Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2964

Lin Yun’s cooperation with the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen has officially begun, and when everyone is about to step into the cave, several mighty forces have swept out of the cave.

“It’s here.” Lin Yun said that the face doesn’t change, the eight Vajra of the anti-alliance Holy Sect have arrived.

I saw a beam of light shot out from the cave and then stood up.

This beam of light rushes up into the sky, and finally it is divided into eight, appearing as golden.

In each golden beam of light, there is a dim human figure faintly shining, making it hard to see.

Lin Yun, Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying are the only ones who can see clearly.

“The Eight Vajra…” Han Le and the others are serious about it, even Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying dare not look down on these eight Vajra.

After all, in the rumors, if the eight Vajra join forces, their strength can even be comparable to some weaker ones, or Level 1 Martial Venerable that has just broken through.

Although there are some exaggerated elements in this, it is enough to see the power of the eight Vajra.

Immediately afterwards, Elder Gu also took the remaining Elder and came to the cave. Naturally, their purpose was to stop the Gang of Ten and the Seven Swordsmen.

As for Lin Yun, this is the person named by Death God himself, and Lin Yun is not a role they can deal with.

“Sect Master Lin, I don’t know why you are here this time?” A Vajra rang from one of the beams of light.

They have never been clear why Lin Yun came to stir up this muddy water.

Although the anti-alliance Holy Sect has a bad attitude towards Lin Yun, it is obvious that the Sacred Domain alliance poses a greater threat to Lin Yun than the threat coefficient.

“What is it to you?” Lin Yun carried his hands on his back, said in a tranquil voice.


As soon as this statement came out, all eight beams of light fluctuated.

Lin Yun’s disregard caused the eight Vajra to become angry at the same time.

“Since Sect Master Lin is so arrogant, let Vajra teach you, do you have this strength!”

Tone barely fell, the eight beams of light suddenly trembled, and in the next second, I saw eight fingers sticking out of the eight beams of light, and the fingertips were all condensed with light spots.


The eight finger glow, like a sharp sword, shot directly towards Lin Yun and gathered together in the sky. Their formidable power is extremely terrifying, and even the space they pass by is distorted.

Lin Yun is so motionless that he doesn’t seem to pay attention to these eight Vajra at all.

It’s too late to say, then soon!

As early as the moment when the Eight Great Vajra released their attacks, Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying disappeared like ghost-like bodies, and appeared directly in front of Lin Yun.

The two each released a Blade Qi and a sword energy, which collided with the attack released by the eight major Vajra.


In an instant, ten incredibly violent energies directly confronted, causing extremely violent rumbling sound.

At this moment, whether it is the Gang of Ten, the Seven Swordsman, or the anti-alliance Holy Sect Elder, all have a strategic withdrawal.

In the rumbling sound, the earth is centered on the place where the energy collides, and the ground within a radius of 1,000 meters is cracked, as if it has been chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, and a lot of gullies are generated.

The excess power is turned into a shock wave, and moved towards all directions spreads sharply, shaking everyone’s ears roaring and blood boiling.

The smog in the sky didn’t last long, and it quickly dissipated. Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying stood in front of Lin Yun, and the eight pillars of light also stopped.

“Sect Master Lin, don’t forget our agreement.” Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang said in unison. Once the two sides fought, they knew that what the rumors said was true. The eight Vajra teamed up, indeed out of the ordinary .

“really strong!”

“Hawkeye’s big brother and Guangzhan have both achieved half-step Martial Venerable, and together they can only share the same score with these eight people!”

“The rumors are true, these eight Vajra are not simple.”

Han Le and the others frowned, their expressions dignified, and they were also extremely surprised.

The strength of the eight major Vajra makes Elder Gu and the others sighed in relief. At least dealing with Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying will not be too difficult.

However, Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang’s tone barely fell, and the eight Vajra retreated to both sides in unison, giving up a avenue to the cave entrance.

“Sect Master Lin, Senior left ambassador has been waiting in there for a long time, please.” The eighth Vajra said in unison.

“Be careful.” Everyone said to Lin Yun. Lin Yun also took a big step and walked directly towards the cave.

Until Lin Yun entered the cave, the atmosphere here was unusually harmonious, and there was no way to see it, and there was a life and death.

But when Lin Yun left, the eight Vajra and Elder Gu and the others have all gathered around, and murderous auras are permeated.

Fang Mingguang, Luo Tianying and the others also released their own Martial Spirit and raised their state to the extreme.

“Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying, today the deadline for the two of you to die has come, and today’s end, it is you having only one self to blame.” The tone of the eight great Vajra is very cold and severe.

Fang Mingguang has a hearty nature and laughed up to the sky, pointing to the eight great Vajra and shouted: “Eight beasts, dressing up as God, playing the devil, come out and die!”


The eight major Vajra ordered the battle between the two sides immediately.

Elder Gu and the others not at all deal with Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying, but take Han Le and the others directly.

The eight great Vajra are changing directions at an extremely rapid rate, as if forming a trapped animal arena, covering Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang in it.

Not yet waiting for Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying to start, the eight major Vajra are on the offensive.

I saw one of the Heavenspan’s beams of light, and there was a silhouette stepped out of it. This silhouette was covered by the yellow luster, making it difficult to see through the true face.

But this human-shaped silhouette is as high as five meters, like a statue of a Buddha, slapped Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying with one palm.

Almost at the same moment, this humanoid silhouette suddenly divided into eight, and the palm prints became larger and larger, and more and more, finally formed eight giant palms of ten meters long, dropping from the sky , Shrouded Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying.

“Divine Rank martial skill, “Buddha Seal Palm”!” Luo Tianying raised his brows, but he didn’t panic at all.

Eight Buddha seal palms fell, instantly crushing the bodies of Luo Tianying and Fang Mingguang.


With a loud noise like destroying heaven extinguishing earth, it was like a thunder dropping from the sky, and the land within a radius of 10 li quaked violently.

The earth was shattered in an instant, but the bodies of Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying collapsed. This is Fang Mingguang’s “light distortion”!

At the same time, Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying have appeared above one of the light beams.

Both of them were holding Divine Item, and they couldn’t help but moved towards the beam of light and cut it down.

Although the eight major Vajra are strong, when they work together, their abilities complement each other. If you can kill one person first, the strength of the remaining seven Vajra will be greatly reduced.

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