded the horn of attack.

The battle between the Sacred Domain alliance and the anti-alliance Holy Sect is fully open!

The two armies are fighting, and in an instant there are blade light and sword shadows, stumps flying.

The major Martial Venerables are all showing their magical powers. In just a few seconds, the number of dead soldiers in the two armies has reached thousands.

In this chaotic battlefield, even the life of Martial Sovereign is as humble as an ant.

The Holy Lord of Frost and the Holy Lord of Flames joined forces to deal with the Heavenspan Cult Lord.

These three are already old rivals. In the Immortal Spirit Mountain Range, the two Great Holy Lords joined forces, but they only drew a tie with Heavenspan Cult Lord.

But today!

The three are in full bloom, and Heavenspan Cult Lord has already shown some disadvantages in just a few short encounters.

The transformation sword penetrates the void, resonating between heaven and earth.

In the fierce ghost lair, hundreds of ghosts haunt people’s hearts.

The twelve chains of hell, like python, are deadly.

Several other puppets with half-step Martial Venerable Level, slaughter all sides.

The sound of the piano, like Divine Thunder, caused many soldiers to die instantly.

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