Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2960

Sacred Domain Alliance Five Big Sect masters all shot together. Even the worst Zither Sect Sect Master Ye Gudrunk has reached the level 3 Martial Venerable realm.

These Martial Venerable shots are not something that Martial King, Martial Sect, and Martial Sovereign can resist. Even Martial Saint requires a strategic withdrawal.

At the same time, in the poison mist mountain within the valley outside of several hundred li, the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen, a total of nine people, have also entered the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

Although the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect is set up within the mountain range, there is only one entrance, which is located in the center of the poison mist valley.

Outside the entrance, there are mountain roads extending in all directions.

In order to protect Death God from the explosion and to sacrifice Ji Leshan safely, Heavenspan Cult Lord also left hundreds of thousands of soldiers to protect Death God from the explosion.


The criss-crossed mountain roads were originally densely packed and very complicated. There were hundreds of thousands of soldiers evenly divided, and every major mountain road was nothing more than tens of thousands of soldiers.

This is the southern mountain road, which is nearly 100 meters wide.

Originally, a group of anti-Alliance Holy Sect soldiers came to patrol here, and they couldn’t help finding members of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen. The two sides went to war directly, without any affection.

For a time, there were blade light and sword shadows inside the mountain road, and the rocks flew up.

“Are you courting death! This is an anti…” A soldier’s words have not been finished yet. Luo Tianying’s cross sword has released a sword energy of several dozen meters wide.

Where sword energy passed, hundreds of soldiers were instantly cut in half.

A large amount of blood, internal organs, and large intestine poured out from their broken waist.

Fang Mingguang was holding a light blade in his hand, and the rays of light overflowed as he waved it.

The rays of light are like sharp blades, frantically harvesting the lives of the anti-Alliance Saint churchman soldiers.

You must know that the realm of these nine people, even if they have eliminated Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang, all the remaining seven have reached the realm of Martial Saint.

Tens of thousands of trifling soldiers, although they are the elite of the anti-alliance Holy Sect and have reached the Martial King Realm, they cannot withstand such a powerful enemy.

“Hurry up and notify the headquarters, we can’t stop it!”

Nearly 10,000 soldiers have released their own defensive moves. They are all both hands forming seals. A large amount of Immortal Qi burst out from their bodies, forming an Immortal Qi barrier, directly falling on the very center of the mountain road. .

“act recklessly.” Fang Mingguang sneered, holding the light blade with his backhand, and drawing a sword from the bottom up.

The sword energy released by this sword is like a giant dragon, roaring in the wind, carrying an extremely terrifying sword pressure.

Sword energy swept along the ground at extreme speed, and the ground of the mountain road was directly cut into a deep gully as deep as several hundred meters.

In less than a second, sword energy has swept 1,000 meters, directly on the Immortal Qi barrier condense from these 10,000 soldiers.


At this moment, the Immortal Qi barrier [笔趣阁] is like tofu dregs, disintegrating and turning into endless streams of light in front of this stubborn sword energy.

In an instant, the bodies of tens of thousands of soldiers were penetrated by the sword energy, and they flew upside down, vomiting blood and died.

“How can this be stopped!”

The soldiers of the anti-Alliance Holy Sect kept crying. With their strength, they could not resist the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen. More and more people chose to flee.


However, these nine people have been jealous.

Regardless of whether it is the Gang of Ten or the Seven Swordsman, their members are in the same siblings with each other. They have known each other for hundreds of years, accompanied by hundreds of years, and their emotions are even deeper than their relatives.

It is precisely because of this that they will at all costs. Even if they know that their lives may be lost here, they choose to come to the valley of poison mist and want to save their own people.

It’s just that they still don’t know whether the empty city strategy ahead is a trap set by the anti-alliance Holy Sect, or Heavenspan Cult Lord and the others have really left.


At this moment, Luo Tianying is frowned, and the pupils in his eyes are like eagle eyes, staring directly at the east.

Fang Mingguang waved his hand, said solemnly: “You chase people first.”


The members of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen disappeared in place with a sweep of the ground, moving towards the group of fleeing soldiers chasing them.

Fang Mingguang is guarding Luo Tianying’s side, beware of someone coming to sneak attack Luo Tianying.

After a while, Luo Tianying’s eyes returned to normal, but his pupils also shrank inward, and his eyes were full of incredible color.

“Why is he here!?”

“Who?” Fang Mingguang curiously asked, besides them, did the anti-Alliance Holy Sect people also arrested other forces?

“It’s too late to explain, hurry up, maybe you can meet him!” Luo Tianying spread his wings behind him and flew towards the center of the poison mist valley with Fang Mingguang.

The Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen are worried that the departure of Heavenspan Cult Lord and the others is a trap. Therefore, the mountain road they chose is relatively remote, and the distance from the center of the poison mist valley is the furthest.

Lin Yun, who is now in the east of the poison mist valley, knows that Heavenspan Cult Lord and the others left to resist the attack of the Sacred Domain alliance, so he unscrupulously chose a sunshine avenue.

Lin Yun flew all the way along Eastern Avenue and finally saw some people.

A huge stone gate as high as several ten zhang stands here, and on the side of a towering rock wall, the four characters “the trespasser dies” are written.

Above the huge stone gate, there are many anti-Alliance Saint churchman soldiers holding sharp weapons and guarding here.

“Here is who!?”

A soldier at the huge stone gate saw Lin Yun and immediately shouted.

After a while, hundreds of soldiers took their bows and pulled arrows, aiming their arrows at Lin Yun.

“Those who block me, die!”

Lin Yun just uttered such a sentence, and then took a stride towards the huge stone gate.

Lin Yun’s breath is restrained, plus the soldiers guarding here, most of them will not go out during the ordinary time.

Although Lin Yun is famous, he used to be one of the seven Demon Sect Sect Masters, but for this group of soldiers, they have never seen Lin Yun, they have only heard of Lin Yun’s name, and now they cannot recognize Lin Yun. It’s normal.

When the soldiers on the huge stone gate heard Lin Yun’s remark, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed, apparently not paying attention to Lin Yun.

“Any cat, any dog, dare to come here and let go!”

The leader of the soldier is a Martial Sovereign, and he waved his hand directly after being coldly snorted.

In an instant, hundreds of arrows were mixed with various elemental energy symbols, dropping from the sky, as dense as a shower.

Faced with hundreds of arrows, Lin Yun completely turned a blind eye. Just like this, face doesn’t change, moving towards the front.

And those hundreds of arrows fell on him, but they were all bounced away by the ruthless passage, completely unable to leave any injuries on him, and they could not even stop him from moving forward.

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