Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 2965

However, what is surprising is that when Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying’s Divine Item were about to fall on the beam of light, the beam of light suddenly exploded and turned into an endless stream of light, creating an extremely violent energy explosion.

This scene, even Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying did not expect.

“big brother!”

Han Le and the others exclaimed when they saw this.

Only Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying flew upside down, hit the mountain range, and were directly buried by gravel.

But soon, the two broke out one after another, looking a little embarrassed.

“”Heavenspan beam of light”, name is not in vain…” Luo Tianying patted the smoke off his body, and in their field of vision, the beam of light that had just burst apart from another beam of light. .

And this is also the Saint Rank Martial Spirit of the eight major Vajra-“Heavenspan Beam of Light”.

One of the Martial Spirit abilities of “Heavenspan Beam of Light” is the ability to explode its own beam of light at any time. Its formidable power should not be underestimated, and within three seconds, it splits from another beam of light, called ” Heavenspan split.”

Of course, performing this move will also consume a lot of Immortal Qi from the eight major Vajra.

It’s just that these eight people are almost one, even Immortal Qi can share it at any time. Immortal Qi consumed by a certain Vajra can be replenished when it splits from another beam of light.

This is definitely a difficult opponent, and it will not be easier to deal with than the real Martial Venerable.

“It looks like it will be a fierce battle.” Luo Tianying performed the “beast change” and the incarnation was an eagle.

“It’s just eight beasts that’s all.” Fang Mingguang and Luo Tianying looked at each other, and the two disappeared like ghost-like. Almost at the same time, they appeared in the sky again, with the eight great Vajra There was a big battle.

At the same time, several hundred li outside

The battle between the anti-alliance Holy Sect and the Sacred Domain alliance has also completely kicked off.

The explosion of Death God’s incomparable confidence, he did not notify Heavenspan Cult Lord of Lin Yun’s arrival, and he wanted to fight Lin Yun himself.

At this moment, the soldiers on both sides have been fighting to the dark.

This is simply a fight between flesh and blood, and the whole world is filled with a strong smell of blood.

At the same time, the battle between the two Great Holy Lords and the Heavenspan Cult Lord at the height of several ten thousand meters dazzled everyone.

In this battle, even Sect Masters cannot easily step in.

After all, these three people are the three who can perform “elementalization” on the field.

Whether or not it can be “elementalized” is extremely important for a Martial Venerable, and it will also cause qualitative changes.

However, the Five Big Sect now has the upper hand in teaming up to fight against the four guardians of the Karmapa and Gooming immortal.

In the sky, these Martial Venerable horror silhouettes shuttle, confront, and collide continuously, and between their behaviors and actions, they cause the whole world to roar.

“Di Shitian, after so many years, you still don’t grow up so much! You are also delusional to fight against the Sacred Domain alliance, it is act recklessly”

Holy Lord sneered, the moment its right hand was lifted, several fire pillars were incarnation as Fire Dragon, which broke through the void, carrying the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and moved directly towards Heavenspan Cult Lord strikes .

At the same time, the Frost Holy Lord also appeared behind Heavenspan Cult Lord. Under its both hands forming seals, a large number of water waves surged into the sky and turned into a heaven overflowing giant wave, moved towards Heavenspan Cult Lord swept away .

“It’s nothing more than some that’s all on the good luck of the Yellow Emperor.” Heavenspan Cult Lord face doesn’t change, and the Heavenspan Bodhisattva Martial Spirit behind it blooms with endless light.

Soil shield!

Suddenly, a large amount of dirt was formed on the Heavenspan Cult Lord’s body. The dirt gathered into a shield on all directions, and the Heavenspan Cult Lord was inextricably enveloped in it.


With the sound of an explosion, the Fire Dragon of the Holy Lord of Flames fell on the soil of the Heavenspan Cult Lord, and it was impossible to destroy it, except that it left black marks on it.

But soon, the heaven overflowing giant wave displayed by the Frost Holy Lord directly submerge the Heavenspan Cult Lord.

After seeing this scene, Frost Holy Lord said nothing, the divine sense moved, and the 1,000-meter wave condensed in an instant and turned into an iceberg.

In the transparent iceberg, one can clearly see the silhouette of Heavenspan Cult Lord.

But even so, the Flame Holy Lord and the Frost Holy Lord dare not neglect.

After all, no matter how you say it, the realm of Heavenspan Cult Lord is above them. They don’t think that such a method can easily hurt Heavenspan Cult Lord.

Sure enough, in the eyes of everyone, the body of Heavenspan Cult Lord turned into cement in the iceberg. Just in the blink of an eye, the cement condensed into soil spears.

In the next second, tens of thousands of cement directly broke through the iceberg, and with the sound of explosions, they hit the flames and the Holy Lord directly.

The Martial Spirit of Heavenspan Cult Lord has two elements: soil and water. Therefore, the “earth spear” displayed is not just the soil spear mixed with the Earth Element, but condenses two kinds of strength of Element, which are formidable. power is more powerful.

Facing these earthen spears, the two Great Holy Lords did not dare to take it easily, and the divine sense moved directly to perform “elementalization”.

A large number of soil spears pierced through the bodies of the two of them, and then caused a gust of wind to roar, and sparks were generated between the friction with the air, and they fell directly into the group of soldiers.

The formidable power of the soil spear is terrifying, not to mention Martial Sovereign, even after Martial Saint Elder of the Sacred Domain Alliance is hit, it is also nine deaths and still alive.

For a time, the Sacred Domain Alliance’s army was in chaos, facing these densely packed spears, they could not avoid it.

Moreover, Heavenspan Cult Lord deliberately did it. Almost all of these earth spears hit the soldiers of the Sacred Domain Alliance.

After the soil spear penetrated the body of the soldier, it caused damage directly on the ground.

The shock wave of horror moved towards all directions swept away in an instant. The whole land was cracked and densely packed, like spider web-like cracks appeared.

“This is Martial Venerable…”

“The real top Martial Venerable!”

“Too terrifying!”

This seemingly ordinary “earth spear” directly killed tens of thousands of soldiers in the Sacred Domain Alliance. Everyone showed an expression of panic on their faces, and they couldn’t help retreating from this area. Close again.

In the sky, the bodies of the two Great Holy Lords and Heavenspan Cult Lord are once again entangled together. Every time the three collide, a terrifying excess power will erupt, shaking the clouds above the sky. Collapsed.

And the battle between the Lord of Five Big Sect and the four guardians and immortal is also extremely fierce.

Several people are all hopes in the air, and each other within both eyes contains extremely strong killing intent and fighting intent.

Over the past hundreds of years, the anti-alliance Holy Sect has been hopelessly muddled against the Sacred Domain alliance and dare not fight directly.

Now that there is this opportunity to oppose the alliance, Holy Sect to catch everything in one net, these Sect Masters will not be soft-hearted.

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