Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2962

Two and a half-step Martial Venerable teamed up, not to mention that they have hundreds of people, even if they come again hundreds of people, they will die here!

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ ——!

Accompanied by the violent sound of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering, the attacks released by Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang directly divided the earth into two, turning it into a line of 1,000 meters long and 1,000 deep. The gully of meters.

When the first soldier was touched, the bodies of these soldiers were immediately cut into pieces of meat by the endless sword energy and Blade Qi.

Immediately afterwards, this fusion of sword energy and Blade Qi disintegrated in an instant and turned into an endless Blade Qi and sword energy, with an unstoppable force, madly harvesting the lives of all soldiers.

This scene really stunned the members of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen. Seeing you again, they also felt extremely shocked.

At the same time, in the depths of the valley, a hole with a width of 100 meters and several dozen meters in length is imprinted in this continuous mountain range.

Inside the cave, it is the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

In a certain place in the headquarters, more than a dozen silhouettes gathered here and were discussing.

“Vajra Senior, people are coming from the south and east!” said an old man with a face full of vicissitudes and blind right eye.

And the Vajra Senior in his mouth is not just one person, but eight people.

These eight people are all called “Vajra”. It is rumored that they are eight children, and they can’t help but look exactly the same. Even the realm is all at Level 9 Martial Saint and the Martial Spirit is the same.

These eight people are called the “Eight Vajra” of the anti-Alliance Holy Sect apologists. Their status in the Holy Sect is also second only to the four apologists.

This time, in order to ensure that Death God can fully recover from the explosion, Heavenspan Cult Lord also had to let the eight great Vajra guard this, and abandoned such a powerful battle strength.

“Elder Gu, who is coming from both sides?” The eight Vajra said in the same voice, with a sharp heart, and when one spoke, the eight said together.

This old man blinded one eye is an Elder from the anti-alliance Holy Sect and is called Elder Gu.

In today’s headquarters, there are not only eight Vajra, but seven or eight Elders. The realm is between Level 3 Martial Saint and Fifth Level Martial Saint. They are also left behind to protect the explosion of Death God.

“To the south is the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen… To the east…” Elder Gu glanced at the eight great Vajra, as if he was afraid of him, and did not dare to continue.

Elder Gu’s Martial Spirit is a blue different pupil, which can perform Illusion Technique and can also visually observe five hundred miles. He is very clear about who is coming from the south and east.

The eight great Vajra turned their eyes on him at the same time, and said: “It’s who, just say it!”

“Tu Divine Sect, Lin Yun!” Elder Gu hesitated for a moment, and then said the matter.

They know exactly how strong Lin Yun is.

That is killing the existence of Martial Venerable, and it is no wonder that even with the support of the eight Vajra, he is afraid to say it.

As soon as this was said, the expressions of the rest of Elder’s face changed drastically.

“Why is he here!”

“No, Sword King Senior didn’t just take away the people from the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen. What does this matter have to do with him?”

“That’s right! Sect Lord has already ordered you not to move the people who killed Divine Sect? We did not offend him!”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and they didn’t know why Lin Yun chose to take action against the anti-alliance Holy Sect at this time.

The eight Vajra are all lost in contemplation. The eight of them Martial Spirit are special and can play a complementary role, and the strength of the eight people in fighting together will be greatly improved.

Even if it is Chen Meiming’s Level 1 Martial Venerable, the eight of them can hold back for a while.


This is not Level 1 Martial Venerable like Chen Meiming, but Lin Yun.

“Vajra Senior, does Lin Yun have joined the Sacred Domain Alliance?” This is the only reason Elder Gu can think of.

Although the anti-alliance Holy Sect and Lin Yun do not deal with each other, there is still a slight contradiction between the two, but it is not to this point.

“No matter what his purpose is, he can only be killed if he is an enemy of us!”

As soon as the eight major Vajra said this, the other Elder stopped talking.

This is to put Lin Yun to death. They each turned their minds and exchanged glances.

After all, Lin Yun’s strength lies there. With their group alone, it is difficult to deal with the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen. How else to deal with Lin Yun?

The Eight Vajra see through their minds and withdraw, their eyes swept across the crowd, coldly said: “There is a rightist, what are you worried about?”

Everyone just remembered that the reason they stayed here is to protect Death God from the explosion.

How do you say that Death God is a Fifth Level Martial Venerable? They still don’t believe that Lin Yun is strong enough to compete with a Fifth Level Martial Venerable.

You must know that not long ago, at Heavenly Martial Continent, Lin Yun almost died in the hands of Jian Xiaoyao, the Fifth Level Martial Venerable.

In the real round, the explosion of Death God is not much weaker than Jian Xiaoyao. Even if the explosion of Death God hurts the body, taking Lin Yun is not a problem at all.

All Elders agreed that if Lin Yun does not listen to the advice, he will kill Lin Yun together!

But this matter is of great importance after all. If Death God did not explode, they would not be able to deal with Lin Yun. Therefore, the eight major Vajra directly sound transmission to the exploding Death God, seeking his meaning.

After a while, Death God exploded with Divine Consciousness sound transmission and responded: “Lin Yun…I have heard this name too many times, but unfortunately I haven’t encountered it.”

“If he comes, you will let him in, and I will meet him.”

The explosion of Death God’s incomparable confidence, he naturally heard Lin Yun’s name, although he had never gone out in the poison mist mountain within the valley for ten years, he still knew what Lin Yun did.

When Lin Yun was hit by the Thunderbolt Holy Lord in Immortal Spirit Mountain Range and did not die, he was very interested in Lin Yun. Unfortunately, the two did not meet.

“Left Envoy Senior, your body…”

The eight major Vajra expressed concerns. After all, the injuries from the explosion of Death God have not fully recovered, nor can they display their full strength. Will there be any hidden dangers if they want to deal with Lin Yun alone?

“Don’t worry, my old bones can still move to deal with a hairless brat that’s all…”


Since the explosion of Death God has already talked about this, the eight great Vajra can only listen, and finally walked outside with the anti-alliance Holy Sect Elder, moved towards, they are going to meet the enemy.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Poison Mist Mountain within the valley were either killed by Lin Yun or members of the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen.

Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying have already brought their brothers to this huge cave entrance. As long as they go further, they will truly enter the headquarters of the anti-alliance Holy Sect.

And according to the feedback from Guangblade, Huodao Liuyun and the others are imprisoned inside.

However, after coming here, Luo Tianying asked everyone to wait. He wanted to wait for someone here.

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